352 Hauser Avenue is the apartment building where the Baxters live. It is owned by Richard Moseley, and managed by his son Mitch.  



  • Turrent
  • Residential Meeting Area
  • Urban Garden run by Chelsea Grayson

Fourth Floor

  • 4B Darnell's Residence
  • 4C Moseley Penthouse

Third Floor

  • 3A Unknown
  • 3B Baxter/Grayson Residence
  • 3C O'Malley Residence

Second Floor

  • 2A Jablonski Residence 
  • 2B Gertrude's Family Residence
  • 2C Sienna's Family Residence
  • Clark Residence

First Floor

  • 1A Unknown
  • 1B Farley Residence
  • 1C Unknown
  • Lobby
  • Laundry Room


  • Boiler Room (replica Topsy-Turvy World Set created by Mitch)

Known Residents

Known Pets

  • Mr. Manchego (Pug owned by Sienna)
  • Basil (Terrier owned by Sebastian)
  • Unnamed St. Bernard (Owned by Mr. Farley)
  • Unnamed dog (Owned by Tess)
  • Myra (Chicken owned by Tess)
  • Bull (dog owned by Wynia)
  • Whiskers and 11 Unnamed others (cats owned by Mr. Clark)


  • The stairway set utilizes the same filming techniques as The Big Bang Theory, creating the illusion of multiple floors by simply changing the numbers on the apartment doors.
  • It is currently, unknown if the former owners, the Jablonski's retained their apartments.
  • The building has appeared in every episode to date.
  • The building was apparently built in 1892 as indicated by the year being set in the side of the building.
  • Mitch's secret of the building already having a working elevator, was revealed in Head Over Wheels.
  • The address was revealed by Chelsea in Because.
  • An unused dumbwaiter exists with the third-floor station located in Booker and Levi's closet.
  • Nia installed a little lending library in the lobby (with limited success) in Just Call Me Vic.
  • As it has been established that Raven and the twins have lived there for at least nine years, it is safe to presume Devon Carter lived there at some point as well.


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