I hope you're not eating ice cream! 'Cause it's about to get hot in here.
Raven to Nia, Booker, Levi and Tess

Adventures in Mommy-Sitting is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the sixth episode overall. It first aired August 25, 2017 to 1.24 million viewers.[1]



Booker, Nia, and Levi convince Raven and Chelsea they are responsible enough to watch themselves while the moms celebrate a “moms’ night out.”[2]

Full Plot

When Raven and Chelsea get excited over getting a new toilet brush and Booker getting his head stuck in a bucket, they realize just how boring their lives have become. They need some more exciting. But they have kids now. It's not easy to have fun.

They agree that they should go to The Vault Music Club a few blocks away. However, they can't get a babysitter. Nia, Booker, Levi, and Tess assure the parents that they are mature enough to be left home alone. It takes a few convincing but the parents finally agree to leave the kids home. Afterall, they're just a few blocks away and Tess's mom is right next door.

Right after the parents leave, Booker tries to carefully put a tray of food on the table without spilling on the couch. But a disagreement with Nia on the approach causes them to spill it on Raven's favorite chair. Tess suggests flipping the cushion around but it turns out Booker had already done that before when he spilled chocolate on it. So, they wash the cushion and it dries up... before spilling something else right after. They wash it and place it again on the window to dry.

On arriving at the club, Raven and Chelsea are blocked from entering due to lack of IDs by the Bouncer. Chelsea finds her ID and is let in. Raven forces her way into the club. They start dancing but then accidentally cross paths with Brenda who seems to be suffering from anger issues. They try to stay away from her but fate leads them to her. They accidentally spill a drink on her before accidentally insulting her. So, Brenda unleashes all her anger on them and locks them up in the vault. The club has a vault because the building used to be a bank. The vaults are airtight and it's just a matter of time before they run out of oxygen. Raven and Chelsea freak out. They call for help but no one can hear them.

Back at home, Booker gets a vision of his Rae and Chels getting locked up in a bunker. He tells Nia, Tess, and Levi about it. They agree to leave the cushion drying on the window and sneak in to save their parents. The kids try to get inside the club but the guards don't let them. So, Levi suggests entering through a much smaller space. When the guard sees someone carrying large boxes, he assumes it's the kids trying to sneak in. So, he chases him away. The kids take that opportunity to get inside. They rescue their parents and run back home before being noticed. The kids start looking for the cushion they left on the window. They can't find it because it fell on the ground.

After being rescued, Raven and Chelsea don't take long before they're kicked out of the club. So, they head back home. Raven finds the cushion on the ground and brings it up with her. She confronts the kids for not being responsible enough. Booker apologizes and takes responsibility for everything that happened.

After that, Raven realizes that she can count on them if she ever needs to leave them home without a babysitter.


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  • Booker gets his head stuck in a bucket. His tendency to get his head stuck in a bucket is revealed in The Bearer of Dad News.
  • The fact that Booker is irresponsible and unable to take care of himself is given as the reason why Raven has to take more care of him than Nia in Baxter's Back!.


  • The name of this episode is a reference to the 1987 movie, Adventures in Babysitting and the 2016 remake.
  • In Season 4 of That's So Raven there was an episode tilted Adventures In Boss Sitting.
  • When Raven and Chelsea go out to a club, they get into a fight with a woman named Brenda. They also get locked in a vault by her.
  • There's a goof when Raven and Chelsea come home with the chair cushion. There is no indication that there was a stain. Not even evidence that Levi used watercolor paints on it, though the watercolor could've just dried the same color as the chair cushion
  • In the beginning of the episode, Raven does not announce that the episode was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
  • Nina Millen had previously played Dr. Chen, Tiffany's mother in an episode of Bunk'D.


  • Booker gets a vision of Raven and Chelsea getting locked inside a bank vault in the music club.


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