I'm Alexandra, founder and CEO of the No-Good Nerds.
— Alexandra introducing herself to Booker.

Alexandra Pierson was a recurring character in Raven's Home. She is a student at George Washington Carver Community School. Alexandra is the founding member of the No-Good Nerds.

She was portrayed by Jordyn Curet.




  • She is the editor of the school paper, the Peanuts Post.
  • She takes cinnamon in her hot chocolate.
  • Jordyn Curet.previously played "Savannah" in the Bizaardvark episode "Science (Un)Fair."
  • In the original script for Crewed Up:
    • The character was described as "(11 ADORABLE, ACERBIC, NASALLY VOICE)"
    • Her surname was revealed as "Pierson."
    • Alexandra claimed she could have skipped two grades but stated that adulthood was a "pyramid scheme."
    • She claimed to have read the entire works of William Shakespeare when she was six.
    • She accused Booker of having a "fascination" for her, but she told him it would never work because he was only a "B-Student."


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