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I've got a 180 IQ. I'm always the smartest kid in my class.
Alice to Ivy.

Alice is a main character on the Disney Channel series, Raven's Home. She is the daughter of Raven's country cousin, Betty Jane and the granddaughter of Victor's country cousin, Delroy Baxter. She lives with Victor to attend Katherine Johnson Tech, a special school for geniuses.
She is portrayed by Mykal-Michelle Harris.








  • From Alice's original sides, (press here) it is clear she was meant to be Cory's daughter. However, Kyle Massey's real life legal issues likely caused the shift to cousin Betty Jane.
  • Symoné's character from The Bold Type inspired Alice's name.
  • She is able to humorously mimic her relatives.
  • Her doll, Tasha, first appears in The Big Sammich.
  • Alice claims to have an IQ of 180.
  • Alice's school is Katherine Johnson Tech, named after the mathematician whose contributions to the space program were hidden by NASA due to her color and gender for several decades, as depicted in the film, Hidden Figures.
  • She is in Ms. Rader's 4th Grade class.
  • The sequence with the mini streetcar, either hints Alice possesses a measure of precognitive ability, or plays as an unlikely humorous coincidence in A Streetcar Named Conspire.


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