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All Sewn Up is the seventh episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twentieth overall. It first aired on July 10, 2018 to 0.75 million viewers.[1]



When Nia gets caught up in wanting to be a trendsetter, she goes against her mother’s wishes and uses the money she saved up to buy an expensive jacket. Meanwhile, Booker has a vision that Mitch put a curse on him.[2]

Full Plot

Nia and Booker have been saving money for a trip to the African American Museum in DC. Nia asks Raven if she could use the money to buy a cool new expensive black and white jacket she saw on Lit 'Fits premium. She wants to be the fashion trendsetter among her friends. Raven refuses and reminds her how important the money and the trip is.

Nia agrees and goes to her bedroom where Tess is waiting for her. She tells Tess Raven's response but declares that it's too late because she already bought the jacket. Nia takes out the jacket and puts it on. When she hears Raven coming over, she jumps and hides under bed covers. Raven notices that Tess and Nia are acting weird but ignores it. She tells Nia that they will take the trip money to the bank on Monday. Nia must figure out a way to make the $150 back before Monday so that her mom doesn't find out she used the money.

The next day at school, the popular girls Sienna and Zeena are fascinated by Nia's jacket. When Sienna says that she would do anything to wear the jacket, Nia comes up with a business idea. She tells Tess that they could started renting the jacket to all students who want it and charge them $5 for 5 minutes. The business works out well and by the end of the day, the girls make the 150 dollars they wanted. Instead of keeping the money, Nia decides to buy keep the business running. She spends the money to buy a matching cape. Tess advises against it but Nia insists. Unfortunately, Zeena beats them to fashion trends by subscribing to Lit 'Fits Premium Prime and revealing that black and white is out, and multi-color is in. So, Nia and Tess are unable to make any money. But time is running out.

Meanwhile, Booker and Levi decline an invitation from Mitch to play with him on his new game table. Mitch tells them that they will regret it; then Booker gets a vision of Mitch poking a doll that looks like Booker. He tells Levi that Mitch is putting a curse against him. Later, Booker starts getting poked in the nick and concludes that it's Mitch's witchcraft. So, he spends his money by buying an old magic book for a spell to remove Mitch's curse. Unfortunately, the spell and all the rituals don't work out. He still keeps getting poked. And in fact, Levi starts getting poked as well. So, Booker and Levi get the confidence to go to Mitch's apartment to confront him about the curse. During the confrontation, Levi notices that he was being poked by a cactus thorn. Booker notices one too. They must have got the thorns from the cacti Chelsea brought in for her garden. They ask Mitch about the doll. It turns out Mitch was just sewing the doll because he loves sewing. He kicks them out of his apartment.

Now that both Booker and Nia have used all their money, they must work together to figure out how to get the money back before Raven finds out. Nia suggests using Raven's paints to turn her black and white jacket into a multi-colored one just like Zeena's. She then fills the paint bottles with water so that Raven doesn't find out. Right afterwards, Zeena calls and reveals that the multi-colored jackets are out. So, Nia decides to subscribe to Lit 'Fits Premium Prime to get tips on the newest fashion trends before Zeena and Sienna. They notice that the next trend will be cell phone pouches. They just need someone who can sew them. Booker and Levi suggest asking Mitch to sew the pouches for them. The twins successfully sell all the cell phone pouches and make enough money. Unfortunately, the pouches are very weak and start coming apart, causing the phones to fall. Sienna leads the other students to demand their money back. Nia and Booker are left wondering how to get out of it.

Later at home, Raven is finalizing a painting of Gloria's cat, Carmichael when she notices that her paints have been diluted with water. She asks the kids if they know anything about it. Nia is forced to admit everything she did because of getting carried away with being a trendsetter. She also rats Booker out for using his money to buy a spellbook that didn't even work. Raven is disappointed in the twins for wasting the money. She is also worried about losing the painting commission but luckily Gloria thinks the effect of the dripping paint perfectly capture her cat's tears, and happily hands Raven a check for $500. Nevertheless, Raven punishes Nia and Booker by forcing them to wash her car after every shift.


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  • Gloria brings up the events of The Falcon and The Raven - Part Two when she was riding with Raven to take Carmichael to a vet but then Raven opened the window, causing Carmichael to escape he's afraid of the falcon.
  • Levi mentions how they trust Mitch but then he turns against them. This was seen in Weirder Things when Mitch turned against them and stole their premiere tickets.
  • Given that Raven has had experience with magic, she does not get mad with Booker buying the old magic book until he admits that it failed to work.
  • Chelsea gardening and Raven hoping she'd get an actual job started in The Falcon and The Raven - Part One.
  • Chelsea's urban garden is mentioned once again in this episode.


  • This episode was filmed on February 23, 2018. The second live taping of the season.
  • It is revealed that Raven occasionally commissions pet portraits.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • The title is a common phrase "All Sewn Up," meaning a situation has been handled and it also is a play on the phrase "All Grown Up".
  • Booker coins the term "Mitchcraft," to describe Mitch's suspicion actions.
  • This marked the first time we see what Mitch's apartment looks like inside, he calls his room, "Mitchtopia."
  • Levi borrows the phrase "You wouldn't like him when he's angry," from the 70's TV series, The Incredible Hulk.


  • Nia says to cut everything up and make "capes" instead of "pouches."


  • Booker gets a vision of Mitch poking a doll that looks like him, which leads him to assume that it is some sort of witchcraft.


Welcome to Mitch-topia!
Mitch to Booker and Levi


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