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Well, well, well. Look who's climbin' off her high horse and hoppin' on this sad little psychic's train to Pal Town.
Booker to Nia.

"Because" is the third episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the sixteenth overall. It first aired on June 27, 2018 to 0.98 million viewers.[1]



When Booker wants to reveal his powers to increase his popularity at school, Raven warns him to keep his psychic powers a secret.[2]

Full Plot

When Booker realizes that both Nia and Levi have more followers than him on Peanut Face, he wants to reveal his psychic powers to gain popularity. However, Raven strongly warns him against it. Nia and Booker ask why he shouldn't tell anyone about his powers but Raven just responds with "Because..." and fails to explain. She says that's what her parents told her.

At school, Levi tells Booker that his Peanut pals have increased since he got a follow from Sienna the popular girl. While trying to think of a way to get Sienna's follow, Booker gets a vision of Sienna's puppy lost. He asks Sienna to take good care of her dog and right after that, Sienna gets a call that her dog is lost. Sienna wonders how Booker knew something bad would happen. Booker takes advantage of the situation to impress Sienna by rescuing the puppy from where he saw it in the vision. Sienna thanks Booker for rescuing her puppy but starts wondering how Booker knew the puppy would get lost and how he somehow rescued the puppy. She accuses Booker of being the puppy thief. So, Booker reveals to Sienna that he's psychic and asks her not to tell anyone. Sienna doesn't believe him at first but believes him after noticing that the puppy likes him. She promises not to tell anyone.

Sienna, however, breaks her promise to Booker by posting that Booker is psychic. All the kids at school start chanting at Booker asking him to predict something. When Booker tells them that he can't get visions on command, they start accusing him of being a fake psychic. Nia tells Booker that this is his chance to get out of it. But then, Booker gets a vision of Coach Spitz moonwalking into the hallway. Cosmo doesn't believe him, pointing out that among Coach Spitz's rules is "no moonwalking." Yet, to everyone's surprise, Booker's vision comes true. They all start believing that Booker is psychic. They all start trying to become his friends so that he can predict their futures. He quickly gets more Peanut pals than Levi and Nia. When kids line up for him to predict their futures, he starts booking them up for appointments without actually telling them their futures.

At first, Nia tries to talk Booker out of it. However, Nia has been trying to get a follow from this cute boy, Jared. Tess even tried to help her talk to Jared by dressing up and talking like Jared. But Nia is too shy. She is surprised when Jared finally accepts her pal request. Right after becoming friends, Jared asks Nia to convince his brother to move him up in the list. Nia convinces Booker to do it and tell Jared his vision first. Jared asks for him to predict how he would do on the upcoming football game. Booker is glad to have Nia on his side. He makes up a fake vision and tells him that he's going to win, and that he saw that Jared prepares by eating bananas. So, Jared starts eating a lot of bananas. This causes the other kids to pressure Booker to tell them their futures. With Levi and Nia's help, Booker starts making up fake visions to tell the kids. Coach Spitz overhears other kids calling Booker "psychic." So, he calls Raven who is on a Scut ride and Chelsea. Raven freaks out and comes straight to school.

When Nia finds Jared eating a lot of bananas, she starts flirting with him and accepts a banana from him. She then drops the banana peel on the ground. Unfortunately, Jared steps on the banana peel and gets hurt so bad that he cannot play in the next game. Sienna and the other kids start wondering how Jared is going to win in the game if he can't play. They realize that Booker's vision was fake. They start calling him a fake. Nia tries to defend Booker by admitting that they made up the Jared vision because she wanted Jared to follow her on Peanut Face. Jared then reveals that he doesn't even like Nia and was only pretending to like her so that she would convince her brother to tell him his vision. At that point, the kids realize that Booker is a fake psychic. They start chasing after him, Nia, Tess and Levi. Raven arrives and finds the angry kids chasing after them. She starts chasing them as well.

Booker and Nia manage to outrun the angry mob. But their angry mom follows them right into their apartment. She confronts Booker for ignoring her advice and Booker apologizes for not accepting the "because" excuse. Raven admits that it was her fault for not actually giving Booker a better answer. She tells Booker that he can tell people he's psychic as long as they are people he can trust - just like how she trusts Chelsea and Devon. Raven then grounds both Nia and Booker and takes away their phones.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kaiden Williams Chapman as Jared
  • Lance Alexander as Cosmo
  • Luzila Skye Ashley~Castillo as Wheelchair Student (uncredited)


  • Raven mistakenly claimed her powers came from the Baxter branch of her lineage, when it actually stems from Tanya's yet-to-be-named side of the family, as her maternal grandmother Vivian is Raven's only other known psychic relative, until the introduction of Great Aunt Maureen in Switch-or-Treat.



  • This episode filmed on January 26, 2018, the first show of the season with a live audience.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • This is the second episode (after You're Gonna Get It) when a character states the title during the show.
  • This episode shows the kids back at George Washington Carver Community School for the first time in Season 2.
  • The address of the Baxter's building is 352 Hauser Avenue.
  • Raven states that Devon knows that she is psychic.
  • Booker dubs himself "The Psychic Peanut."
  • First appearance of Sienna.
  • A final scene where Booker and Sienna reconciled was cut.
  • Coach Spitz becomes the first recurring character to appear in both seasons.
  • It is revealed that Booker started with 27 peanut pals, Levi with 300 peanut pals, and Nia with 92 peanut pals.


  • Booker gets a vision of Sienna's puppy lost stuck at the rooftop.
  • Booker gets a vision of Coach Spitz moonwalking.


Booker I-- I think you broke my phone, ma.

Raven Oh, I will break so much more than that if you tell the world you're psychic.
So, the reason we can't tell people our secret is because... of "because"?
Booker to Raven

International Premieres

  • July 25, 2018 (United Kingdom)


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