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Digimonking angemon crest of hope Digimonking angemon crest of hope 10 September 2021

Prediction season 5 episode

  1. Nia mind reading
  2. levi trip flashback
  3. holiday mix up
  4. tess new skill
  5. booker learn Spanish
  6. wrong movie
  7. late morning
  8. cooking school
  9. swap talent
  10. halloween gone wrong
  11. Springfield trip
  12. Springfield trip 2
  13. rv thanksgiving
  14. booker lose his Christmas craves
  15. opposite day
  16. booker’s father and son day
  17. father and daughter dance
  18. moving day
  19. moving day 2

that all I think of but it my make up idea or prediction.

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Big rafy2.o Big rafy2.o 21 May 2021


Ravens home is a good show...what's your fav character?

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SpongeBobDubs2096 SpongeBobDubs2096 4 April 2021

They took the S4 photoshoot..?

So I was browsing YouTube... as you do at 11pm... and uh

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Hihihi8471 Hihihi8471 10 December 2020

My five fave episodes; What r urs

1.Cali Dreams

2. Vending The Rules

3. In Vision of Privacy

4.The Foreign Identity (I dont think i spelled that right but whatever)

5.Sharp Job-Jects

Bonus (One coming in the future that I cant wait for based on the plot): Fresh off the Note

What r urs?

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 21 September 2020

Screen Play: Coop and Cami Get Bunk'd with Raven to the Max

Screen Title: Coop and Cami Get Bunk'd with Raven to the Max

The crossover episode starts off at the Wrather house where the kids (except Charlotte) are happy that it's summer vacation

"Finally it's summer vacation." Cooper said

"No more school." Cami says

"Until September." Ollie said

"Which is in 3 months." Cami said

"It's a shame Charlotte has to work all summer." Ollie said

"Sucks to be her." Cooper said

"Kids can you come here." Jenna said

The kids enter the living room

"What is it?" Cooper asked

"What's going on mom?" Cami asked

"What's up?" Ollie asks

"I'm sending you kids down to a summer camp." Jenna said

"What?!" Cooper yelled

"Really?" Ollie asked

"Why?" Cami asks

"Come on. Camp will be so much fun. You'll be doing a lot of activities and making…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 20 September 2020

Coop and Cami Get Bunk'd with Raven to the Max

"Coop and Cami Get Bunk'd with Raven to the Max" is a fanmade episode of Raven's HomeIt is a crossover with Coop and Cami Ask the World, Bunk'd, and Sydney to the Max.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Raven's Home Cast
    • 2.2 Sydney to the Max Cast
    • 2.3 Coop and Cami Ask the World Cast
    • 2.4 Bunk'd Cast
  • 3 Trivia

Booker, Tess, Levi, and Nia, along with Coop, Cami, Ollie, and Fred (from Coop and Cami Ask the World) and Sydney and Olive (from Sydney to the Max) are send to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer.

  • Raven Symoné as Raven Baxter
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Grayson
  • Navia Robinson as Nia Baxter
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Booker Baxter
  • Jason Maybaum as Levi Grayson
  • Sky Katz as Tess O'Malley

  • Ruth Righi as Sydney Reynolds
  • Ava Kolker as Olive Rozalski
  • Jackson Dollinger as Young Max Reynolds (ca…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 3 September 2020

ScreenPlay: Bunk'n on Raven's Home

At Camp Kikiwaka, the campers are discussing on what they should do today

Lou: Alright campers what activity do you want to do today?

Matteo: I got a good one.

Ava: No science experiments.

Matteo: Did I say science?

Ava: No.

Finn: What do you have in mind?

Matteo: How about we go to Chicago and visit the Baxter-Grayson family.

Noah: Oh good idea.

Gwen: Yeah it would be nice.

Lou: Raven did say we can visit them. I guess we can close the camp for a week and go visit them. Good idea Matteo.

Matteo: Thanks.

Ava: Booker is so cute.

Destiny: What did you say?

Ava: Uh nothing.

Finn: Did you just say Booker was cute?

Ava: No.

Matteo: Well I'll tell Levi that we're coming to visit them.

Noah: You do that.

We now cut to Chicago at the Baxter-Grayson house

Levi: Guys I…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 3 September 2020

Bunk'n on Raven's Home

Bunk'n on Raven's Home is a fanmade special of Raven's Home. It is a crossover with Bunk'd.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Raven's Home Cast
    • 2.2 Bunk'd Cast
    • 2.3 Trivia

Lou, Destiny, Finn, Matteo, Ava, Gwen, and Noah set out on a trip to Chicago where they meet up with Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Levi, Nia, and Tess.

  • Raven Symoné as Raven Baxter
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Grayson
  • Navia Robinson as Nia Baxter
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Booker Baxter
  • Jason Maybaum as Levi Grayson
  • Sky Katz as Tess O'Malley

  • Miranda May as Lou Hockhauser
  • Mallory James Mahoney as Destiny Baker
  • Raphael Alejandro as Matteo Silva
  • Will Buie Jr. as Finn Sawyer
  • Shelby Simmons as Ava King
  • Scarlett Estevez as Gwen Flores
  • Israel Johnson as Noah Lambert

  • This is a direct sequel to Raven About Bunk'd.
  • This is the seco…

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Jomariem Jomariem 10 August 2020

Meeting Cast Members/Cameos

I'm just curious -- has anybody here has gotten to go to a live taping of the show and meet any/all of the cast members, and/or have ordered a Cameo from any of them? I have never gotten to go to a live taping, since California is a LONG ways away from where I live, I'm on a budget and things are pretty crazy in this country right now, anyway, with all this CV stuff. But I did get to order a Cameo from Annaliese (my favorite cast member on Raven's Home), and it was FANTASTIC! Annaliese went above and beyond for me, giving me a longer and more personalized video than I expected from her. It was especially amazing considering how little of my personal info she really had to work with (thanks to a 250-character limit on the video request form…

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Noahgoodman2004 Noahgoodman2004 24 June 2020

Nia and Levi should hang out more

Who thinks there should be some episodes where Levi and Nia actually hang out I mean we only see him hang out with Booker and Tess but we never really see Levi and Nia interact with each other the only time they ever really hang out is in close shave, smoky flow, and the story sofa but they didn’t do much they were just in the train station trying to get to a concert in close shave, they were doing a video along with Tess and Booker in smoky flow and getting a new couch in the story sofa but they unknowingly didn’t realize that there were money in there I don’t really care if they hang out in the subplot because the exact same thing happened whenever Levi and Tess hang out when Booker hangs out with him it’s usually in the main plot

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 5 May 2020

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Raven's Home:

1. The Trouble With Levi

2. Because

3. The Most Interesting Mom in the World

4. Switch-or-Treat

5. Winners and Losers

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Demo Semi Demo Semi 9 November 2019


So Wesley wins a raffle where he gets to explore his knowledge of supernatural creatures and more. Gabby wants to go with him cuz she wanted to meet her friends in Chicago so she lies to her mum saying she is going camping.

Wesley and Gabby go to Chicago which is close to where she is from. Whilst Raven gets a vision seeing that she sees aliens and unknowns girls in her roof as well as would u wrsther. Gabby and Wesley get to Chicago and Gabby goes to the Baxter's roof to call her friends in Chicago but then goes to sleep cuz she didn't get any sleep.

Booker, Nia and levi wait cuz they r excited to see aliens and coop and cami in her rooftop. Coop and cami try to get WiFi so they could livestream so they go to the rooftop as well. Raven asks…

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ToonWebster ToonWebster 20 September 2019

Gonna Break This Down

Oh boy here’s a breakdown: this is how it all stars ,y’all. Our first gig.

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Meeting Sky Katz

I got the chance to meet Sky Katz (Tess) back at the ARDYs this June, and since I was a big fan of the show, I wanted to meet her and the cast. I picked to meet sky first. however, she was really rude to me. She asked me why I was there but in a really rude way along with other rude comments, I'm not going to tell you. However, I also got the chance to meet other nicer celebs there. but yeah. I'm not going to hate on Tess, since I could get banned but I felt I needed to share that.

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Dweiner Dweiner 10 June 2019

Alternate Reality

What if in Baxter's Back Nia ends up being psychic instead of Booker?

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RyanL181095 RyanL181095 8 March 2019

Season 3 (Early Version) (My Opinion)

Season 3 of Raven's Home, was confirmed by EP and star, Raven Symoné, on several media outlets on October 10, 2018. Disney Channel officially confirmed Season 3 on November 29, 2018. Filming began on November 8, 2018. It premiered on June 28, 2019.

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Main Cast
    • 2.2 Recurring Cast
  • 3 Episodes
    • 3.1 Confirmed dates
    • 3.2 Unconfirmed dates
  • 4 Trivia


  • Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Booker Baxter
  • Navia Robinson as Nia Baxter
  • Jason Maybaum as Levi Grayson
  • Sky Katz as Tess O'Malley
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Grayson

  • Jonathan McDaniel as Devon Carter
  • Kaliko Kauahi as Principal Kwan
  • Jenna Davis as Sienna
  • Roz Ryan as Miss Bertha
  • Teshi Thomas as Danni
  • Travis Wolfe Jr. as Lil Lo-Lo

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

  1. 06/28/1…

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Zeketay13 Zeketay13 16 October 2018

Psychic Abilites

1. Clairvoyance : contrary to popular belief clairvoyance is not the ability to see the future but the ability to see world-wide events such as car accidents,future events,past events, personal information about someone or something.


Note: I will continue to add more feel free to contribute if you like if there is any problems let me know and  I will fix it 

Thank you.

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Raven’s Home/Andi Mack/Bunk’d/DuckTales/Tangled: The Series Crossover

Hey there 👋! You may or may not have read my comment I posted on this wiki (and other ones concerning this topic) about having a big, awesome, animated crossover of some of Disney Channel’s shows today. I have a plot that might suit the writers’ tastes’, and yours. But before we get into that, the crossover would contain the following shows:

-Raven’s Home

-Andi Mack



-Tangled: The Series

-Big Here Six: The Series

NOTE: Not all of main/recurring characters from each show would be in this event. The story revolves around the notions of DuckTales. This will be a 2 hr special. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Plot:

Flintheart Glomgold, Scrooge McDuck’s arch nemesis, finds ‘the purple jewel’ that makes people evil and d…

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Yuma10000 Yuma10000 8 April 2018

Freaky Friday mess

This is one hour special

Everybody started fighting for what reason. Levi is fighting at brooker for not standing up for Levi. Tess is fighting at nia for a boy crush. Chelsea is fighting at raven for not has future vision but their is a solar eclipse past the sun. Brooker and raven future visions get stronger and rise their hand at their friends. Brooker and Levi switch body and they both has future vision. Nia and Tess switch body too and not has future visions. Raven and Chelsea switch body too and they both had future visions too. They realize this could be permanent and no way to fix it.

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Trucker55 Trucker55 5 April 2018

Restart of Blog!

Raven's Home Season 2...CAN'T WAIT!

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Yuma10000 Yuma10000 31 December 2017

in: Blog posts I made a raven home fanfiction


I make this fanfiction because I want it to my own series.

This is only one shot and it might fellow as my own series.

I hope you like it!

P.S I might be a good writer or not be good at it.

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Random person guy man Random person guy man 22 October 2017


I'm only about halfway through dreamcatcher but it's a fantastic book and if you haven't read it yet you should. It revolves around four friends who had saved a boy with Down's syndrome from local bullies 25 years ago and (in the present) they on a hunting trip every year. This year, however, they are caught in a war between aliens from "Planet X" and an army led by an insane colonel!

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IAmFrankie IAmFrankie 6 October 2017


Yo, let me tell you something Had my vision all worked out, but then life had other plans It's crazy when things turned upside down but you gotta get up and take that chance

Maybe I'm just finding my way Yeah, we're gonna be okay

It might be wild but you know that we make it work We're just kids caught up in a crazy world, c'mon

It's Raven's Home (Yup, we get loud) It's Raven's Home (It's our crowd)

Might be tough but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should

It's Raven's Home ([?]) It's Raven's Home (We got love)

Cause no matter the weather you know we gon' shine There for each other you know it's our time

Yup, that's us 

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Loudmouth1 Loudmouth1 1 August 2017

What Do You Think?

Do you think that the episodes should have aired out of order?

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Andi Cruz Andi Cruz 30 July 2017


Hello Users!

After my previous discussion post, I have finally decided to use Discussions as a key feature for this wiki.

If you are not comfortable with using this, you can use the blog instead.

I know that neither of these options are suiting and that the Forum was more suitable...but because of this new feature...I'm sincerely restricted to advancing and including more features.

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Andi Cruz Andi Cruz 30 June 2017

Jonathan McDaniel reprises his role as Devon on the show!

Raven’s Home will blast viewers into the main character’s present time where Raven-Symone is the mother of twins (one has psychic abilities), and lives with best friend Chelsea (Anneliese Van der Pol) and her son. Now, an exciting addition has been announced.

According to E! News, actor Jonathan McDaniel will step back into the shoes of Devon Carter. As you may know, Devon was Raven’s boyfriend for a couple of seasons. In TV land, the pair married and had children but later divorced.

That’s So Raven premiered in 2003 and won multiple NAACP Image Awards and Kids Choice Awards. The show followed the San Francisco high schooler and her supernatural powers. Per E!, Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, ex…

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