Tess doesn't need a psychic right now. She needs a friend.
Booker, "In-Vision of Privacy"

Booker and Tess is the friendship pairing between Booker Baxter and Tess on Raven's Home. They live next door to each other and are best friends who often hang out together with or without Nia.

Booker and Tess are portrayed by Issac Ryan Brown and Sky Katz respectively.


Season 1

Baxter's Back

  • Tess is one of the first people that Booker tells he's psychic.
  • Tess believes Booker even without evidence.
  • When Booker needs to convince Nia that he's psychic, Tess tries to help by suggesting that they should fake a vision and puts her hands on his face.

Dancing Tween

  • Booker and Tess are planning their 6th grade dance together.
  • When Booker gets a vision of Tess saying that the dance failed because of them, he works with Tess to make it better.
  • Both Tess and Booker are competitive and stubborn in pushing their ideas, but eventually agree that one of them should drop their idea for the sake of friendship.

In-Vision of Privacy

  • Stuck without a ride, Tess and Booker are supposed to walk home together from school.
  • When Booker gets a vision of Tess making out with a basketball, he goes to watch her so that he can make fun of her.
  • Tess and Booker have a fight because of Booker using his visions to invade Tess's privacy.
  • When Booker gets another vision that Tess will be rejected by the boy she has a crush on, he goes to extra lengths to protect Tess.
  • When Tess gets broken hearted, Booker comes over to cheer her up by challenging her to shoot hoops with him.
  • Tess thanks Booker for being there for her.
  • Chelsea tells Booker that he and Tess are good friends as a couple.

The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson

  • Booker believes a ghost story that Tess told him and starts telling it in school.
  • Booker asks Tess to help convince Travis that the ghost story is true but Tess chooses to spend the night with Nia.
  • Tess knows where Booker keeps his secret Halloween candy.

Season 2

Cop To It

  • When Raven gets concerned that Tess might be a bad influence on Nia, Booker defends her saying that's just Tess being Tess.
  • Booker spies on Tess and Nia.
  • Booker helps push Raven to apologize to Tess.

Season 3

The Story So-Fa

  • When Grandma Zo visits she surprises Booker and Tess by taking them to the Monster Truck show.
  • Booker and Tess bond over the Cookie Song.


  • They both like shooting basketball hoops.
  • They both like to brag and think that they have some sort of street cred.
  • They live in the same apartment building.
  • They are both somewhat bossy and don't like to compromise.


  • Tess is Booker's girlfriend. Booker is Tess' boyfriend.




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