They went after my big brother. We gotta strike back. We gotta
hit them hard, knock 'em down so they can't get back up!
— Levi to The Chi-Lective.

"Booker Strikes Back" is the diss track performed by Booker Baxter-Carter in response to "Jokey Flow" by The 3 Go's


We know the 3Go's miss all their free throws.
With their weak flows, more like 3-No's.
I can't tell if it's Quatro or if it's Pump-Fake.
Either one, I'll drop 'em like a dunk tank.
Kiddie rhymes like he robbin' Dr. Seuss
Y'all got worse taste than my mama's baba ghanoush.
You wanna battle Booker B, you wanna name names,
But y'all got lame names, fake shoes,and fake chains.
I give the fans like just what they be needing, fam.
That's why they all know I am The Chi-Lective's leading man.


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