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Scared? Booker, I've modeled in Fresno. By the end of the shoot, your mom is going to love me, maybe even more than she loves you.
— Cami to Booker

Cami Rivera is a teen resident of San Francisco and a student at Bayside High School. The chance to get to know her better is the reason why Booker doesn’t return to Chicago. She’s the daughter of Alana Rivera.

She’s portrayed by Marissa Reyes.



Cami is first introduced at the The Chill Grill when she asks Booker for ketchup as her table had none. Booker fumble distracted over Cami's beauty and handled her napkins instead. Neil and Ivy told him that Cami goes to their school when asked about her. Ivy mentions Cami only goes out with the coolest guys, while Neil implies she’s bisexual after that. Booker later receives a vision of her implying that she'll be an significant part of his future prompting him not to go back to Chicago and staying with his mom and grandpa.


  • Originally, the role was meant for a single character named "Jamilla," (for the character's original sides, click here) as Booker's love interest and neighbor. Her mother "Nancy" would have also been a main character. However the producers decided to split the attributes of the part, creating "Cami" for the love interest, and "Ivy" as the friend and neighbor, when they decided Alana and Raven should not be neighbors.
  • In the original script, it was Ivy that handed over the ketchup.
  • Actress Marissa Reyes featured this wiki page in an Instagram story on April 1, 2022.[1]


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