I need more tape! I think I can save him!
— Chelsea to Levi about Admiral Snuggles[src]

Chelsea Ophelia Grayson (born: Chelsea Ophelia Daniels) is a main character and the deuteragonist in Raven's Home. She is the mother of Levi Grayson, and the best friend of Raven Baxter. Chelsea & Levi both move in with Raven and her twins after she divorces her husband, Garret. She does not tell Levi he has a sister because she thinks that if she does,  it will make him not feel like a favorite.

She is portrayed by Anneliese van der Pol.


Set years after the original show, Chelsea is now a divorced mother to her son, Levi. She made a fortune after inventing the "Schmop," but her fortune was stolen by her husband, Garrett Grayson. Later he fell in love with a federal agent and left her. Garret was eventually arrested for tax evasion. She, her son and daughter move in with her best friend and honorary sister Raven Baxter, also a divorced mother of twins.


Same to That's So Raven, Chelsea maintains her red hair and now wears very mature style clothing.


  • Originally, Raven and her kids were to live with a new character named Sarah and her son, Levi.  However, once Anneliese van der Pol agreed to reprise her role, Chelsea was added instead. [1]
  • Chelsea majored in Interpretive Dance in college, and minored in Theatre Arts.
  • Both her parents were therapists.
  • Chelsea has superior hand-eye coordination, and is great at paddleball and ping-pong.
  • She spent some time in China, for vegetarian summer camp.
  • She also claims to have attended a "vegetarian dude ranch" which had a mechanical cabbage instead of a bull.
  • Garret also stole all of Chelsea's money, which she made by selling her invention, the "Schmop," as stated in Baxter's Back!
  • She claimed to have been nicknamed the "Tomato Tornado," for her Basketball skills.
  • It is seen that Chelsea is close friends with Principal Wentworth, even calling him by his first name.
  • She is often Raven's voice of reason.
  • She very rarely calls Raven by her name and prefers to call her 'Rae'.
  • She was a Three-Toed Sloth for Halloween.
  • Chelsea's wedding china was worth $300 a piece.
  • She often gets worked up when she's really angry as seen when she tells off Brenda and when she and Raven play 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' with the kids.
  • During Raven's reunion with Dr. Sleevemore Chelsea was with college friends in Las Vegas. Later in Just Call Me Vic, Chelsea was hired as a teacher for young inventors on a Carribean cruise ship for a two-month stint, but Levi chooses not to go, as to not miss school and leave the twins.
  • It has been revealed that Chelsea will follow in her mother's footsteps and become a life coach in Season 3.
  • She will encounter her ex, Garrett, in Disorder in the Court.
  • Chelsea was not in Head Over WheelsThe Most Interesting Mom in the WorldSleevemore Part Two: Found,  Sleevemore Part Three: FutureSwitch-or-TreatJust Call Me VicNew Dog, Old TrickIt's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want ToWinners and Losers, and Keepin' It Real.


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