I need more tape! I think I can save him!
— Chelsea to Levi about Admiral Snuggles[src]

Chelsea Ophelia Grayson (born: Chelsea Ophelia Daniels) is a main character and the deuteragonist in Raven's Home. She is the mother of Levi Grayson, and the best friend of Raven Baxter. Chelsea & Levi both move in with Raven and her twins after she divorces her husband, Garrett.

She is portrayed by Anneliese van der Pol.


Marriage To Garrett Grayson

Set years after the original show, after graduating from college with a major in Interpretive Dance with a minor in Theatre Arts, Chelsea met her future husband, Garrett Grayson. While Raven and Devon settled in Chicago, Chelsea moved with Garrett to another undisclosed city upon their getting married (going against the advice of both Raven and her own mother, Joni Daniels).. After a honeymoon in Hawaii, Chelsea returned home and began auditioning for various off-Broadway stage productions.

Bats: The Musical

(entry contains deleted details from various RH scripts)

Ultimately. Chelsea landed a part in Bats: The Musical, as the understudy to the star, Michaela Higgenbottom who happened to be Chelsea's longtime rival. This went on for several weeks until Chelsea got fed up and challenged Michaela to a dance-off for the lead role, which Chelsea won. Later that same day, Chelsea learned that she was expecting a baby, and upon telling Garrett, the news, also told him of her idea to name their child "Vlad," because she had just won the lead part in the play. Surprisingly, Garrett agreed to her whim. However, nine months later, when the pair were looking at their baby boy for the first time, they knew the name would never fit, and changed his name to :"Levi," instead.

Inventing The "Schmop"

Chelsea settled into the routine of being a young wife and mother,. However, she had difficulty with keeping Levi from causing untidiness throughout the entire household. In her determination to keep Levi as far away from potential sources of messy situations as possible, Chelsea found inspiration, she devised a mop with a collaspible handle which she dubs "The Schmop." Her invention becomes a massive success, and even Raven supports Chelsea by filming a commercial for the product.

Divorce From Garrett

Chelsea made a fortune after inventing the "Schmop," but her fortune was stolen by her husband, Garrett Grayson. Later he fell in love with a federal agent and left her. Garrett was eventually arrested for tax evasion. This caused her to bring divorce proceedings against Garrett. After the divorced was finalized, Chelsea and Levi move to Chicago and begin living at 352 Hauser Avenue with her best friend and honorary sister Raven Baxter, also a divorced mother of twins. After spending six months on Inventor cruises, Chelsea returns to Chicago and becomes a certified Lifestyle Coach like her mother. She is working on a project she dubs COUCH, which stands for Chelsea Offering Up Chelsea's Help. Ultimately, Chelsea pools her talents with her best friend, Raven, and forms a joint business venture, Your Best-Dressed Life.


Same to That's So Raven, Chelsea maintains her red hair and now wears very mature style clothing.  In the fourth season, Chelsea adopts a blonde hairstyle.


  • Originally, Raven and her kids were to live with a new character named Sarah and her son, Levi.  However, once Anneliese van der Pol agreed to reprise her role, Chelsea was added instead. [1]
  • Chelsea majored in Interpretive Dance in college and minored in Theatre Arts.
  • Both her parents were therapists.
  • Chelsea has superior hand-eye coordination and is great at paddleball and ping-pong.
  • She spent some time in China for vegetarian summer camp.
  • She also claims to have attended a "vegetarian dude ranch" which had a mechanical cabbage instead of a bull.
  • Garret also stole all of Chelsea's money, which she made by selling her invention, the "Schmop," as stated in Baxter's Back!
  • She claimed to have been nicknamed the "Tomato Tornado," for her Basketball skills.
  • It is seen that Chelsea is close friends with Principal Wentworth, even calling him by his first name.
  • She is often Raven's voice of reason.
  • She very rarely calls Raven by her name and prefers to call her 'Rae'.
  • As depicted in the Shake It Up episode "Reunion It Up," Chelsea has a doppelganger also living in Chicago, a dancer named Ronnie Jenson (also played by Anneliese van der Pol ).
  • She was a Three-Toed Sloth for Halloween.
  • Chelsea's wedding china was worth $300 a piece.
  • She often gets worked up when she's really angry as seen when she tells off Brenda and when she and Raven play 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' with the kids.
  • During Raven's reunion with Dr. Sleevemore Chelsea was with college friends in Las Vegas. Later in Just Call Me Vic, Chelsea was hired as a teacher for young inventors on a Caribbean cruise ship for a two-month stint, but Levi chooses not to go, as to not miss school and leave the twins. However, Chelsea ends up staying for six months, before deciding to return home. She follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a Lifestyle Coach.
  • According to Levi, the one dish Chelsea makes well is Mushroom Quiche, which is somewhat ironic, as Raven is extremely allergic to mushrooms.
  • However, Chelsea's time on the cruises has improved her culinary skills.
  • She encountered her ex, Garrett, in Disorder in the Court, and is slowly letting him back into Levi's life.
  • As a result of taking Garrett to court, Chelsea was awarded $132,000.
  • Chelsea was not in Head Over WheelsThe Most Interesting Mom in the WorldSleevemore Part Two: Found,  Sleevemore Part Three: FutureSwitch-or-TreatJust Call Me VicNew Dog, Old TrickIt's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want ToWinners and Losers, and Keepin' It Real.


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