That's why I host two talk shows, seven podcasts, and I have my own water
bottle line, Spring-2-Go, the official sponsor of Radio Eclipse Live.
— Chris to Raven.

Chris Spring-Lake is a recurring character on Raven's Home. He first encounters the Baxters through The Chi-Lective's entry into the Radio Eclipse Live Contest. Later, he relocates to Chicago and gradually assumes a more prominent place in the lives of the Baxters and their friends.

He is portrayed by Jaleel White.


Chris grew up famous and is thus loathe to ever give it up. Money is his constant companion, and he is always considering ways on how to profit from any situation he finds himself in.


Season 3



  • He is friends with Devon Carter.
  • Devon got a slam dunk on Chris, during a Celebrity Basketball game, in Dallas, because he had more energy, after having been sitting on the bench for three quarters (according to Chris).
  • He and Cory Baxter both use the catch-phrase "Ch-ching," for their fondness of money.
  • Chris was the Host of the Radio Eclipse Live Finals, as well as the Executive Producer of the show.
  • Chris Spring-Lake is a former member of the boy band, Fresher Than That.
  • Jaleel White is best known for playing "Steve Urkel" from Family Matters.
  • Several details of his character were changed or deleted:
    • Chris Spring-Lake's former band was named All In.
    • He had a brother named Chet Spring-Lake, that he claimed was jealous of his nose.
    • His brand of bottled water was called "Spring Lake H-2-GO."
    • A scene where Chelsea met Chris Spring-Lake in a rehearsal room, when she admitted having a poster of his band (then called All In) in her room, and named the other members, Bryan, Mikey, and Tony, hinting Chris was her least favorite.  It ended with Chelsea giving Chris her business card as a Lifestyle coach.


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