Don't sass me, Booger. I'm not the one who named you after a nose nugget!
— Coach Spitz to Booker, "You're Gonna Get It"

Coach Spitz is a recurring character on Raven's Home. He is a substitute gym teacher and head football coach at George Washington Carver Community School.

He is portrayed by Anthony Alabi.


Coach Spitz is energetic as seen in how much energy and enthusiasm he puts into his P.E. lessons and during his raid on the illegal snack ring.

Character History

Season 1

Coach Spitz starts his substitute coach job at George Washington Carver Community School in "You're Gonna Get It". During his first P.E. lesson in Levi's 4th grade class, he runs into Booker pretending to be a fourth grader to help save Levi from dodgeball. Coach Spitz notes that Booker is too tall for a fourth grader but he lets it slide. When Booker tells him his name, he mistakes it for "Booger."

In "Vending the Rules", Coach Spitz complains that the school hasn't yet hired him as a full-time coach. In an attempt to impress the school, he goes after the illegal snack ring that's being run by Levi, Booker, Nia and Tess. Unfortunately, they outsmart him. He comes out with nothing.

Season 2

In "Because", it is revealed that Coach Spitz has three rules: no yelling; no gum chewing; and no moonwalking. So, when Booker gets a vision of him moonwalking, the other kids don't believe him until they see him moon-walking. Later, when Coach Spitz catches Booker telling the other kids that he's psychic, he calls Raven who comes over to bust Booker. Later the Coach is seen riding with Raven in her Scüt vehicle, but as he appears quite cramped, advises her to get a larger car.

Episodes Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • He has three rules:
    1. No yelling.
    2. No gum chewing.
    3. No moonwalking.
  • He is an aspiring playwright, having written a musical on his life story, Spitz: The Musical.
  • In his youth he wanted to be a horse jockey, but a growth spurt forced him to take up basketball instead.
  • He considers himself a good rapper.
  • He is ‘6.5’


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