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We got booked, Booker!
Raven to Booker in a jail cell.

"Cop To It" is the fourth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the seventeenth overall. It first aired on June 28, 2018, to 1.00 million viewers.[1]



When the new building manager accuses someone of tagging the side of their building, Raven thinks Tess is responsible.[2]

Full Plot

It's a bad morning for the Baxters. Raven's Scüt car gets a flat tire. Booker can't get hot water in the shower. Levi is complaining about slow Wi-Fi. Nia is mad that there is no proper recycling bins. And Chelsea is mopping the floor with her feet when she slips and falls, straining her ankle. When Chelsea points out the word "Loser" tagged on Raven's jacket, Tess is quick to say that she didn't do it, which makes Raven suspect her. They all start complaining about how horrible the apartment building is.

Just about then, they get a note under the door saying that there will be a meet and greet with the new landlord.. Nia sees this as the opportunity to pass on the complaints to the building manager. She gets the rest of the family to write their complaints down. During the meeting, Richard Moseley introduces himself as the new owner of the building. He announces that since he's busy with other businesses, his kid Mitch Moseley will be running the day to day tasks. Nia is optimistic that having a kid run the building means he might actually be able to listen to their needs. They start shouting their demands but Mitch refuses all of them. When Tess says "butts" and denies it, Mitch suspects Raven did it. He bans Raven and her family from using the laundry room for two weeks. Raven wants to make things right but Nia and Booker tell her they can handle it - kid to kid. Raven doesn't help herself when she gets busted by Mitch trying to steal food. The twins bake a donut for Mitch hoping he'd listen to them but he doesn't.

Later, Mitch comes to Raven's apartment and reports that someone has tagged the word "butt" on a trash bin. He suspects Raven did it because, according to him, she kept saying "butt" during the meeting. Raven denies but Mitch doesn't listen. After that, Tess walks in and tells the Baxters that even though they're banned from the laundry room, they could use one of her lock picks to enter any room they want. Chelsea gladly takes the lock pick because she's desperate to do laundry. Tess then asks Nia to come with her and have fun with her other lock pick. As Nia walks out with Tess, Raven becomes concerned that Tess might be a bad influence for Nia. Raven starts suspecting that Tess is probably the one who wrote "butt" on the bin. She then gets a vision in which Nia and Tess car are both in a cop car.

Raven tells Booker about the vision and Booker agrees to help spy on Nia and Tess to figure out what they're up to. While spying on them, Booker overhears a conversation in which Tess tells someone on the phone that Nia hasn't "done it" before but she would be fun. Nia says she's scared about doing it but Tess says the blood rush and the thrill is what makes it fun. Nia agrees to do it and they walk away as Tess calls Nia her partner in crime. Booker becomes very concerned that Tess is turning Nia to a bad girl. He tells Raven about it. They agree to go spy on the girls. They sit in a car for hours waiting for Nia and Tess to come out of the building. Booker eventually gets a vision of Nia and Tess behind bars. They become more concerned and start looking for the girls. They notice Tess and Nia in a cop car and assume that they're now being taken to a police station.

Raven drives towards the cop car but accidentally hits it. As the girls look back at Rae and Booker, Raven realizes that was her vision. Raven and Booker are arrested and taken to jail for hitting a cop car. Booker's vision comes true - however, it turns out that it was Raven and Booker who are actually behind bars while Nia and Tess are talking to them from the other side. Tess convinces her uncle Mike to let Raven and Booker go. Nia then explains that she and Tess were just having fun sitting in Uncle Mike's car while he was patrolling.

Later at home, Mitch arrives and tells them that he knows who wrote "butt" on the bin. He plays a dramatic scene by first pointing out the kids motives to do the crime but later settles on Raven. His evidence is Nia's sweater that Chelsea dropped when he busted her earlier trying to sneak into the laundry room. The paint on that Nia's sweater matches the paint on the bin. Raven asks Nia if she did it but Tess comes forward and says that she is the one who borrowed Nia's sweater and tagged the bin. Raven is happy that she was right about Tess all along. But then Nia comes clean and says that she is actually the one who did it. She explains that she was writing the word "bottle" as part of her recycling efforts. But after she had written the first four letters of ”bottle”, she heard someone coming, ran off and her sweater accidentally wiped out the upper part of the "o" turning it into a "u," making it look like "butt."

Tess tells Raven that she took the blame because she didn't want her best friend to get in trouble. She explains that she keeps coming there because she like it and it's like home to her. Raven apologizes to Nia for not trusting her choice in friends. She also apologizes to Tess for being so quick to judge her.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • The social media app, Peanut Face, introduced in "Because", is seen again in this episode.


  • The Jablonskis' sell the apartment building to the Moseleys.
  • This episode marked the first appearance of Mitch Moseley, a new character Raven Symone picked, when asked which other role in the show she would most want to play, during the Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest.
  • The Moseleys were originally called the Rothschilds.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • A few small scenes were cut which included Raven and Mitch having a physical tug-of-war over the laundry key, Mitch biting Booker while feeding him a donut, and a slightly different ending.
  • It's unknown why Booker was also thrown into the cell when he was in the passenger's seat.

International Premieres

  • July 26, 2018 (United Kingdom)


  • Raven gets a vision of Tess and Nia in a cop's car.
  • Booker gets a vision of Nia and Tess behind bars.


Raven Now, Chels, I told you those mop socks were dangerous!

Chelsea Yeah, but... at least I sprained my ankle on a clean floor, right?

Booker Why don't we just say something to them?

Raven Because, Booker, you can't go around accusing people. No, honey. No, see, look. You can sneak around on 'em, and you can snoop on 'em, but accusing them is just plain wrong.


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