Actually, Booker, it is all about you. They're not dissing
the Chi-Lective, they're only dissing you.
— Levi telling Booker about the 3 Go's video "Jokey Flow."

Diss Track is the sixth episode in Season 3 of Raven's Home and the fortieth overall. It first aired on July 22, 2019 to 0.56 million viewers.


Nia, Tess and Booker are ecstatic over the popularity of their Chi-Lective music video that has gotten thousands of likes on MeTube, until Levi shows them a diss track that’s been posted by a rival group, the 3 Go's, that makes fun of Booker.


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  • This episode filmed on December 14, 2018, the third episode shot before a live audience for the season. 
  • Additionally, it happened to be filmed on writer Zora Bikangaga's birthday.
  • This episode continues plot elements from Smoky Flow.
  • This is the second appearance of The Chi-Lective.
  • Clips of The Chi-Lective from Smoky Flow, are seen.
  • Raven takes another subtle shot at Devon, labeling him "cute and cheap."
  • Tess calls Levi "Little Spielberg," referring to director Steven Spielberg.
  • Booker and Levi no longer use bunk beds.
  • Baba ghanoush is a Middle Eastern dish primarily consisting of eggplant flavored with various seasonings.
  • Raven buys a desk/chair/dresser set for the boys from a furniture company called "Chi-Kea" ( a combination of "Chicago" and "Ikea") for $99.
  • First appearance of Lil Lo-Lo.
  • The 3 Go's name sounds similar to the rap group Migos. Coincidentally, Quatro sounds similar to Quavo, one of the members of Migos.
  • According to the script, Mrs. Mutesa speaks Ugandan.
  • In the original script:
    • The 3 Go's were originally envisioned as a more diverse group, with each member a different ethnicity.
    • When hearing the 3 Go's video "Jokey Flow", Raven, recognizing the "Smoky Flow" music, began breakdancing.
    • The Sixth Grader asked for a selfie with "Bunk Bed Booker."
    • The Principal Kwan scene was originally set in her office. 
    • A deleted line would have explained the school office was being fumigated. 


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