Now that you've seen the future you fear the most,
it's time to see the one you desire the most.
— Dr. Sleevemore to Raven.

Dr. Sleevemore was Raven's old friend and mentor.  Twice, while living as a teen in San Francisco, she turned to him when she had problems with her psychic powers.  When Booker also develops difficulty with his visions, Raven will once again turn to Dr. Sleevemore for help.

He was portrayed by Brian George.


Born with both clairvoyant and telekinetic abilities, Dr. Sleevemore naturally chose to study the fields of psychic phenomena, both to learn how to control his abilities and help others with extraordinary psychic gifts. He established a center in San Francisco devoted to such endeavors. A genius-class intellect, he also built and designed many inventions to further such research. He does however, display some arrogance on the superiority of gifted individuals over "normals"--regular human beings without powers



Season 2


  • Dr. Sleevemore becomes the fourth character to appear in both Raven series, after Raven Baxter, Chelsea Grayson, and Devon Carter.
  • The character of Dr. Sleevemore debuted in the That's So Raven first season episode "Saving Psychic Raven," and last appeared in the fourth season episode, "Vision Impossible."
  • Dr. Sleevemore did not include the events of "Vision Impossible" in his file on Raven Baxter.
  • Dr. Sleevemore has concluded that Raven will never fully control her psychic power.
  • Dr. Sleevemore was aware of Raven and Devon's divorce, and his subsequent move to Dallas.
  • He mentioned having a wife in "Vision Impossible."
  • Clearly, Dr. Sleevemore was based upon Professor Charles Xavier of Marvel Comics' X-Men franchise.
  • In addition to voice work on such Disney cartoon series as Pickle & Peanut, Phineas & Ferb, and Kim Possible, Brian George also appeared as "Monty Cathcart" in the episode "A New Baby?" of Dog With A Blog. Brian George also appeared in both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises.


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