"Eye To Eye" is the seventh song from Raven's Home: Remix. It represents Tess and Booker getting Nia and Raven respectively, to consider their side of the situation over their own. It is performed by  Sky KatzIssac Ryan Brown & Navia Robinson, and Raven-Symone


Tess: I don't want another shot. If you just listen I don't think I even wanted to audition

Nia: Wait I don't understand what your saying. Tess your so good why would you just waste it? Girl, you can do your thing no one’s better

Tess: Yeah, maybe But now there's so much pressure

Nia: Tess, This is your dream I'm just trying to be supportive

Tess: No, Nia, This what you’ve always wanted

Nia: I never saw your side of the story Now I know, I'm really sorry So Let's swear, we'll make this right And never, ever be so blind There more just than my side of the story A point of View, I can't keep ignoring So let's swear, We'll always try to take the time to see things eye to eye

Raven: I'm so proud, and you look so handsome. Break a leg, get the audience standing

Booker: What if I'm not meant for the spotlight? 'cause something deep down doesn’t feel right I appreciate the way You're always on my team

Raven: Don't worry 'cause my vision’s right

Booker: why does it feel so wrong to me?

Raven: I only saw my side of the story Guess I got caught up in the glory And I swear, I'll make this right How could I have been so blind?

Nia and Raven: There's more than just one side of the story A point of view I can't keep ignoring And I swear, I'll always try to take the time to see things eye to eye.

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