Get that big old gorilla hand outta my house!
Raven to Booker and Wally

Fears of a Clown is the tenth episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the tenth overall. It first aired on September 29, 2017 to 1.21 million viewers.[1]



Booker and Levi battle with Nia and Tess for the attention of a cool new kid in the building.[2]

Full Plot

Booker and Levi are kicked out of the house by Raven and Chelsea for being too loud. So, they're forced to hang out on the rooftop. There, they are joined by this new kid, Wally. He tells them that he and his parents just recently moved into the apartment building. Booker and Levi invite Wally to come hang out at their house later.

While doing laundry, Raven sees a clown. She freezes and becomes weak due to her irrational fear of clowns. She tells Chelsea about it but Chelsea reminds her that there's no clown in that building and encourages her to get over her clown-phobia. But then Raven gets a vision of the clown telling her that it's gonna get her. She freaks out and hides in the closet with a bat. Chelsea tries to help her past her fear of clowns.

Nia invites Tess for a sleepover the same night that Wally is coming over to hang out with Booker and Levi. They run into Wally coming to their house. They both fall for him at first sight. They become too nervous that they constantly embarrass themselves by acting weird around him. Wally tells Raven that they recently moved to the building and that his mom works birthday parties as a clown. Raven becomes uncomfortable that her kids are hanging out with a clown's son. The kids ignore her and start hanging out with Wally. As Wally and the boys build a fort, Nia and Tess spend the time practicing how to act around Wally. But they just end up embarrassing themselves even more. They both try to get Wally's attention by going to the boys' fort and pretending to be looking for contacts. It leads to more embarrassment. But then after watching Wally play a nerdy robot with Booker and Levi, all their feelings for him fade away.

When Wally's mother comes to pick him up, she enters the door still in her clown makeup and outfit. Raven sees her and freaks out. Raven makes it clear that she doesn't tolerate clowns at all. She kicks Wally and his mother out without listening to what anyone else has to say. After that, Chelsea and the kids turn on Raven. They point out how mean and unaccepting she was. Thanks to her, the kids have lost a potential friend.

Realizing what she's done, Raven tries to make amends by inviting, Wally and his mother as well as Chelsea and the kids to some weird clown-themed cleansing ritual. She apologizes and promises to try to be more accepting.


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  • This was the fifth episode of the season filmed before a live audience
  • The title is a play on the Motown song, "The Tears of a Clown."
  • It was revealed that Raven has a fear of clowns.
    • Ironically, Raven's younger brother Cory was afraid of clowns in That's So Raven, most prominently in the episode My Big Fat Pizza Party.
  • The scene where the balloon floated by, was most likely a reference to Stephen King's "It".
  • Raven dressed up as a clown, to apologize to Diane.
  • Tristan DeVan had previous played Kaz' brother Kyle in an episode of Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • Raven hid in her closet with a bat, in case a clown should attack her.
  • Tess and Nia were shown to have a crush on Wally, but after they saw him play with Booker and Levi, they changed their minds.
  • Raven's performance resembles that of a mime more so than a clown.


  • Raven gets a vision of a clown coming for her.


Ms. B, if I didn't sleep here and eat here and pretty much live here, I'd drop some serious truth on you right now.
Tess to Raven
Booker, hold my bat, I gotta use the bathroom.
Raven to Booker

Chelsea What are you doing?

Raven What? I'm a perfectly rational woman, chillin' in her closet, waitin' for a clown to attack her.


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