Garrett Grayson is the ex-husband of Chelsea Grayson and the father of Levi Grayson.  He finally appears in Disorder in the Court.


He was first mentioned in Baxter's Back! as Chelsea states, Chelsea and he parted ways in a friendly divorce. Chelsea had married Garrett and got one child, Levi. But then Garrett later got arrested for financial fraud, leading to separation with Chelsea. To help support each other raise their kids, Chelsea has moved in to live in Raven's apartment. 

It's implied his son Levi looked up to him as shown in Vending the Rules.

In Vending the Rules, after noticing that Chelsea still likes to make Garrett look good in front of Levi, Raven confronts her and urges her to tell Levi the truth about Garrett. Chelsea tells Raven that she wants to protect Levi. So, she's not comfortable telling him that his dad is a thief, arrested for financial fraud. While the kids are at school, Raven takes the time to train Chelsea into confronting Garrett. She does a prison-visit scenario hoping Chelsea would learn to face Garrett. It doesn't help.

But it gets to the point that Chelsea faces the reality that she needs to tell Levi the truth about his dad. That he was not the good dad she painted him to be. That he's a thief who ruined their lives before getting arrested for financial fraud.



  • Garrett also stole all of Chelsea's money, which she made by selling her invention, the "Schmop," as stated in Baxter's Back!
  • His last gift to Levi before going to jail was a drone.
  • Garrett is apparently British as Raven's impression was "spot on".
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