George Washington Carver Community School is the main education facility of where Booker, Nia, Tess and Levi, and other students all attend. The principal is Principal Wentworth in Season 1, but in Season 2, he is replaced by former George Washington Carver alumnus, Octavia Kwan.


The school first appeared in the episode "Baxter's Back!".

Season 1

  • In "Baxter's Back!," the Principal suspends Raven from coming to school for starting chaos in the gym and causing the coach to get hurt.
  • In "You're Gonna Get It," Coach Spitz becomes the new substitute gym teacher for Levi's class.
  • In "Dancing Tween," the school holds a school dance. Chelsea and Raven help with snacks. Booker and Tess help with decorations/theme. Nia is afraid to dance in front of people.
  • In "Vending the Rules," Levi, Tess, Nia, and Booker start an illegal snack ring to sell snacks to students when the vending machine stops working. Coach Spitz tries to stop them.
  • In "Dream Moms," Nia gets a D in her science class, prompting her to do research on twin genetics

Season 2

  • In "Because," Sienna tells students at school about Booker's visions. But since he can't force a vision, he and Nia start making fake visions, causing other students to turn on them.
  • In "The Missteps," the school's dance team, The Red Hot Chili Steppers hold auditions for new members in preparation for the upcoming regional championships.
  • In "All Sewn Up," Nia and Tess start a fashion rental business called "Gacket," at the school where they rent the latest fashion trends to the other students for money. But, Zeena and Sienna outshine them.
  • In "Oh Father, Where Art Thou?" there is a father-daughter dance at the school. Nia waits for Devon to show up but Devon is stuck in a snowstorm. Tess is the DJ and Booker is in charge of photos.




  • The mascot is the Fighting Peanuts.
  • The school is named after George W. Carver (1864-1943), the scientist who created synthetic compounds, and was most famously associated with peanuts.
  • This is most likely a K-8th or a K-12th
  • Exterior shots of the school are of Foreman High School in Chicago, Illinois.
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