I kinda like that you don't see me any differently. It's just annoying that there's still so many inaccessible buildings in Chicago.
Isabella to Levi

Head Over Wheels is the tenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-third overall. It first aired on July 27, 2018 to 0.76 million viewers.[1]



When Levi’s new crush Isabella tries to visit but can’t come upstairs because of her wheelchair, Nia and Tess try to convince Mitch to make the building wheelchair-accessible. Meanwhile, Booker tries to help Levi win Isabella’s attention over another boy.[2]

Full Plot

Levi and a cute girl named Isabella are reading a fiction novel together. After exchanging some funny jokes, Levi invites isabella over to their apartment for Raven's famous home-cooked gumbo. Since Raven can't get the gumbo ready in thirty minutes, she secretly orders a delivery. Unfortunately, they wait for over an hour but Isabella doesn't show up. Levi concludes that Isabella stood him up.

The next day at school, Isabella tells Levi that she came over but couldn't get to their apartment because the building is not wheelchair-accessible. She could have called but she forgot her phone at home. Isabella uses a wheelchair to get around. She expresses disappointment that most buildings in Chicago are still not accessible to people like her. When Nia overhears the conversation, she comes over and sympathizes with Isabella. She becomes determined to make a difference by working with Tess to convince the building manager to make the building wheelchair accessible. They ask Mitch about it but he rudely refuses to listen to their request.

Nia is determined in getting the building accessible to people in a wheelchair. She gets the blueprint for the building and discovers that the building does in fact have an elevator. It turns out that Mitch has been keeping the elevator to himself, disguised as a bookcase. Nia asks Mitch to make the elevator accessible to everyone but Mitch refuses. So, Nia and Tess join forces with Isabella and to stage a protest against Mitch until he lets them use the elevator. Raven agrees to join the protest too even though she's been on the phone for hours. She's been trying to get a hold of her bank so that they can make the money accessible on the new account she created for her upcoming new fashion line business, "Ravenous." Together, they come up with a plan to protest by occupying Mitch's elevator for as long as it takes until Mitch caves in.

Meanwhile, Booker is convinced that Levi has a crush on Isabella. Levi denies it at first but becomes jealous when he sees Isabella reading with Tanner. Booker helps Levi up his game but it doesn't work out. To make things worse, Tanner gets hurt and asks Isabella to help him learn how to use the crutches. This causes Isabella to spend more time with Tanner than with Levi. So, Booker advises Levi to fake an injury so that he and Isabella could spend time together too. Levi doesn't like the idea but he caves in. He comes to school claiming a knee injury. Their plan backfires when Isabella asks Tanner to train Levi instead since she's busy helping Nia with the protest.

During the protest, Nia, Tess, Raven, and Isabella stay inside the elevator while the other supporters protest from the lobby. They boo Mitch when he passes by but he refuses to cave in. Mitch is forced to walk up the stairs. After a while, Nia starts to wonder if the protest will bear fruits but Raven encourages her not to give up. Isabella tells her that even if it fails, she is just grateful that Nia went through all that for her.

When Booker gets a vision in which he sees Tanner walking fine saying he doesn't need the crutches, he concludes that Tanner is faking the injury too just so he can spend time with Isabella. So, Booker and Levi agree to expose Tanner for faking in front of Isabella. Since they know Tanner is afraid of chickens, they come up with a plan to scare him with a chicken. Booker figures out that Tess has a chicken because she keeps eating eggs or egg-related foods. He goes to the elevator and convinces Tess to let him borrow the chicken. When Tanner comes over to cheer Isabella during the protest, Booker secretly takes away his crutches. With everything set in place, Booker tells Levi to release the chicken.

In the commotion, the chicken causes Mitch to fall down the stairs and hurt his ankle. Levi goes down to help him, making Isabella realize that he's been faking his injury. Levi tries to justify himself by pointing out that Tanner is faking too. However, while Levi is pulling Tanner's legs to prove he's faking, Tanner's identical twin brother, Turner enters the lobby carrying Tanner's crutches. It turns out that Booker saw Turner in his vision. Not Tanner. Isabella calls Levi out and reminds him that disability is not something to make fun of. Levi apologizes for faking an injury to spend time with Isabella. She forgives him and says that she just wants him to be honest like he usually is.

Since Mitch can't walk up the stairs because of his injury, he caves into Nia's demands and agrees to make the elevator accessible to everyone. Raven also gets her own victory when she finally gets a response from the bank confirming that her funds are now available for use in her new business account. After confronting Levi about faking an injury, Isabella finally joins the Baxters in their apartment for Raven's famous home-cooked gumbo - which turns out to be delivered from "30-Minute Gumbo."


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  • Mitch not bringing the apartment building up to date was also mentioned in Cop To It.
  • Raven is finally ready to get started on her fashion line business, although she will continue to be a Scüt Driver.  She got the money in Vest in Show and she was still undecided on what to do with the money in The Falcon and The Raven - Part One.


  • This episode filmed on May 11, 2018.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • During Disney Channel's GO! Fan Fest Raven's Home panel, the cast revealed Sky ate 14 eggs during the filming of this episode.
  • The title is likely a play on the saying "Head Over Heels".
  • The lobby of 352 Hauser Avenue was seen for the first time.
  • This is the first episode where Chelsea is absent, although Raven speaks to her on the phone.
  • The secret Mitch kept until this episode, that 352 Hauser Avenue already had a working elevator, was actually spoiled by Raven-Symoné during the Raven's Home Summer Go! Fan Fest Panel.
  • Tess's mom's arms are seen as she (presumably) hands Myra, the pet chicken, to Booker.
  • Tanner has a twin named Turner.
  • A distracted Mitch leaves his purchases behind in the stairwell, as he limps into the elevator.
  • In the original script:
    • Levi invited Isabella to dinner for his mom's Mushroom Quiche.
    • Isabella had a list of "life hacks" for dealing with her situation.
    • Two casting calls were made for a character named Theodore, Mitch's private elevator operator, who ultimately sided with the girls, as they bribed him with a bowl of gumbo and a chair. Apparently, the part was never cast.
    • In her last scene, Tess has to race upstairs to use a restroom.


  • Booker gets a vision of Turner asking if someone needs the crutches; but he mistakes Turner for his twin brother, Tanner.


Gotchaaa!!! Ooh you should have seen your face!
— Isabella
Gotchaaa!!! You guys are so easy! I'm in a wheelchair, not a prison!
— Isabella


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