"I Want This" is the first song from Raven's Home: Remix. It represents Booker Baxter's desire for fame and fortune. It's performed by Isaac Ryan Brown


This is my chance,

Ah, I want this.

It's my turn now

when I'm ready to shine,

so y'all can sit down

'cause this role is mine,

I've been dreamin' bout this

since before I would rhyme,

and we all know my name

would look good lights.

No one's got the swag like me,

fame is my destiny

and I know spitz wrote the scene

but the spotlight will be one me.

It's my turn to shine,

it's my turn to flow,

it's my turn to show everybody what I know,

'cause I want this, yeah,

'cause I want this.

It's my turn to fly,

it's my turn to go,

it's my turn to prove it,

everybody is my show,

'cause I want this,

yeah, I really want this,


I want this.

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