Ohh, the Amazing Levi can definitely lock a kid in a trunk.
Levi to Booker

In-Vision of Privacy is the ninth episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home. It first aired on September 22, 2017 to 1.26 million viewers.[1]



When Booker has a vision of Tess getting her heart broken, he and Lev try to prevent it from happening.[2]

Full Plot

Tess is left behind at school to practice shooting some basketball hoops while Booker and Levi walk home. Later that evening, Booker gets a vision of Tess coming back home and smooching the basketball before entering into her apartment. So, they sneak out and sit on the stairs to spy on Tess and make fun of her. It happens just according to Booker's vision. Tess becomes embarrassed and runs into her apartment, warning Booker to keep his visions away from her.

The next day, Booker and Levi spy on Tess and figure out that she was acting weird because she has a crush on a boy named Jordan. However, Booker later gets a vision of Jordan telling Tess that he doesn't like her that way. Booker tries to help so that Tess doesn't get hurt but Tess refuses to listen to him because he doesn't respect her privacy.

So, Booker tries to get advice from Raven. He asks Raven what she would do if she knew something was going to happen to someone she cared about. Raven, eager not to tell her kids that she's psychic starts acting weird making it clear that she can't tell if something is going to happen. Booker does the same in an attempt to hide any hints that he might have psychic powers. So, they can't help one another. Raven suggests that she would get involved even if the friend asked her not to. Chelsea doesn't agree with Raven's approach to getting involved in other people's businesses. This escalates a mild fight they had all day about parenting skills.

To save Tess, Booker and Levi have their moms take them to Golden Meadows Senior Center where Jordan is volunteering that weekend. Booker wants to tell Jordan how Tess feels and ask him not to break her heart. However, Lawrence, the head caregiver, drafts the whole group as volunteers. While Booker and Levi are assigned various seniors to spend time with, Raven and Chelsea are sent to entertain an eccentric man named "Commando" Joe. Needless to say, they wreak havoc and it doesn't end well.

When Tess finally opens up to Jordan, Jordan breaks her heart by telling her that he doesn't like her that way. She's crushed. Booker realizes that Tess needs a friend right now. He comes over to cheer her up. Tess is still upset but Booker helps her avoid the issue by challenging her to compete in shooting hoops. This cheers Tess up. They walk home together.

Before getting into her apartment and without saying a word, Tess gives Booker a look that says she's very grateful that he was there for her. Any time, Booker says.


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  • This was the eighth episode of the season filmed before a live audience
  • Nia was absent in this episode.
  • Levi tried to do a magic trick using a box. He wanted a grapefruit to disappear but failed to do it.
  • Booker and Levi volunteer to help the elderly to tell Jordan about Tess but failed.
  • Booker had a vision while Raven and Chelsea was in the living room. Then they awkwardly joke about saying psychics not being real. This episode is the first to reveal how an observing person sees it when psychics are having visions.
  • Tess had a crush on Jordan, but it was revealed he didn't like her back the same way.
  • A second character named Jordan, played by Hunter Payton, appears in What About Your Friends?
  • Booker had a vision showing Tess secretly talking to her basketball. He told Levi, and then they waited till she came to see it for themselves.
  • Raven and Chelsea had an argument about their parenting for their kids.
  • Robert Towers had previously appeared in Hannah Montana and one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was also in an episode of Bunk'd (season 3).
  • This episode hinted a possible nascent romance between Booker and Tess.


  • Booker gets a vision of Tess making out with a basketball.
  • Booker gets a vision of Jordan rejecting Tess.


Levi Booker! Did you just have a vision?
Booker Yeah, did my mom notice?

Levi Nah, she was pretty into her own joke.

Chelsea You makin' Booker's lunch?

Raven Oh, what gave it away, the bread, the peanut butter, or the fact that I do this every single day?

Levi Booker, what are we doing here?
Booker Look, Tess has a crush on somebody, and I wanna find out who it is.
Levi But she told us not to spy on her.

Booker What? Pfft! No! No, we're not spying. We just happen to be standing behind this door, watching without her knowing.


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