Warning: The following page contains mature content. If you are uncomfortable or offended by such material, please don't read further.

Although Raven's Home airs on Disney Channel, a network aimed mainly at children and tweens and teens, the show occasionally contains humor that is aimed at older audiences, as do most other shows within the network. There are many examples of teenage humor, lines that can be misinterpreted or might be outright sexual or violent innuendo. Some of the innuendos may be ambiguous.


Season 1

Baxter's Back!

  • When Booker removes his robe, Raven answers from the shower, "You better get out before you see my bits and pieces".

Big Trouble in Little Apartment

  • When Nia is found out to be having a bra, Levi questions this situation thinking his mom had shrank all of his tank tops.

The Bearer of Dad News

  • Raven mentions that she was in labour with the twins for 12 hours because of Booker's big head.
  • Levi makes reference to having been conceived in Hawaii because his middle name is 'Mahalo'.

Adventures in Mommy-Sitting

  • When Raven and Chelsea walk out to show their kids what they're wearing, they ask how they look. Levi comments that they look "Kinda Trashy."
  • When Nia flips the chair cushion over, there is a stain on the other side. She comments "I'm just glad it's chocolate."

Dancing Tween

  • Levi quotes shaking 'his groove thing' or his 'tush' when he's talking to Nia about the dance.
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