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I charge fifteen an hour, double for family hijinks--this definitely feels like family hijinks...
Ivy telling her babysitting rates to Raven and Booker.

Ivy is a main character in Season 5 of Raven's Home. She is a teen resident of San Francisco and Victor's backyard neighbor. She is also Alice's babysitter and Booker's classmate at Bayside High School.
She is portrayed by Emmy Liu-Wang.


Ivy is enterprising, thus capable of handling any situation. She takes no nonsense, and when accused of being wrong at anything, Ivy will do everything in her power to be ultimately proven right. She has a sarcastic wit, but in a gentle fashion. She believes doing things for others as how to show one cares. She has a taste for the horror genre, and is obsessed with the authentic history of the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island.



Booker Baxter-Carter




Cami Rivera

Ivy was best friends with Cami until 3rd grade. Ivy transferred to Katherine Johnson Tech and it hurt Cami's feelings because Ivy left her all alone. Cami threw a princess birthday party as revenge and everyone came to hers instead of Ivy's. Ivy throws a homecoming dance at The Chill Grill and everyone ends up going to Cami's dance instead, leaving Ivy feeling betrayed once again. Booker later brings the whole school to The Chill Grill. Ivy and Cami finally make amends, apologizing to one another and giving each other a hug.


Ivy began regularly helping her backyard neighbor, Victor Baxter, around the house, when his grand niece, Alice, moved in with him to attend Katherine Johnson Tech. Ivy's own former school. Already, considering Victor an "extra" grandparent, she was content with being paid to handle the chores and babysit Alice when Victor was at The Chill Grill.


  • Originally, the role was meant for a single character named "Jamilla," (for the character's original sides, click here) as Booker's love interest and neighbor. Her mother "Nancy" would have also been a main character. However the producers decided to split the attributes of the part, creating "Ivy" as the friend and neighbor, and "Cami" for the love interest when they decided Alana and Raven should not be neighbors.
  • Her surname will be revealed later in the season.
  • From Victor and Alice, Ivy knew all about Raven and her twins, Nia and Booker.
  • Ivy's family are Victor's backyard neighbors.
  • Ivy's babysitting rates are $15 an hour, but she doubles it for "family hijinks."
  • Ivy's vegetarian buttered Noodle-roni is Alice's favorite dish.
  • She bought Kale chips from the hospital vending machine.
  • She considers Victor to be an extra grandparent.
  • Ivy believes doing things for others as how to show one cares.
  • Ivy is obsessed with the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island, and has visited it many times.
    • In the 4th Grade her tour guide was named Roger.
    • She thinks Beth is the best current guide.
    • Ivy abandoned her left shoe at Alcatraz prison, when the friends raced to catch the ferry boat back to the city in Escape From Pal-Catraz.
  • She bought a copy of Noodles Mardoni's horror film, Everyone Screams, from a flea market.
  • Nothing makes Ivy madder than telling her that she is wrong, as she becomes determined to do anything she must to prove that she was right.
    • Putting one's hands over her ears might be the second thing, although Ivy could have been warning Neil to stop that particular action.
  • Ivy claims not to regret putting bangs in her hair in the 6th Grade.
  • She and Cami have birthdays only days apart.
  • She plays the trombone for a funk fusion combo called Oh, No You Didn't.
  • According to Ivy, both her parents worked nights while she was growing up, as stated in Retreat Yourself. However, it will be revealed that her mother is currently a medical professional.


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