Well, when you told me, that Chelsea was leaving, I
figured that you could use an extra pair of hands.
Victor Baxter to Raven Baxter

Just Call Me Vic is the seventeenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the thirtieth overall. It first aired on October 26, 2018 to 0.78 million viewers.[1]



Grandpa Vic comes to help Raven with the kids and the chores, but he winds up making everything more difficult.[2]

Full Plot

Chelsea has finally got a job - teaching young entrepreneurs for two months at a cruise ship in the Caribbean. On their way home after dropping off Chels at the airport, Raven and Levi discuss about how Raven has to take over all of Chelsea's responsibilities. Raven is overwhelmed because she can't handle it all alone as she already has too much on her plate. She has been extremely busy lately because she's just starting her Ravenous fashion line. Without Chelsea to help, she realizes that she needs an assistant more than ever.

Luckily, her father, Victor Baxter understands what Raven is going through juggling all those responsibilities. So, he moves to town to come help Raven with some of the tasks. Nia and Booker are excited to see their grandpa, mostly because they think he is going to do all their chores. However, Raven asks Victor to be her assistant and come with her during her Scüt rides. Unfortunately, Victor turns out to be a really bad assistant because he doesn't even understand how to use a smartphone. So, Raven starts searching for another assistant.

Back at home, the kids do their chores quickly and horribly in order to save time and do other things. Booker and Levi want to work on their drones to compete against Curtis and The Guntz. Nia wants her and Tess to start a "little library" in the lobby where people can take a book and leave a book. But Tess secretly wants to play with the drones. So, Tess leaves Nia and joins the boys. Sebastian - who seems obsessed with Raven Baxter - is the first one to leave a book at Nia's library. Curtis and The Guntz come over to borrow a bunch of books without leaving anything. It turns out, they wanted the books in order to drop them on Booker and Levi using their drones. They take all the books except Sebastian's. Nia takes a look at Sebastian's book and is surprised to see Sebastian's amazing fashion designs.

Raven continues searching for a new assistant during her Scüt rides. She struggles to find anyone since the job doesn't pay anything. Her last passenger for the day is Andrea - a college student who seems in a hurry to leave. Andrea tells Raven that she just quit her job at a clown circus. She says is willing to work for free because she just wants an internship credit for college. She is the perfect assistant Raven has been looking for. However, she makes it clear that she can only work in a well-organized environment. But Raven isn't worried because she left her kids cleaning the house.

On getting home ready to impress Andrea, Raven is disappointed to find the house in a mess. Not only didn't the kids clean the house, but they hung dirty wet clothes all over the couches. Grandpa Victor had offered to help with the chores but he ended up helping them build guacamole drones to get revenge on Curtis and The Guntz. So, Raven asks Andrea to go to the roof while she quickly tidies up the house. On the roof, the kids and Victor are finishing up their guacamole drone. Victor offers to control it but he is very bad at it. He loses control of the drone and it pours guacamole all over Andrea's face. Andrea gets so angry that she walks away and refuses to intern for Raven.

Raven is very upset with the kids (and her father) for causing her to lose the only assistant who was willing to work for free. Victor and the kids apologize. To make it up to Raven, Nia realizes that she knows the perfect assistant for Raven - Sebastian. She had seen Sebastian's creative designs in the book and Sebastian is already so obsessed with Raven that he would work for her for free. Sebastian is beyond thrilled to become Raven's unpaid assistant.


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  • Sebastian becomes Raven's intern in this episode. This is continued in future episodes starting with New Dog, Old Trick.
  • Raven starts to struggle balancing her Ravenous business and Scüt rides. She got the idea of the Ravenous fashion line in Sleevemore Part Three: Future.
  • Chelsea leaves for a job in this episode, which explaining her subsequent absence. She will be gone for six months, and returns home in Lost at Chel-Sea.
  • Victor mentions Tanya (not by name) and The Chill Grill.
  • Sebastian mentions Donna Cabonna as well as Paisley, both of whom were Raven's bosses in past episodes of the show and its predecessor, That's So Raven.


  • This episode was filmed on June 8, 2018.
  • This is the first appearance of Sebastian, the Baxters' neighbor, who becomes Raven's assistant, who will recur for the rest of the season.
  • Levi's drone from The Baxters Get Bounced appears.
  • In this episode, all the main characters have internal monologues with themselves.
  • Raven mentioned her dislike of clowns from Fears of a Clown.
  • Jason Rogel had a recurring role as "Leo" with Raven-Symoné in the series State of Georgia.
  • Curtis and The Guntz live in an adjacent apartment building.
  • This is the third time a character called "Andrea" appears in the Raven franchise, previously, in That's So Raven, the name was given to Raven's cousin and one of Eddie's girlfriends.
  • Chelsea gets a job teaching young inventors on a Caribbean cruise ship for two months, explaining her absence in upcoming episodes.
  • Chelsea has missed six episodes.
  • Nia states it is National Book Month (which is October).
  • Although the kids claim they are following the list, doing the laundry is not on it.
  • The scene of Raven cleaning up the living room at warp speed is reminiscent of the Ten Second Tidy from The Big Comfy Couch.
  • Chelsea's CHORE LIST:
    • VACUUM
    • TAKE OUT TRASH (Wed.)
  • This episode mirrors events of That's So Raven:
    • Sebastian becomes Raven's unpaid intern just as how Raven was Donna Cabonna's unpaid intern.
  • In the original script:
    • Sebastian mentions Donna Cabonna along with Paisley.
    • Sebastian also mentions Raven designed a flower pot hat for Chance the Rapper.
    • Tess tries to get Sebastian to take a book on Basketball, but he refuses.
    • Andrea was hit with mashed potatoes.
    • The final scene where Raven hires Sebastian was set inside her Scüt car. 


Raven's Home - Just Call Me Vic

Raven's Home - Just Call Me Vic


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