Well listen, Mr. MeTube, you might tell nine million followers to keep

it real, but you need your mama to tell you how to keep it real.

Loretta to Lil Z.

Keepin' It Real is the twenty-first and final episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the thirty-fourth overall. It first aired on November 30, 2018 to 0.75 million viewers.[1]



Raven secures social influencer Lil Z to appear at the launch of her fashion show, but the kids compromise everything when they use Lil Z’s name to sell raffle tickets without his permission.[2]

Full Plot

Raven and Sebastian get teen social influencer, Lil Z to MC the launch of her Ravenous fashion show. Booker and Nia are excited to work with Lil Z.   LaTonya, the event coordinator of the show, introduces the Baxters to Lil Z and his mother, Loretta. The twins even take a photo with him but Lil Z insists that he wants to keep a low profile.

The next day at school, Nia and Booker use the photo to brag to their friends - Sienna, Zeena, Curtis, and The Guntz - about being "tight like that" with Lil Z. At the same time, Nia feels influenced to do something charitable for the school. Tess and the rest of their friends convince her to make her cause about getting paper towels for their school bathroom. Nia agrees and the group starts brainstorming ideas to raise money.

They settle on raising money by selling raffle tickets where the winner gets to hang out with Lil Z. After a successful ticket sale, the raffle winner is Sienna. Since the twins ran the scheme without Lil Z being aware, they give Sienna instructions on how to act around Lil Z to ensure that she doesn't say enough for Lil Z to realize what's going on. The twins arrange for Sienna and Lil Z to meet at their apartment building's rooftop. Lil Z thinks it's just a random encounter while Sienna believes it's an arranged "date." Everything goes well according to Nia and Booker's plan.

However, right after the "date" with Lil Z, Sienna posts a photo with him and tags him on her popular social media account with the caption, "best raffle ticket prize ever." This makes Lil Z realize that Nia and Booker had used him without his permission to sell raffle tickets. He becomes upset with them and decides to drop out of Raven's fashion show. To avoid disappointing their mother, the twins come up with a scheme for Booker to pretend to be Lil Z during the show. After finding out that Lil Z has dropped out of the show, Raven reaches out to him and his mother to help convince him.

During the Ravenous fashion show launch, the announcer introduces Lil Z. But Booker steps on stage, dressed up as Lil Z, just before the real Lil Z appears from the other side of the stage. With everyone confused why there are two Lil Z's on stage, Nia takes the microphone to get everyone's attention. She says that it's all part of the show: Lil Z is all about Keepin' It Real and there can only be one Lil Z... just like how Ravenous is about keeping it real and being true to oneself. The crowd is sold on Nia's explanation. When Nia asks security to take out the fake Lil Z, they try to take out the real Lil Z at first.

This hilarity is followed by a fabulous fashion show featuring Nia, Booker, and Levi as models. In the end, the Ravenous launch is a huge success. Raven's dream of launching her own fashion line has finally come true.


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  • Raven finally officially launches her Ravenous fashion line, which was a recurring storyline throughout the season.


  • This episode was filmed on July 20, 2018.
  • Chelsea is absent for the tenth time, production-wise, Anneliese van der Pol missed the last ten shows filmed for Season 2.
  • Karen Malina White had a recurring role in another Disney Channel show set in Chicago, "Betty LeBow," in I Didn't Do It, and voiced "Dijonay Jones" on The Proud Family cartoon series and movie.
  • This was the final episode filmed for Season 2 and the season finale.
  • "Keepin' It Real" is the name of Lil' Z's MeTube channel.
  • Chelsea claimed Raven taught her the meaning of the phrase "Keepin' It Real." in the That's So Raven episode, "To See or Not to See."
  • MeTube probably is a play on YouTube.
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was mentioned again.
  • Lil'Z is a real-life rapper but also could be a parody of Jay-Z.
  • Brandon Severs portrayed Dusty on Disney XD's Walk the Prank with fellow guest star Nathan Blaiwes.
  • This episode premiered on November 29, 2018 in the UK one day ahead of US.
  • Raven's designs closely resemble those she glimpsed in Sleevemore Part Three: Future, except for the various numbers on the clothes are different.
  • This is the final appearance of Zeena and The Guntz.
  • Other differences Raven did not foresee, was the stylized "R" she would utilize in the Ravenous logo, that Tess was also present, and that Raven herself would wear mismatched earrings.
  • This was the last episode filmed for Season 2.
  • Loretta's surname of Evans was mentioned in unused parts of the script, which also revealed Lil' Z's true name as Zachariah James Evans. 


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