Dang, that's hot!
— Lil' Z in Keepin' It Real

Lil'  Z is a character in Raven's Home. He was portrayed by Brandon Severs.


Lil' Z is an energetic teenage boy with a popular MeTube channel. He always likes to keep it real and calls people out when they're not keepin' it real.


Lil' Z is a big influence on teenagers. His assistant is Loretta. Loretta is also his mother. He was going to be in Raven Baxter's fashion show until he found out he was being used by Booker Baxter, Nia Baxter, Levi Grayson, and Tess O'Malley for a good raffle prize. But after he was talked into going back to being in Raven's fashion show, he became Booker's, Nia's, Levi's, Tess's, and Raven's friend again.


  • Keepin' It Real is the name of his MeTube channel.
  • He says "Dang, that's hot!" when he thinks something is cool and "Dang, that's cold!" when he thinks something isn't cool.
  • He has an app that shows him saying "Dang!"
  • He live streams almost everything.
  • His nickname for Raven is Ravey Rae.
  • He always calls people out when they're not keepin' it real.
  • Deleted dialogue from the script gives his given name as "Zachariah James Evans."


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