Minor Characters

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are onscreen-credited figures appearing in Raven's Home without a separate article of their own elsewhere. They are listed here in order of their appearances:


Season 1

The Baxters Get Bounced

Phil Jablonski

This is weird, right? I jack up your rent. You invite me for
coffee. I gotta tell ya, my Landlord Senses are tingling...
Phil to Chelsea

Phil Jablonski was the landlord of 352 Hauser Avenue when the Graysons first moved in with the Baxters, which by the terms of the original lease, should have raised the rent by $1,000 dollars a month, as such, Raven avoiding telling him the news for several weeks.  However, Jablonski eventually found out on his own, as he encountered Chelsea while fixing the apartment shower head.  Angered, he flatly tells them that if they don't pay the increase by the end of the month, they were all going to be evicted.  Later, he accepts an invitation by Chelsea for coffee to discuss the situation.  However, he spits out the coffee, suspecting it was poisoned (but it was instead rather poorly brewed) and slipped on the fluid on the floor as he tried to exit, knocking himself out.  He awakes to find himself bound and gagged by a panicked Chelsea, in front of the puzzled Baxter family--and his own mother.  After being freed, Jablonski wants to call the cops, but his mother, Myrna, who had grown fond of Levi, has observed the interactions of everyone and sees them as one family, not two and decrees, as the actual owner of the building, that they can stay, and even forgoes the rent increase at Raven's quick prompting.  Later, in 2A, the mothers are all showing off pictures of their children, as Jablonski and the kids suffer nearby.  However, when a photo of young Phil with permed hair is uncovered,  the kids, apologetically, have to see it for themselves.
  Phil Jablonski was played by Bruno Amato

  • Jablonski claimed to have "Landlord Senses," likely a form of perception similar in concept to Spider-Man's "Spidey-Sense."
  • Apparently, he has survived attempts to poison him.
  • As no one knew "The Witch of 2A," was his mother, Phil must keep another apartment of his own on the second floor.
  • It is not yet known if the Jablonskis kept their apartments after selling 352 Hauser Avenue to the Moseleys in Cop To It.
  • Actor Bruno Amato has guested on Kickin' It. and Just Roll With It, and played the recurring role of "Coach Simmons" on Austin & Ally.

Myrna "Ma" Jablonski

I know what it's like to try to raise kids alone. I wish I had a best
friend helping me out when I was raising this knucklehead.
Myrna relating her past.

Myrna "Ma" Jablonski was known throughout the 352 Hauser Avenue apartment complex as "The Witch of 2A,"  a fact Tess warns Levi about as he prepares to venture into that very residence to recover his lost drone. He discovers that a collection of dolls of all shapes, sizes, and styles, completely dominates the area.   Tess, who has followed him inside, even claims one closely resembles a former neighbor kid, who allegedly moved to St. Louis.  It is then that the older lady that lives there, turns on a light, revealing her presence, and demands to know who they are.    A short time later, Tess after protesting that she has eaten too much cake, leaves with Levi, who is now on a first-name basis with the tenant,  Myrna Jablonkski, agrees to join her for a weekly game of mah-jongg.  After discovering Levi's missing drone, Myrna goes upstairs to return the toy and discovers her son Phil, bound and gagged in the Baxter living room. After releasing her son, she listens to everyone's side of the story, and before her son can throw them out, Myrna intervenes,  forbidding her son to do so, by commenting on how she too was once a single mother and wishes she had a best friend to help her, stating Raven and Chelsea are raising a single family, and at Raven's extra prompting, forgoes the rent increase as well.  Later, everyone gathers at 2A, and all three mothers bond over photos of their children, and Myrna brings to all their attention a certain picture from the past, featuring her son Phil with a full head of permed hair.   She later sells 352 Hauser Avenue to Richard Moseley.
Myrna "Ma" Jablonski was played by Peggy Miley.

  • According to Levi, Myrna's collection of dolls is only surpassed by her family albums of her son, Phil.
  • Mah-jongg is a tabletop game played with 144 tiles and requires four players.
  • It is not yet known if the Jablonskis kept their apartments after selling the building to the Moseleys in Cop To It.
  • Actress Peggy Miley has appeared on Lab Rats, Zeke and Luther, Crash & Bernstein and Liv and Maddie, and played Cory Matthews' "Nana Boo Boo"  in Boy Meets World.

The Bearer of Dad News


I work in a carnival. What do you think?
The Carnie answering Levi's question on whether he was happy.

The Carnie was first seen setting up his "Hoop! There It Is," basketball booth at the Navy Pier Carnival Midway.   He goes into his well-practiced gaming spiel after he spots two rubes approaching, a redheaded woman with a small boy wearing a naval hat, who audibly points out the Admiral Snuggles giant teddy bear hanging on the prize wall.  To further hook in his targets, the Carnie casually flips the mini basketball backwards over his shoulder through the hoop to demonstrate how simple his game appears to be.  The woman, clearly intent on winning the bear as a prize, slaps down a dollar and demands the ball.  The Carnie obliges, but despite the woman's best efforts, she cannot make a basket.  The Carnie mockingly tells his victim that she is close to winning, but clearly not close enough.  This causes the small boy to note that the Carnie is not a happy person.  Letting his genial fascade slip for a moment, the Carnie describes his life to the kid and asks his opinion.  Unbeknownst to his female customer, every time she shoots a ball, the Carnie secretly moves a lever which causes the entire hoop to subtly move laterally a few millimeters to one side, causing her to always miss.   On the last dollar, the small boy insists on taking the final shot.  As the Carnie leans backward for the hidden switch, the boy beans him from behind with the ball causing the Carnie to fall over out of the booth into a pile of plush toy prizes.  With the Carnie temporarily incapacitated, the pair abscond with Admiral Snuggles in tow.  Quickly getting back to his feet, the Carnie chases the fleeing figures throughout the various Navy Pier attractions including the "Wind Tickler," but fails to catch the fugitives who bested him.
The Carnie was played by Jordan Black.

  • "Carnie" is a slang term for anyone who works at a carnival.

You're Gonna Get It

Shannon Reynolds

You're the best sixth-grader ever!
Shannon after Nia invites her to the roof.

Shannon Reynolds wanted her fellow eighth-graders at George Washington Carver Community School to be allowed to attend a climate change rally scheduled for the next month and starts a petition. Shannon asks Nia and Tess to help her by signing it, not realizing they are only sixth graders. She compliments Nia on her eye shadow make-up and asks her to show her how she did it, by meeting her in the girl's bathroom. Shannon comments on how cool Nia's mom must be, to let her use makeup, although Nia makes it clear, her mom doesn't want her to do so. Shannon invites the two girls to join her and her friends, at their coffee shop hang out, though she is later forced to cancel her plans when she finds that the place is closed. Upon hearing this Nia, volunteers the rooftop of 352 Hauser Avenue instead, to which Shannon happily accepts. She later arrives, along with many of her other classmates from school, and the small gathering quickly grows into a full-fledged party.  The fun ends abruptly when Raven, who was unaware Nia was having company over or wearing makeup, is dragged upstairs by a neighbor's dog. Shannon Reynolds was played by Lexi Underwood.

  • Lexi Underwood played the role "Nice Nancy," on Walk the Prank.

Adventures in Mommy-Sitting


Delivery? Ho-heh-heh. Oh, I know what's going on here. These
kids think they're slick. But you're not sneaking into my club!
The Bouncer refusing a delivery he suspects the kids are hiding in.

The Bouncer was doing his job, guarding the entrance to his club, The Vault when he encounters Raven and Chelsea.  While Chelsea has her identification, Raven does not, and the Bouncer initially refuses to let her in, but eventually, against his better judgment, and tired of Raven's wheedling, he allows her to enter with Chelsea.  Later,  he stops a group of under-aged kids from entering the club, and subsequently sends a suspiciously timed delivery away.  He soon discovers that the kids from before have successfully infiltrated his club and has to chase them down.  When he discovers Chelsea and Raven nearly starting a fight, he decides that their night out is over, and not so gently escorts the pair out of his club.
  The Bouncer was played by Reginald Ballard.


I am not telling my life coach about this...
Brenda after locking Raven and Chelsea in The Vault.

Brenda was enjoying herself at a new Chicago night club, remodeled from a former banking institution, now renamed The Vault when she is bumped into by Raven Baxter while dancing. Raven apologizes, explaining that she didn't see her, but Brenda's tall height makes her doubt Raven's claim, and she thinks she is being mocked. She warns Raven to watch herself next time. However, Raven bumps into Brenda again, this time while she held a drink, causing it to spill over Brenda's outfit. Raven panics and tries to clean the mess, but accidentally ends up ripping the garment. To stop Brenda from hurting Raven, Chelsea intervenes, stating that Raven is a fashion designer, having made dresses for dogs for a living. Brenda assumes Chelsea called her a dog and threatens both of them, and the pair try to calm her down so they can avoid a conflict  They manage to escape from Brenda, and the two end up hiding in the actual vault which, gave the establishment its name.  However,  Brenda spots them and closes the door and locks them in, muttering to herself that she hopes her therapist doesn't find out. Sometime later, Brenda discovers the pair have been freed and gets ready to fight, but before she can, Chelsea snaps at her, having just wanted one night out where they could have fun, which was ruined by Brenda. Chelsea's outburst causes Brenda to back off. However, Brenda is allowed to continue her night at the Vault, while the Bouncer leads Raven and Chelsea to the exit.
Brenda was played by Nina Millin.

  • Nina Millin also appeared on Bunk'd  as "Dr. Sharon Chen," the mother of Tiffany, in the episode, "Camp Stinky Waka."

Vending the Rules

Snack Snitch

The Snack Snitch was a student at George Carver who was willing the pay the inflated prices for snacks imposed by Levi and the Baxter twins when the school vending machine allegedly broke down.  When confronted by Coach Spitz, he eventually gave up the names of the leaders of the contraband candy ring.  During Halloween, he is among the kids at school listening to Booker's tale of the ghost of Eliza Crane. 
The Snack Snitch was played by Nicholas Jabonero.

  • Nicholas Jabonero was not credited for this role.
  • Nicholas is best known for playing the recurring character of "Yogi" on Girl Meets World.
  • He also appeared as an unnamed student in the "Stuck in the School Photo," episode of Stuck in the Middle.

In-Vision of Privacy


Oh. Ummm... Tess, I think you're cool, but I don't really like you that way.
Jordan letting Tess down gently.

Jordan was a student from another school whom Tess met while playing basketball at the school gym.  Jordan enjoys playing against Tess, and when she suggests meeting up again the next day, he explains that it has to be a bit later as he has promised to spend the next afternoon volunteering at the Golden Meadows Senior Center, and Tess agrees to a later time the next day.  While spending time with various senior citizens at Golden Meadows, two of Tess' friends Booker Baxter and Levi Grayson try to engage Jordan in conversation, but their various assignments keep them apart.  After finishing his volunteering time, he gathers his backpack to meet with Tess, but Booker finagles Jordan into helping Levi with a magic trick to entertain the seniors.  Before Jordan can fully realize what is happening, he finds himself enclosed in a magic trunk on the stage set in the main room of the center.  After a few minutes, he is released by the senior known as "Commando" Joe.  As Joe takes his place in the box, Jordan leaves the center to meet Tess at the Carver gym.   After Jordan and Tess finish playing, Tess suggests that they go out on a date, but Jordan has to tell Tess, that while he does like her a lot, it is not in a romantic way, and lets her down as gently as he can.
Jordan was played by Philip Soloman.



He knows what he did!
Lawrence describing Larry's transgression.

Lawrence was the caregiver in charge of the volunteers at Golden Meadows Senior Center.  When Booker follows Jordan to the center when he is scheduled to volunteer, Lawrence will not let Booker stay unless he also agrees to spend time with the elder residents, and in fact,  drafts Levi, Chelsea, and Raven, who have accompanied Booker, as well.  Every time Booker or Levi attempt to talk with Jordan, Lawrence intervenes, sending both to attend to various seniors, preventing either boy to talk with Jordan.  When Raven and Chelsea return with a pile of clothes and admit they have lost track of their elderly charge, Joe, Lawrence loses his composure, and takes the opportunity to place the blame squarely on his workplace nemesis, Larry, and fires him. 
Lawrence was played by Cleo Berry.

  • Lawrence insisted on being called by his full first name so he would not be confused with a fellow center worker, Larry, whom he held in great disdain, explaining with distaste that, "he knows what he did."
  • Cleo Barry has appeared on Crash & Bernstein and played the role of "Sweaty Phil" on the "Pretty-Con" episode of Bizaardvark.

"Commando" Joe

Which one of you has my pants?
Joe asking Raven and Chelsea for the article in question.

"Commando" Joe was a resident of the Golden Meadows Senior Center.  He was approached by Chelsea and Raven who explained that he had been assigned to them.  When asked what he wanted to do, he suggested the pair show him how to dance.  Both women agreed but allowed their dancing lesson to actually reflect their current disagreement over their individual parenting styles.  As the two friends settle their differences, Joe decides to strip down to his underwear and slip away.   A little later, he discovers Jordan in a trunk on the center stage and decides to take his place inside.  Upon emerging from the trunk to surprise everyone, Joe takes advantage of the resulting confusion to escape the premises.  Later that day, he somehow finds his way to 352 Hauser Avenue.  After knocking at the Baxter's door, he requests the whereabouts of his pants.  
"Commando" Joe was played by Robert Towers.

  • Towers played the role of "Babyface Munson" in the "Loser's Keepers, Lou's a Weeper" episode of Bunk'd.
  • He also appeared twice on Hannah Montana in two different roles.

Fears of a Clown


It's cool. Everybody's family is a little weird.
Wally to Booker and Levi.

Wally was a new resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, along with his accountant father and mother, Diane.  Wally decides to explore the grounds of the his new building,.  and is drawn towards the garbage collection area.  There he discovers, among the rest of the refuse within the trash dumpster, what appears to be a giant replica of the right hand of a gorilla,  His mind filling with images of his newfound find serving as the basis of an awesome catapult, Wally rescues the object from the bin and learns that while certainly unwieldy, his hairy discovery was surprisingly lightweight.  Climbing onto the nearby fire escape, Wally headed upward to the roof dragging his furry newfound prize behind him.  Upon reaching his destination, the tiring Wally overheard voices emanating from the rooftop. Pushing the hand on top of the ledge, Wally called out for a little help.  By the time Wally stepped onto the rooftop, two other boys, Levi and his friend, Booker, had hauled the gorilla hand on the roof.  After the three boys introduced themselves, and Wally revealed where the gorilla hand came from, he asked if they wanted to help him fashion a catapult out of the gorilla hand and Booker eagerly agrees.  Some time later, after tying the hairy gorilla hand to a lounge chair with various bungee cords, the makeshift catapult was ready and Levi being the lightest, was offered the honor of taking the first trip across the rooftop into the targeted pile of pillows.  Moments later, Wally and Booker make the first launch, but their subject passes over the target and sails off the rooftop onto the street below.  Levi joins the pair and remarks that he will miss the dummy they just flung over the edge.  Booker says the catapult invitation is still open but Levi once again refuses.  Explaining their living situation, Booker and Levi invite Wally to visit them later in their apartment, 3B.  Arriving on the third floor, Wally spots a couple of girls carrying sleeping gear.   After pausing once to pick up a fallen object, it soon appears the girls are dropping their stuff on purpose.  When Wally makes that observation, one girl blurts out that he has eyes like a pony, while her friend makes the strange comment that her belly button smells like rice.  When he replies that the bizarre statements are nice to know the girls gather up their possessions and slip into the very apartment that Wally had come to find.   Wally knocks of the door the girls just entered and is greeted by Levi and Booker who let him in.  He waves at the pair of girls from the hallway who wave back before tumbling to the floor and crawling away.  Booker explains the scene as his "weird sister with her weird friend being weird."  Wally says that all families are a little weird.  A woman Wally shortly learns is Booker's mom abruptly emerges from the closet handing her son a bat until she returns from the bathroom.  Levi claims their family is a lot weird.  Booker introduces Wally to his mom. who sits down on the couch to get to know him  Wally states that he is in Seventh grade, his family just moved from Colorado, his dad is an accountant and his mom a clown.  He finishes that he is a Leo prone to adventuring, but Levi as a Virgo would keep him in check.  Booker's mom repeats that his mother is a clown, and he clarifies that she had been in a circus, but shifted to  being a party clown after he was born.  Wally then follows Booker and Levi to their room.    There Booker and Levi show off "Fort McFort" a blanket structure which quickly falls apart under  inspection.  Wally tells them not to worry, as he will help them rebuild.  Within a few minutes the trio have constructed a much more elaborate bedding edifice, and are so impressed by their efforts that they decide to institute additional security declaring that only those who know the password  "Password McPassword" are allowed entrance.  Wally grants Booker and Levi access to explore inside,  dubbing the younger boy, "Big Guy," much to Levi's delight.  Yet before Wally can join his friends within, he is distracted by the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and leaves to investigate the source. He tracks the smell to across the hall to  Booker's sister Nia's room, where he finds the girls with a plate of cookies and asks if they have another.  The girls ask if he likes cookies and Booker replies that everyone does, as he hands the plate to Wally as he and Levi enter the room.  As Wally and Levi sample the cookies Booker declares they should return to Fort McFort as it almost oh-six-hundred.  Booker leads the way followed by Wally with the plate of cookies, Levi leaves, after telling the girls it was time hip-hop karaoke.  Later, after a trip to the recycling bin the trio find enough metallic trash to fashion a pair of robot armor suits for Booker and Levi.  Wally states that he was surprised to see so many pizza boxes, and Levi explains that his mom is in charge of dinner and it is considered the safest option with her limited cooking skills.  At that point both girls entered the room separately, each seeking contact lenses Booker and Levi state they did not have.  Booker tried to shoo them away by stating they didn't know the password, but his sister's friend Tess stumbles across the correct phrase.  Stymied, and muttering that they had been hacked,  Booker and Levi retreated back to the fort.  Wally said that the girls were cool, which made the girls happy as they were afraid he thought they were lame.  As Wally began to don his robot armor the girls shut the door, bringing down Fort McFort for a second time.  Wally joins the rest of  the kids as the Baxter twins decide to complain about each to their  mother.  However, a bizarre scene is unfolding  as they reach the living room as a hysterical Raven Baxter despite the calming efforts of Levi's mom, Chelsea, is viciously berating a clown, whom Wally instantly recognizes as his own mom Diane.  Clearly offended for being attacked for simply being a clown, Diane collects Wally and departs, seemingly with  no intention of ever returning.   That same night, Wally's mom discovers a blue balloon with a dinner invitation to the Baxters' tied to it. When she intends to disregard it, Wally begs her to accept it.  When they arrive at the apartment, Wally and his mother discover that everyone else (except Tess, who claims to be Nia's "Plus One,"}  has received a similar balloon invitation to dinner..  Raven then appears dressed as a clown.  At first, Wally's mom Diane suspects that she is being mocked, but gradually realizes that Raven is attempting to express her fears and feelings in a fashion she hopes the other woman can understand.  Ultimately, his mother finds Raven's performance, moving, and forgives her. and Wally and everyone else in the room applauds.  In celebration, everyone has an enjoyable meal together.  When everyone else gathers in the kitchen, Wally and Booker take the opportunity to attempt to sneak the giant gorilla hand into Booker's room, but Raven's voice  is heard warning that she doesn't want it in her house and the pair of boys quickly head out into the hall, needing a new place to hide their furry find.    
   Wally was played by Tristan DeVan.

  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • His family moved from Colorado
  • His dad is an accountant.
  • Tristan DeVan had previously played Kaz' brother Kyle in an episode of Lab Rats: Elite Force.


That was beautiful. Thank you.
Diane accepting Raven's apology performance.

Diane, who works as a party clown, along with her accountant husband, and son, Wally, move into their new abode, an apartment at 352 Hauser Avenue in Chicago.  Upon returning from her first job after the move, a tired Diane forgets to change from her clown persona.  Unbeknownst to Diane as she heads to her residence, she is spotted by Raven in the stairway, which triggers the other woman's intense fear of clowns.  A short while later, Diane, still in costume, goes to the Baxter apartment, to pick Wally up.  Raven opens the door and upon seeing her visitor, immediately faints.  Diane tries to help her up, but Raven frantically backs away.  Realizing that she is still clad in clown gear, Diane apologizes for the poor first impression, but a nearly hysterical Raven only can mutter that there is a clown in her home.  The kids enter with Wally, and Diane realizes that Raven just doesn't like clowns, and clearly offended, gathers up Wally and leaves.  That same night she discovers a blue balloon with a dinner invitation to the Baxters' tied to it.  Diane intends to disregard it, but Wally convinces her that they should accept it.  When the pair arrive at the apartment, they discover that everyone else (except Tess, who claims to be Nia's "Plus One,"}  has received a similar balloon invitation.  Raven then appears dressed as a clown.  At first, Diane suspects that she is being mocked, but gradually realizes that Raven is attempting to express her fears and feelings in a fashion she hopes Diane can understand.  Ultimately, Diane finds Raven's performance, moving, and forgives her.  Their new friendship is then sealed by everyone having an enjoyable meal together.    
   Diane was played by Valerie Azlynn.

  • She formerly worked in a circus, but became a party clown after having Wally.
  • Her husband is an accountant.
  • Her family formerly lived in Colorado.

The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson


You're older, I have a future.
Travis to Chelsea.

Travis was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. He is frenemies with Booker Baxter. On Halloween, Travis is among the group of students gathered to hear Booker tell a ghost story.  Eighty years ago, on a stormy Halloween night, a lonely girl, named Eliza Crane was playing on the rooftop of 352 Hauser Avenue.  She was struck by a bolt of lightning, as a result, her spirit returns every Halloween to haunt the residents.  Travis laughs, calling it the fakest ghost story he has ever heard, adding the only thing haunting Booker's building are his farts. Booker retorts that Travis doesn't know everything about ghosts. Travis counters that he does, because his dad is a Ghost Hunter.  But Booker disputes that, stating he is a dentist.  The crowd becomes involved, but Travis claims that Booker told a ridiculous story just to get attention.  Booker insists the story is true because he heard it from a reliable source.  He further challenges Travis to come to the building and see the Ghost of Eliza Crane for himself.  Travis accepts, stating he will bring along some of his dad's equipment and make Booker look like a fool.  After the sun has gone down, Travis knocks on the Baxter apartment door.  Booker and Levi's moms greet him at the door, and incorrectly concluding he is an ordinary trick-or-treater, offer him candy.  Travis explains that his father as a dentist has warned him that sugar is bad for teeth, and noting that Levi's mother is costumed as a sloth, informs her that the species lack the musculature to stand upright on two feet.   Booker then descends from the staircase leading to the next floor, and the two coolly acknowledge each other's names.  The sloth-lady opines that while the pair don't like each other, they still hang out together, to which both boys reply with a mutual, "yep," before heading towards the roof.     Reaching their destination, Travis tells Booker that he and his dad have a list of all the haunted buildings in Chicago, and 352 Hauser Avenue is not on it.  Booker instructs Travis to be extremely quiet.   When Travis asks why, Booker states it is because he hates the sound of his voice.  Booker then claims he heard something, and challengers the ghost to show herself.  However, despite Booker calling out several times, no ghost appears.  The more time passes, the more dubious Travis becomes, particularly when he catches Booker whispering Levi's name.  Travis asks why he is calling for Levi when they are supposedly waiting for Eliza Crane to appear, and tells Booker to admit he made everything up. This causes Booker to state that he didn't--Tess did. This causes Travis to crow in triumph that he was right all along.  He quickly realizes that Booker intended to trick him in some way.  Which Booker confirms, as Travis "is the worst."    At this point Levi's voice is heard calling Booker for help.  Booker and Travis enter the turrent, and although they can hear him saying he is somewhere really dark, Levi is nowhere to be seen.  Travis claims his 'spectrometer" is gong nuts, and Booker points to a mysterious green substance on the floor.  Booker states that it looks like alien snot, but Travis insists that aliens don't exist, and after physically examining it proclaims it is actually "ectoplasmic portal goo."  Levi tells them to hurry up as he is getting scared.  Travis tells Booker that Levi must have fallen through a dimensional doorway and became trapped in the Spirit World.  Booker asks if that is even possible, but is interrupted by Levi crying for help.  Booker tells Levi not to worry they will find him, and if he encounters his goldfish, to tell him he was sorry for trying to pet him.  Booker and Travis head downstairs where Booker explains to his mom what happened to Levi, how he is now missing, lost between dimensions. Raven seems to take the news rather well, and when Travis states they need to contact the Spirit Realm, she is almost giddy as she takes the opportunity to get her "Spirit Scarf," for the attempt.  Having set up a semicircle of lit candles on the floor, Travis begins asking Levi to return.  Raven cuts Travis short, insisting he is doing it wrong, and begins theatrically chanting instead, moments later, she claims to be  a spirit from the spirit world that despite being able to describe Levi, states she has no knowledge of him.  This lasts until the voice of Levi seemingly coming from nowhere, apparently breaks the spell.  Levi claims not being able to see anything, which Travis takes as a good sign as Levi should avoid at all cost walking into the light.  Levi then states he sees a light and is walking towards it.  Travis and Booker warn him not to follow the light, and Levi says he doesn't think he is alone.  Raven tells Levi not to move and tells Booker to take her where Levi was last seen, and tells Travis to stay in the apartment in case Levi somehow finds his way back.   Alone in the apartment, Travis reads through his fathers books until Levi's mom arrives, asking where everyone else is.  Travis explains  that Levi has been lost in another dimension, how the Baxters went out looking for him and haven't returned because the building is haunted. She laughs it off as a prank the other boys are playing on him, but Travis proclaims it cannot be a prank because Booker and Levi are not smart enough to prank him.  She suggests that someone needs to learn manners to which Travis states he has been there an hour and no one has offered him anything to drink. Levi's mom offers him a drink, but Travis refuses. asking how can anyone think about such things under the current circumstances. She then decides to find the Baxters, and as she ushers Travis out, he insists that she lead the way as she is older while he still has a future, causing Levi's mom to agree with Booker's sentiment that Travis is "the worst." He and the older lady search all the open areas except the laundry room. Travis has tried to explain what happened to her son but she will not accept it. Entering the room, Travis envisions three pale dusty figures and immediately declares that they are ghosts, heedlessly bumping off the walls as he runs away.
Travis was portrayed by Nicolas Cantu.

  • He claims his father is a ghost tracker, when he is actually a dentist.
  • Nicolas Cantu appeared as "Jackson"  on the Bizaardvark episode "Bizaardvark Changes Lives," and "Dominic" in the Sydney to the Max  episode "Dude, Where's My Car Wash Money?"

Dream Moms

Mr. Alvarez

You have a scientific mind. You just need to learn how to unlock it.
Mr. Alvarez encouraging Nia to expand her mind.

Mr. Alvarez was a Science teacher at George Washington Carver Community School.  When Nia found out she only got a 'D'  on a Genetics test, the teacher suggests that she write an essay on the subject for extra credit, which Nia happily accepts.   Nia writes about how despite being twins, she and Booker do have different traits.  The next day, Mr. Alvarez tells Nia it was an exceptional and impressive paper, which raises her grade to a 'B' and asks her to consider taking an Honors Science class. He tells Nia that she has a scientific mind, and encourages her to develop it.
Mr. Alvarez was played by Izzy Diaz.

  • Izzy Diaz played the role of "Dr. Salt" in the "Santas & Surprises" episode of Austin & Ally.


I should fire you for that. But I actually respect you
for it. Hurry up and get dressed, we are on in five.
La after Da slaps her for secretly dating her ex-boyfriend.

La was a member of the celebrated singing group La Dee Da.  During the tour stop in Chicago, they booked the Old Town Theater as a venue to perform.   But backstage La manifested her Diva tendencies to dominate the rest of the group, hardly letting the other girls speak at all.  When she admits to Da that she is secretly dating her ex-boyfriend, the slap she receives actually makes her respect Da more.  At showtime, La comes on stage, peeved that Dee and Da are late, and tells them so, when they scramble on stage behind her.  The concert then starts, but eventually, La discovers that a pair of impostors have replaced Dee and Da.  Confused, she wants to know who they are but does pause to smile and pose for a selfie before calling out for security.  As the other women are carried away, La stalks off the stage.
La was played by Kimrie Lewis-Davis.

  • La appeared in a vision to Booker, announcing the cancellation of the concert--this was the very first vision of Booker's which actually failed to occur.

Vest in Show

Liz Anya

Don't you know who I be?
Liz Anya not believing she has not been recognized.

Liz Anya, accompanied by her entourage, as was her wont, arrived fashionably late to Paisley Studio's show for canine vests, but her entrance was blocked by the exiting pair of Raven and Booker Baxter.  Falling into her diva persona, she covered her face, demanding them not to look at her. When they didn't seem to recognize who she was, Liz's manager stepped forward and began her usual elaborate introduction for her client. Afterwards, Liz Anya coyly admitted her identity.  She then noticed the other woman's jacket and instantly knew she had to own it.  Her Manager then entered the negotiation, and a final offer of $10,000 dollars was quickly made and accepted.  After taking possession of the wonderful garment, Liz Anya promptly issued a check for the agreed-upon amount.
Liz Anya was played by Raven-Symoné.

  • In the That's So Raven episode "If I Only Had a Job," Raven eerily impersonated this celebrity, despite the fact that she believed "Liz Anya" merely to be a name picked at random by her friend Eddie Thomas.
  • Raven-Symoné was not credited for this role.
  • Other Disney roles Raven-Symoné has portrayed (beyond Raven Baxter) :
    • Amber Algoode - Sonny with a Chance
    • Simone Deveraux - K.C. Undercover 
    • Betsy Hagg - Just Roll With It
    • Nebula Wade - Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century & Zenon: Z3  DCOMs
    • Galleria Garibaldi - The Cheetah Girls & The Cheetah Girls 2  DCOMs
    • Monique - Kim Possible Series and DCOMs (vocals)
    • Iridessa - Pixie Hollow Tinker Bell Franchise  (vocals)
    • Valkyrie - Guardians of the Galaxy  (vocals)


Do you carry a lunchbox?
The Manager's signature question.

The Manager with her client, media star, Liz Anya, made a late appearance at the Paisley Studios Fashion Show for canine vests, encountering an exiting Raven Baxter and her son, Booker.  Liz immediately demanded them not to look at her, while the Manager went into her well-practiced spiel on exactly who her client was.  When Liz Anya declared that she had to have Raven's jacket, the Manager stepped in, and the pair (seemingly unknowingly) bid up against each other to raise the final offer to $10,000 dollars, which Raven eagerly accepted.   The Manager was played by Anneliese van der Pol.

  • In the That's So Raven episode "If I Only Had a Job," Chelsea eerily impersonated this woman, despite the fact she had no idea the Manager even existed. 
  • Anneliese van der Pol was not credited for this role.
  • Anneliese van der Pol has also appeared as "Ronnie Jenson" on the "Reunion It Up" episode of Shake It Up, and "Heather" in the "And the Mole-Rat Will Be CGI" episode of Kim Possible.

Season 2

The Falcon and The Raven - Part One


Oh, not me... Ernesto!
Norman warning Raven his falcon is not done with her, yet.

Norman was an avid Falconer that named his Bird of Prey, Ernesto.  After finishing a lunch of meatloaf, he requests a Scüt ride on his phone.  Raven arrives to take him on as a passenger, but the sight of the falcon makes her very trepidatious, but the inducement of leftover meatloaf, convinces Raven to take the man and his bird to where they want to go.  Before handing over the bribe, Norman warns Raven not to look directly into the falcon's eyes.  While she agrees, Raven cannot help herself and glances at Ernesto through the rearview mirror.  As the bag of food is being handed over, Ernesto reacts to Raven's furtive glances by extending his wings and screeching causing Raven to drive erratically.  Finding herself in her own neighborhood, Raven demands that the pair get out, but Norman claims that they are in a dangerous section of town.  Raven uses her tongue to press the window control, allowing Ernesto to fly away.  As he exits the car, Norman informs Raven that she has made the wrong enemy.  Raven replies that he doesn't scare her, but Norman reveals that he meant Ernesto, which, to Raven's misfortune, proves to be an accurate prediction.    
Norman was played by Alec Mapa.

  • Chelsea states that she contacted Norman in The Falcon and The Raven - Part Two, who claims not to know the whereabouts of Ernesto, and adds that he hoped the meatloaf he gave Raven disagreed with her.
  • Alec Mapa previously appeared in such Disney shows as Dog With A Blog and  J.O.N.A.S. He also guest-starred in an episode of The Cosby Show, which then had a very young Raven-Symoné as part of its main c
  • Alec Mapa has also appeared in a Nickelodeon show Henry Danger as a minor character named "Jack Frittleman".
  • In the original script:
    • The character was known as "Passenger."
    • Ernesto the falcon was named "Freddy."

The Falcon and The Raven - Part Two


Carmichael always cries when I leave the house. You captured his expression purr-fectly!
Gloria to Raven.

Gloria was a resident of Chicago. Once when her cat, Carmichael had to see a vet, and Gloria pushed her way into a Scüt vehicle on the curb. Although the driver initially complained, a one hundred dollar bill changed her mind. When the car stopped in front of Polar Bear Pizza, Gloria pointed out that it was not the vet's office but the driver says they need to make a pit stop, and the boy with her states that a falcon owes them money. Gloria's warning that Carmichael hates falcons is too late, as Carmichael dashes through the open window after the bird outside. As the driver bemoans how her day could get worse, Gloria snatches back the Ben Franklin and chases after her cat. Several weeks later, Gloria and the driver have another encounter, as Gloria accuses the driver of leaving the window open leading to Carmichael nearly being hit in traffic chasing after that falcon, but the driver jokes that Carmichael looks like he still has about eight lives left. Gloria then spots a folder which states "Ask Me About My Pet Portraits," with the driver's picture, and is impressed by what she sees. The driver, humbly states that painting is just a hobby. Gloria states that she will pay five hundred dollars for a Carmichael portrait. The driver asks for a crayon, saying she is ready to start right that second. Within a week, the portrait is finished, and in the final sitting, at the Baxters' apartment, Raven looks into Carmichael's eyes, and notes they are a bit rheumy, before adding her final strokes. Just then her kids enter, distracting Raven for the moment, as she take them and the portrait into the kitchen. Eventually, Gloria grows concerned, and enters the kitchen to check on the painting. Raven shows her the portrait, stating that it might not be exactly be what was expected. Gloria agrees, declaring  that it is even better, as she never expected Raven to beautifully capture  the tearful expression Carmichael has when Gloria leaves, so purr-fectly. She can hardly believe she is only paying $500 for such a masterpiece. Raven tells her to tell all her friends about it and Gloria promises she will.
Gloria was played by Gabby Sanalitro.

  • She gave Raven a $100 dollar bill, but she took it back after Carmichael chased after the falcon.
  • She says that Carmichael appears to cry when she leaves home.
  • Gabby Sanalitro appeared as "Ada"   in "Good Luck Jesse:  NYC Christmas."
  • In the original script:
    • Raven would not let Carmichael in her car without a diaper, however in the shot scene the cat did not have one.



I never really wanted to be your pal, anyway. I
only did it so I could move up your brother's list.
Jared revealing his true agenda to Nia.

Jared was a student at George Washington Carver Community School, and the quarterback of the football team.  He took advantage of the not-so-secret crush Nia had on him to gain access to Booker, after he became known as "The Psychic Peanut," at school.  While waiting among his classmates for Booker, Jared spots Nia and decides to forgo the line and approach her instead.   He draws Nia in by finally accepting her Pow request to be a Peanut Pal.  With Nia, under his spell, he asks her to get Booker to reveal what will happen to him in the upcoming football game.   Swiftly approaching Booker, Nia waves Jared over to meet with her twin a few minutes later.  Faking modesty, Jared asks how will he do in Friday's game.  Booker assures him he will be the big hero.  Elated, Jared also needs to know if he needs to take any special steps beforehand, and Booker, after hearing Coach Spitz greet a number of students, tells him to eat plenty of bananas.  Which Nia explains that the extra Potassium will guard against possible leg injuries like the one that felled their opponent's starting quarterback.    By the next day, Jared has eaten several bananas and had even brought a supply to eat during school.  He even shares a banana with Nia when she sees him, which proves to be a grave mistake, as when Jared walks over to greet Booker, he slips on a banana peel carelessly tossed on the floor by Nia and injures his leg. This causes everyone to conclude that Booker is a fake psychic. Nia comes to her brother's defense by claiming that Booker's actions were to help her become Peanut Pals with Jared. At that point, Jared admits that he never wanted to be Nia's pal and only did it to get to Booker. Indignant, Nia removes Jared from her pal list at that very moment. Still angry, when Cosmo incites everyone to get the Baxter twins, Jared hobbles along among the hostile mob as well.  
Jared was played by Kaiden Williams Chapman.

  • Tess is leery of how many cats Jared has among his pictures on his Peanut Pal page. 
  • Chapman was a part of the interstitial series Mack Chat and appeared as "Jock" in the Coop & Cami Ask the World episode, "Would You Wrather Get a Moose  Angry?


This guy's psychic all right. After class, you gotta tell me my future.
Cosmo after Booker's prediction of a moonwalking Coach Spitz comes true.

Cosmo was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  He is among the kids that gather in the gym to greet Booker after Sienna reveals that he is psychic.  He is the first to ask for proof and is suitably impressed when Booker correctly predicts Coach Spitz breaking his own rules by moonwalking in front of everyone.   Cosmo becomes a true believer, slapping Booker five and asking to have his future revealed.  However, later after he has been standing with the rest of his classmates seeking the services of "The Psychic Peanut," Levi informs him that Booker won't be able to consult with him until the summer of next year, and is given a photo of Booker as a consolation prize.   He is among the students that witness Booker accurately predicting Sienna's avocado toast and toes.  Cosmo is also on hand to see Jared slip on a banana peel in the school hallway.   Cosmo is the first to join Sienna in denouncing Booker as a fake psychic, as well as the one who urges his classmates to begin chasing after the Baxter twins by yelling, "Get 'em!"
Cosmo was played by Lance Alexander.

Cop To It

Officer Mike Kowalski

Okay, you're free to go. I convinced my partner to let
you off the hook, because my niece, here, knows you.
Officer Kowalski releasing Raven and Booker from their cell.

Officer Mike Kowalski was Tess' uncle.   He is first seen carrying a hobbled Chelsea to the tenants meeting on the rooftop of 352 Hauser Avenue.  After depositing Chelsea, he ignores Raven's clumsy attempts to flirt with him and takes his leave.  Some days later, he picks up Tess for one of their occasional ride-alongs in his police squad car, this time with Nia along as well.  However, just as they are about to start, they are rear-ended by Raven in her Scüt vehicle.  Officer Kowalski is forced to apprehend Raven and Booker, taking them into custody and delivering them to a holding cell at his precinct.  Ultimately, after listening to Tess, Officer Kowalski releases Raven and Booker with a warning, while still fending off Raven's ineffectual attempts to gain sympathy.
Officer Mike Kowalski was played by Jonathan Chase.

  • In Close Shave, Tess states she spent her community volunteer service at her uncle's precinct, and discovered a talent for interrogations.
  • It is possible that Zophia is his mother.
  • As depicted in various Shake It Up episodes, Mike Kowalski has a doppelganger also living in Chicago, Phil, the former TV producer of Shake It Up Chicago!  (also played by Jonathan Chase).

Richard Moseley

I'm grooming him to take over the business one day. And
that day is today. Okay, bye now. Pay your rent on time.
Richard leaving Mitch in charge of 352 Hauser Avenue.

Richard Moseley was the business magnate who purchased 352 Hauser Avenue from the Jablonskis.  To introduce himself to the tenants, he organizes a meeting on the rooftop of the property.  After identifying himself, he announces that he would be not just the landlord, but a neighbor as well, as he is moving into a penthouse on the fourth floor.  Nia then presents him with a list of suggested improvements, and Richard states that the new building manager, his right-hand man, Mitch, will deal with it.  Mitch is then revealed to be Richard's twelve-year-old son.  As soon as Mitch takes over the podium, Richard departs, leaving all subsequent building matters squarely in Mitch's hands.
Richard Moseley was played by Matt Corboy.

  • Richard converted the boiler room of 352 Hauser Avenue into a replica of the Topsy-Turvy World from Weirder Things because it was Mitch's favorite TV show.
  • Richard once considered sending Mitch away to boarding school, but eventually allowed him to become homeschooled, instead.
  • Matt Corboy once appeared on an episode of Kickin' It as "Chief McGruder."
  • In the original script:
    • The character's surname was originally "Rothchild."

Weirder Things


But, it's all I have left of my father...
Burton explaining the significance of his pocket watch.

Burton was a character in the kids'  favorite television show,  Weirder Things.  In the episode watched by the kids, Burton and his friends find themselves in the Topsy-Turvy World and must confront the evil ruler of that dimension, the demonic Nerdidorken, for the freedom of their friend, Little Pete.
Burton was played by Isaiah Russell.

  • Burton was asked to give up his father's watch to save Little Pete.
  • In the original script:
    • The entire group of kids from Weirder Things were identified:
      • Burton
      • Natalie
      • Leroy
      • Tracy
      • Little Pete


We came through the portal so we must be in the
Topsy-Turvy World, where the Nerdidorken lurks...
Natalie supplying expository dialogue.

Natalie was a character in the kids'  favorite television show,  Weirder Things. In the episode watched by the kids, Natalie and her friends find themselves in the Topsy-Turvy World and must confront the evil ruler of that dimension, the demonic Nerdidorken, for the freedom of their friend, Little Pete.
Natalie was played by 'Brianna Roy.

  • In the original script:
    • The entire group of kids from Weirder Things were identified:
      • Burton
      • Natalie
      • Leroy
      • Tracy
      • Little Pete


If you don't hand over your most precious belongings, I will eat your little friend.
The Nerdidorken making his evil demands.

Nerdidorken was the primary antagonist character in the kids'  favorite television show,  Weirder Things.  In the episode watched by the kids, Nerdidorken has drawn the group of young protagonists to his realm. The Topsy-Turvy World. Nerdidorken captures the youngest of the group, Little Pete, and demands of the others to give up their most valued possessions to ensure their friend's safe return.  
Nerdidorken was played by Nhut Le.

  • Mitch has a replica Nerdidorken costume in his Topsy-Turvy set in the boiler room of 352 Hauser Avenue.
  • A Nerdidorken action figure owned by Levi is often seen in the boy's bedroom. 
  • The character "Nerdidorken" from Weirder Things is a parody of "Demogorgon" from Stranger Things, with the "Topsy-Turvy World" a version of the "Upside-Down."

Dreamweaver Kema

Ooh, I'm sorry, I can't work right now. The Crazy Show is on and I gotta watch this!
Kema fascinated by Chelsea's antics while having a high fever.

Dreamweaver Kema visits Raven Baxter every so often, to style her hair. On the day of Raven's latest appointment, as she arrives, her client shows Kema her hair, and she becomes horrified at the mess it has become, and even jokingly asks if Raven lost her comb in the divorce.  But Kema reassures Raven, that she'll be able to fix it, however, she does inform Raven that she has a babysitting job later.  When Raven asks when, Kema replies now, and calls her niece, Power, from the hall.  Power enters the apartment and instantly charms Raven with joyful demeanor and dancing moves.   Raven begins enthusiastically hugging the girl, squealing how she would like another small child to care for, but that dream is quickly forgotten when her twins arrive.  Booker and Nia ask Raven to take them and their friends Tess and Levi, to the Weirder Things premiere event, as Tess' mom has sleepy foot and, Chelsea is hampered by her fever.  Raven agrees,  if the kids leave her alone for five hours, allowing Kema to finish working on her weave.  Kema states that will be enough time, if she can focus on the work. Which proves harder than anticipated as Kema cannot help being fascinated by Chelsea's antics as she becomes delusional from her fever, beginning with Chelsea using a slipper as a microphone, imagining she is an airline flight attendant.  As the twins drag Chelsea back to her room, the Dreamweaver resumes working on Raven's hair, and the pair gossip about Kema's cousin.  Power begins encouraging Raven to dance with her, and the kids then ask to take Power with them, which is fine with Kema, as she gets paid either way.  After Power leaves, Kema continues her work on Raven, while briefly talking with her mother on the phone.  After Kema ends the call, Power calls out from the kitchen that she is hungry.  Distracted, Kema continues working on Raven's hair, mistaking Raven's code phrase to stop ("home skillet biscuit"), as an offer for food.   As Kema stops, they hear Power making noises in the kitchen   But before either can reach the little girl, the twins appear and offer to take care of Power.  Chelsea then reappears, still believing she is a flight attendant now demonstrating emergency procedures by placing a bra over her mouth.  While Booker leads Chelsea back to her room, Nia makes Power a quick lunch.  Despite the various distractions, Kema manages to fix something for Raven, who ends up being dissatisfied. Raven reminds Kema that she is a Scüt driver not "Mariah Hairy."   As the pair argue over the state of Raven's hair,  Raven hears a noise, and Chelsea emerges, stating that the passengers are screaming, and asks "Chaka Khan" to help her investigate.  The pair run towards the source of the disturbance, prompting Kema to tell Raven that she will stay until she gets paid, mistakenly thinking that Raven is trying to get her hair done for free. Raven and Chelsea eventually return, and Dreamweaver Kema does manage to finally fashion Raven's hair to her ultimate satisfaction. Afterwards, Kema shares with Raven what she dubs "The Crazy Show," her videos depicting the antics of a delirious Chelsea.
Dreamweaver Kema was played by Wendy Raquel Robinson.

  • "Home Skillet Biscuit" was the code phrase for when Kema's weaving becomes too painful for Raven.
  • She has a cousin with both a droopy eye and a sleepy eye.
  • Robinson played "Cruella De Ville" in The Descendants DCOM. 


My name's Power, because of my powerful moves!
Power introducing herself to Raven.

Power was the niece of Dreamweaver Kema.  On the day Kema has an appointment with Raven Baxter, Kema needs to also bring Power along, as she promised her sister she would watch Power for the day.   Upon meeting Aunt Kema's client, Power instantly charms Raven, by announcing and explaining her name.    Raven begins enthusiastically hugging the small child, squealing how she would like another small child to take care of, but that fantasy is dispelled when the arrival of her actual children bring her back to reality.  Booker and Nia ask Raven to take them and their friends Tess and Levi, to the Weirder Things premiere event, as Tess' mom has been incapacitated, and a delirious Chelsea clearly cannot go either.  As the twins corral a wayward Chelsea, their mother agrees to take them,  provided she is allowed to finish her hair weaving appointment in peace.  However,  the "cuteness" of Power distracts both her aunt and Raven, and the perceptive Nia offers to watch over Power, and the younger girl actually says she wants to be with the other kids.   Arriving in the boys' room  Power begins showing off her dancing, but the older kids are preoccupied, watching Weirder Things on a computer, barely noticing her.  She tells them to sing, and receives only a half-hearted response, and Levi actually tells her to go away.  Nia then attempts to get Power involved by inviting her to join them in watching the program.  The kids are happy when Power has become quiet, apparently watching the show, when actually, she has slipped away to the kitchen.  Power announces that she is hungry to her aunt, and begins clanging the nearby pots and pans. The Baxter twins locate Power just as Raven is about to get up and fix Power something to eat. They tell Raven they will feed Power, just as a delusional Chelsea returns. As Booker takes Chelsea back to her room, Nia quickly makes Power a lunch composed of random nearby foodstuffs. Back in the boys' room, the friends resume watching their show, while Power wonders if Nia could have possibly put any weirder ingredients in her sandwich. Nibbling at her makeshift meal, Power begins commenting on what's happening on the screen. The others try to shush her, and the younger girl gets up and stands in front of the computer, calling the show garbage. The older kids object, when she states the program should be called "Boring Things." Nia tries to distract Power with an action figure of the "Nerdidorken," but Levi snatches it back, claiming that it is his favorite. Booker then challenges Power to amuse herself in his closet, which she accepts, as he closes the door behind her. While looking around the small space, she discovers a secret door hidden behind some boxes. Power steps outside the closet and tells the others about her discovery, and after warning them that they may never see her again, brightly waves goodbye.  Returning to the door, Power discovers it leads to a mini-elevator and hops inside to head down below. At the bottom, she finds what appears to be a dark misty wooded area.  As Power explores the spooky place, the other kids arrive the same way she did, and one of the strange trees suddenly becomes alive and threatens them.  Curious, as Power approaches the mysterious tree, it abruptly grabs her, and she calls out for help.  The other kids spot Power, and agree to do whatever the creature (whom they identify as the "Nerdidorken")  wants if it lets Power go first.  The Nerdidorken agrees and Power hurries to the girls.  As Power watches the others give up their possessions for her freedom, Raven and Chelsea suddenly drop down and the entire area is flooded with light, revealing the eerie woods is actually located inside a large room. Raven steps up and unmasks what she dubs the "Mitchidorken," as just an ordinary boy, whom the others recognize as someone named "Mitch."  As the kids tell Raven what happened, Power adds how she stumbled upon the place.  After Raven and Chelsea go back upstairs, the kids decide to stay and play in the Topsy-Turvy World set, but Mitch absconds with the premiere tickets, and leaves.  Not particularly caring Booker, Nia, Tess, and Levi, all want to be the Nerdidorken, but it is Power who claims the role, by virtue of having possession of Mitch's discarded mask.  Power spends the rest of the afternoon playing with her new friends in the replicated Topsy-Turvy set.
Power was played by Somali Rose.

  • Somali Rose plays "Skyler Brooks," on the Disney Web-series Shook.
  • In the original script:
    • The Power role was originally cast for a boy.
    • The casting department instructed potential applicants to "GIVE US 30 SECONDS OF YOUR BEST DANCE MOVES!'
    • A scene was cut where the older kids were tied up as to provide a captive audience.to witness Power's dance moves.
    • The script named her mother as "Dreamweaver II."
    • The script listed the ingredients of Power's sandwich as turkey, peanut butter, Pop-tarts, and gummy bears.  The filmed scene also depicted puffed cheese sticks, as well.

The Missteps


Hi Mom. You want me to come home? And drop the whistle? Okay.
Taylor faking a call from home to escape a bickering Nia and Tess.

Taylor was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. Taylor was in the school hallway when The Red Hot Chili Steppers announced that they had an opening in their Step dancing troupe. When handed a flyer from Zenna, the leader, Taylor awkwardly admits that she wants to be her. The next day, Taylor is among the dancing hopefuls filling the school gym. However, she becomes too nervous, and fakes a phone call from home, leaving before the try-outs actually start. The next morning, thinking she is alone in the gym, Taylor demonstrates her hidden talent for Step dancing, but is discovered by the Baxter twins and their friends. When The Red Hot Chili Steppers emerge from the other side of the room, Taylor claims to have just realized she is not in the library, and retreats to a nearby bench. Zeena asks Nia and Tess which will be the new Stepper, and the other girls reveal their plan to form their own rival dance group. A dubious Zeena asks who they plan to recruit, and Nia and Tess point to Taylor. This causes Taylor to feign getting another call from home and quickly retreat. After school, Taylor goes to Nia's home to supposedly join a study group, but it is soon revealed to be a ruse, as instead of homework, all the girls gathered together intend to form a new dance team. Taylor reluctantly agrees to join. Nia asks her mother, Raven, to coach them, but bad memories cause her to refuse but she does promise to supply the costumes.  All the girls venture to the rooftop to begin their practice session.  On the roof, Nia focuses on the precision steps of their routine, while Tess insists they should work on the more flashy parts showing off their swag.  However, Nia claims leadership of the group by virtue of owning a whistle.  However, as their discussion becomes more heated, Nia unknowingly drops the whistle and Taylor retrieves it.  As Nia and Tess continue to argue, Taylor blows the whistle herself, to alert Nia that she dropped it.   At that point, both Nia and Tess demand the whistle.  Taylor fakes another call from home, and lets the whistle fall to the floor, before leaving the roof, closely followed by the other girls, leaving Nia and Tess behind, as the pair struggle for possession of the whistle.    Both Nia and Tess meet with Zeena at school the next day, to claim the open spot on The Red Hot Chili  Steppers, but Zeena replies that it has already been filled, as Taylor appears, already dressed in a Stepper outfit.  Sheepishly, Taylor explains to Nia and Tess that she accepted Zeena's offer because they had promised their rival group would be fun, but their constant bickering had proven that to be false.  Later, Taylor appears on Zeena's video call to Nia to reveal that The Red Hot Chili Steppers had expanded to includes all the school's steppers except Nia and Tess. At the scheduled dance-off, Taylor is among The Red Hot Chili Steppers, as Zeena leads them through a complex and exciting routine. Nia and Tess then take the stage, still arguing the virtues of precision steps against flashier swag ones. After a brief blackout, the pair appear in a merged outfit, to demonstrate how the two aspects of STEP can fit together. Unfortunately, before the pair could begin, Nia's mother, Raven crashes the stage, causing all three to fall off the stage. Taylor joins the rest of The Red Hot Chili Steppers exiting the gym with their gloating leader, Zeena, but she is abruptly beset by a persistent flying insect.  
Taylor was played by Jordan Julian.

  • Taylor often pretends her hand is a phone receiving calls from home to escape awkward situations.
  • In the original script:
    • Nia and Tess wanted Taylor (described as "a shy girl who likes to hide behind her purple knit cap") to try-out with them after getting the Red Hot Chili Steppers flyers from Zeena. 
    • Applicants were limited to the L.A. area, and were encouraged to watch this video on STEP dancing.
    • To audition, It was required to prepare a 15-30 second STEP dance routine set to any song of their choice. 

Oh Father, Where Art Thou?

Sheridan Decker

I knew it! You're just like everybody else. You don't wanna hangout with Sheridan
Decker, you wanna hangout with Antoine Decker. Maybe he'll dance with you.
Sheridan to Booker.

Sheridan Decker was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  As a member of the Dance Committee, she arrived early to help set up for the Father-Daughter Dance.  The child of NBA star Antoine "The Dunker" Decker, she used her natural height to help fellow student, Booker Baxter, set up the backdrop for the photo stand.  After Booker thanked her, Sheridan, who harbored a secret crush on Booker, could only punch his right shoulder in response.  Sheridan then spotted her father entering the gym, but before moving across the room to greet him, she slugs Booker in the same place,  in an apparent gesture of farewell. Both before and after the welcoming speech by dance organizer, Chelsea Grayson, Sheridan and Antoine Decker were beset by various basketball devotees, asking the All-Star player for either his picture, autograph, or both.  Yet in each case, Sheridan's father explained that the night belonged to his daughter, thus, all his attention was focused solely on her, and thus politely refused all such fan requests.  Even when Sheridan left her father's side to get them both refreshments, Antoine Decker steadfastly kept to this firm stance.   While Sheridan was building herself a treat at the sundae bar, Booker suddenly appeared and placed a cherry on top of her creation.  Sheridan thanked Booker, as she loved cherries. Booker then asked Sheridan if she wanted to dance with him.  Sheridan swiftly abandons her sundae, and strikes Booker a third time, (this time on the left shoulder), to indicate her acceptance of his offer.  As the pair take to the dance floor, Booker jokes that he hopes no one mistakes him for her father, and Sheridan laughs.   However, the dancing music abruptly takes a downward turn, and even Sheridan notes the musical choices are terrible.  Booker agrees and goes to the DJ stand to investigate.   A  few minutes later Booker returns, with the music restored, and the crowd resumes dancing. Sheridan compliments Booker on his dancing, and he replies that she is good as well. Sheridan admits that she doesn't get asked to dance very much as she is so much taller than the guys their age. Booker briefly stands tiptoe and claims he didn't notice. Sheridan states that he is funny and hits Booker for a fourth time, once again on the left side, and Booker moves off to dance with his sister, Nia for a time.   Booker shortly returns performing a flashy spin move in the center of the dance floor.  Sheridan has been enjoying herself with Booker, and she observes that most people she meets, try to use her to get to her father.  Still using flamboyant dance moves, Booker asks who would do that to her.  Sheridan, states she understands why people would want to meet an NBA All-Star with her dad's career stats--however Booker does correct her on her dad's actual scoring average.  That begins to arouse Sheridan's suspicions, which are heightened further when Booker inanely asks how long her dad, has been her dad.  Sheridan directly asks Booker if he is only being nice to her to get to her father.  Booker eventually confesses the truth, but quickly adds that he has grown to like her as well.  However, Sheridan becomes far too angry to listen.  She accuses Booker of being just like everyone else,  declaring that he only wants to hang out with Antoine Decker, not Sheridan Decker.  She tells Booker that maybe her dad would want to dance with him.  When Booker seems to actually welcome that opportunity, Sheridan turns away in a huff, and disgustedly stalks away, leaving Booker alone on the dance floor. Later, at the very last possible moment, just before the final dance of the night, the Deckers approach the photo stand. Sheridan coldly tells Booker that they want their pictures taken. A chastened Booker obliges, but does ask to speak with her briefly, which Sheridan allows, as her dad positions himself in front of the camera. Booker apologizes, and admits he should have treated her better. Sheridan agrees, and Booker adds that he really does think that she is cool. Sheridan thanks Booker, and moves to stand by her dad. Booker tries to focus the camera, and chuckles to himself, when he realizes he needs to adjust the camera stand to accommodate Antoine Decker's above normal height, before snapping their picture. After the photos have been taken, Sheridan asks her dad if they can take another, which her dad agrees to. As the Deckers resume their pose, Sheridan asks Booker if he would like to join them. Booker eagerly accepts the offer, and quickly moves to stand beside them. Antoine Decker points out that someone needs to actually take the picture. Booker immediately calls out for his Aunt Chelsea to hurry over to the photo stand. Before the Deckers depart to begin their final Father Daughter rose dance, a last picture is taken which captures Sheridan striking Booker for a fifth time.
Sheridan Decker was played by Brianna Reed.

  • Sheridan striking Booker on the arm was reminiscent of Loca hitting Eddie Thomas in the same manner during That's So Raven.
  • In the original script:
    • A scene set by the dance punch bowl in which Sheridan hits  Booker again, to thank him after he pours out two cups of punch for Sheridan and her dad, was deleted.
    • It is implied that Sheridan was a poor dancer.

Antoine Decker

Sorry man, no photos tonight. This is my daughter's dance, and it's all about her.
Antoine Decker to a fan trying to take a picture of him.

Antoine "The Dunker" Decker was a member of the National Basketball Association, and the father of Sheridan Decker.  As Sheridan was part of the dance committee, she was already in the gym to greet him, when Antoine arrived for the Annual George Washington Carver Community School Father Daughter Dance.  The pair had an enjoyable time, but every so often, Antoine had to inform a fan that he was only there as Sheridan's father, and politely refuse any photo requests, as all his attention for that night was reserved solely for his daughter.  After the awkward welcome by the dance organizer, Chelsea Grayson, Sheridan left to bring back some refreshments.  A few fans approached him, but the most persistent one had actually pulled out his phone, and Antoine had to temporarily take possession of it and remind the young boy that he was not taking any pictures that night, before returning the phone.  Towards the end of the evening, that same young kid was operating the photo booth.  Sheridan treated him quite coldly, and they held a brief conversation.  After their portrait was taken, Sheridan asked him to take another picture this time, with the other boy, whom she called "Booker," with them.  Antoine agreed, and the boy eagerly moved to join them.  When  Antoine asked who was actually going to take the picture, Booker screamed to Chelsea Grayson to hurry over to the camera.  The pleasant evening ended as Antoine, like the other fathers present, was given a rose to bestow upon his daughter, Sheridan, following their final dance of the night.  
Antoine Decker was played by Poncho Hodges.

  • Antoine "The Dunker"  Decker was said to be an NBA All-Star that averaged 30 points with 12 assists and a 92% free throw percentage.
  • Although he signed with the L.A. Lakers for the 1994 pre-season, Poncho Hodges never played in an official NBA game.
  • In the original script:
    • Antoine Decker only averaged 22 points, but was said to be a 3-time MVP.

Officer Seeley

I don't know what you're up to, but it's freezing out here! My nose hairs
are frozen, and they're starting to whistle 'Chattanooga Choo Choo.'
Officer Seeley to Raven.

Officer Seeley was an Illinois State Trooper.  During a particularly heavy snowfall, she stopped a big rig on a highway outside Chicago for speeding.  Officer Seeley discovered that although the vehicle was registered to a James O'Malley, it was currently being operated by a Raven Baxter, who claimed the trucker handle,  "Big Rae," and her travelling companion, a young boy she identified as "Little Debbie."  Although both acted rather erratically, she could sense no menace from the pair, and as the papers were genuine, Officer Seeley let them off with a warning, and added that she did not want to see them again, and asked the driver to refrain from using the air horn.   Yet, only a short time later, Officer Seeley pulls over the same vehicle, this time headed in the opposite direction, towards Chicago, after it briefly skids wildly over an ice sheet.  She notices that Big Rae and Little Debbie, have picked up a passenger, and is shocked and delighted to recognize Devon Carter, the Dallas Action News weatherman. When she used to live in Dallas, she had watched him and became a huge fan.  After a moderate amount of fan adoration, Officer Seeley allows them to continue on upon their way. 
Officer Seeley was played by Nicole Blume.

  • In the original script:
    • The character was only called "Female Officer."
    • She claimed to be big a fan of Big Shirl from Long Haul Truckers.
    • Instead of whistling nose hairs, she had "long johns riding up to the top of Krakatoa." 

The Trouble With Levi

Ms. Pittman

Who's ready to have fun in Science Class? You are. Because Science does matter.
Ms. Pittman to her Science class.

Ms. Pittman was a Science teacher at George Washington Carver Community School. When the decision was made to advance Levi Grayson to a higher level Science class, Principal Wentworth chose her class to send him, as Booker Baxter-Carter, Levi's best friend, was already there. After Ms. Pittman introduced Levi to the class, the new student takes the station by Booker.  The teacher then assigns her class a 3-day project to be completed by Friday.  On Friday, Ms. Pittman calls upon Booker to be the first to present his project.  Booker steps up to the front of the class and explains he will demonstrate the "Elephant's Toothpaste," experiment.  However, he pauses briefly, and asks Ms. Pittman if he can have an assistant from the class, and Booker selects a reluctant Levi.  Unfortunately, a paranoid Booker gets carried away, and overdoes the reaction, causing the pair and the rest of the class to be splattered with foam.  After class, Ms. Pittman personally escorts the foam covered duo to the main office for a disciplinary meeting with Principal Wentworth.   When Ms. Pittman organizes auditions for the Carver morning announcements, she is so taken by the Baxter-Carter twins adorable appearance of showing up in matching outfits, that she selects them both, deciding to call the live streaming segment "The Carver Corner Commentary with the Baxter-Carter Twins."   However, only Nia shows up for the first Carver Commentary, as Booker has taken ill.  Wearing a helmet outfitted with multi-colored lights, Nia explains she intends to talk about skateboarding.  As Nia begins, Ms. Pittman uses a nearby Levi as a sounding board for her doubts. Nia claims to have merged safety with fashion with her unique helmet. Yet, while still speaking, much to Ms. Pittman and Levi's confusion, Nia begins waving her arms wildly.  After she starts to dance about and sniff her own armpits, Nia states it would be a good time to cut for a commercial.  Ms. Pittman points out that there are no commercials, while Levi suggests they just cut the entire feed. 
Ms. Pittman was played by Liz Jenkins.

  • Ms. Pittman tends to make puns with scientific terms which none of her students seem to understand.

Head Over Wheels


Hey, someone lose a pair of crutches? Because I sure don't need them.
Turner arriving with Tanner's crutches.

Turner was sent by his mother into 352 Hauser Avenue to retrieve his identical twin brother, Tanner, so they could go home.  Before entering the lobby, he discovered his brother's crutches on the ground and asked if anybody had lost them because he didn't need them.  He then took in the amusing sight of another boy pulling on the cast on his brother's foot.  Turner simply told him that their mom wanted to go, and left, taking the crutches with him, forcing Tanner to hobble behind him on his injured leg to catch up. 
Turner was played by Travis Burnett.

  • With Tanner being a member of Dissed Sibs Anonymous, it is implied that Turner is the older twin. and the fact that Turner attends a different school likely plays a large part in Tanner's perception of being "dissed."  
  • Apparently, their mother is not averse to dressing her twin sons in matching outfits. 
  • Travis Burnett's credit read "Tanner/Turner."
  • Travis Burnett also played "Brian" in the Bunk'd episode "A Tale of Two Stackers."

The Most Interesting Mom in the World

Mr. Patel

You know what? New assignment. Instead of your next test, I want
everyone to do a project on what your parents do for a living. So
that you can learn to appreciate them more. Any questions?
Mr. Patel assigning his Math class a parent appreciation project.

Mr. Patel was a Math teacher at George Washington Carver Community School. On a day Mr. Patel was late for class, he was preoccupied with a phone conversation with his son, Gabriel.  As he finally entered his classroom, the teacher was pointing out to his son, that unlike the household of his friend, Jackson, they did not have ice cream for breakfast.  Realizing that technically, class had already started, Mr. Patel attempted to end the call by telling his son that he loved him, and awaited a like response in kind. When one did not seem forthcoming, he began repeatedly demanding one, and despite the overall opinion of his class, Mr. Patel was fairly certain he had heard Gabriel reply. Still feeling frustrated, the teacher found himself venting to his students, revealing that Gabriel claimed that he was ruining his life because he was only a teacher that would not let him have ice cream for breakfast. He then asked his class who actually ate ice cream for breakfast, and was taken aback that the vast majority admitted to having some sort of dessert for breakfast. Rather petulantly, Mr. Patel then asked why didn't they go live with Jackson. Regaining his composure, the teacher was seized with a sudden inspiration. Announcing that he is canceling the weekly test, he assigns the class a parent appreciation project, so they will all learn what their parents do for them. Nia Baxter points out that seems an odd task for a Math class, but her twin brother Booker is eager to have a math assignment without involving math. For the rest of the week, Patel allows his students to use the class time for their various projects. When Friday arrives, Mr. Patel arranges for Gabriel to attend the Math class so he can learn how at least some students actually appreciate their parents. Throughout the different projects, Gabriel does not bother to hide his boredom and remains silent. Even the lively performance of Zeena Kamakamee'leon's Polynesian dance with Uli Uli with the able assistance of her brother with a neon "fire stick" fails to impress the younger Patel. When Zenna explains that she appreciates her father passing on his dancing skills to her brother and herself, Mr. Patel makes a point of making sure Gabriel understands her words. Up next are the Baxter-Carter twins, as the pair make way to the front of the class where Mr. Patel has arranged for the presence of a large monitor for video presentations.  Nia inserts the memory card and the twins allows the narration of their project to take over.  The video presents their mother, Raven Baxter, as an accomplished author of world travel guides, a renowned weight lifter, and the greatest DJ of her generation.  However, unbeknownst to the twins, the accompanying images do not support the previous claims, and make it obvious that the Baxter-Carters implemented an excessive use of video effects in their presentation.  The class begins laughing, and the twins finally discover the disaster their project has become. Removing the memory card, the siblings ask Mr. Patel if they can have a few moments to regroup. Mr. Patel grants them the reprieve, although he voices his doubts it will help. After the twins have exited the room. Mr. Patel calls upon Gunner "The Guntz" Guntzenheimer next. The Guntz begins his presentation by showing clips from Pastry Chef Showdown, depicting his mother victorious in both phases of the competition, baking and wrestling. Afterwards, The Guntz provides each member of the class with a freshly baked cannoli from Mrs. Guntzenheimer's kitchen. As The Guntz passes out his mother's confections to the class, Mr. Patel remembers to place a pair aside on a plate for the Baxter-Carters.  Booker and Nia return from the hall, and are disappointed to have missed The Guntz' presentation. Mr. Patel explains that cannolis were saved for them, but as he reaches for the plate, he realizes he made a mistake by leaving them on the desk of the gluttonous Gabriel, who by his guilty face, reveals that he ate them. After loudly calling out his son's name in disappointment, Mr. Patel asks Booker and Nia if they are ready to finish their project. The twins admit that their video was an attempt to make their mom's life appear more interesting than they thought it was. However, while in the hallway, a phone call they received from their mother telling them of what happened to her that very afternoon has changed their minds. While out n her Scüt vehicle, Raven's latest passenger turns out to be a young boy travelling alone to see his grandmother. Her mothering instincts alerted, Raven uncovers that the boy, Andrew, was leaving home to be with his grandmother, as he felt the arrival of his new baby sister had made his parents forget all about him. Showing empathy, Raven leads Andrew to realize how his rash decision would affect his family, and escorts the boy back to his home. Booker and Nia acknowledge the driving a Scüt vehicle, and being a fashion designer can seem long and boring to some, but the fact that their mother noticed a young boy's troubles and saved him from making a big mistake, has given them a new appreciation for the mother, Raven Baxter, and everything she does for them. The entire Math class applauds, and Mr. Patel is clearly moved by their project. However, when he asks his son, if he heard them, Gabriel is clearly asleep at his desk. But Mr. Patel assures his dubious class that he remains fairly certain that Gabriel did hear the story.
Mr. Patel was played by Ronobir Lahiri.

  • Booker mentions him in Level Up.
  • In the script:
    • The character was originally called Mr. Gomez.

Gabriel Patel

Gabriel Patel was the son of Mr. Patel.  His apparent lack of appreciation for what his father does for him becomes the impetus for Mr. Patel assigning a parent appreciation project to his Math class.  On the day of the presentations, Mr. Patel has Gabriel come to the class and watch them.  He remains quiet during every student's project, clearly bored.  The only enjoyment he shows is stealing the cannolis baked by Mrs. Guntzenheimer meant for the Baxter twins.  After Nia and Booker make their presentation, the entire class applauds, but Gabriel has fallen asleep at his desk. 
Gabriel Patel was played by Neil Aggerwhil.

  • In the original script:
    • The casting call had a note: "There are no lines but please act accordingly. Improvisation is key!"
    • Gabriel was 15. 


Ever since my baby sister came home. It's all about her.
Andrew to Raven on why he's leaving home.

Andrew was a young boy that was having difficulty adjusting to the changes in his home life caused by the arrival of a new baby sister to the household.  Convinced that his parents were too preoccupied caring only for his newborn sister, to notice anything he did, Andrew decided to leave his home and live with his grandmother.  Gathering up his few belongings, he spotted an available Scüt vehicle parked nearby, and made a quick call to reserve it. Slipping into the car, Andrew found himself telling everything to the female driver at the wheel, who identified herself as Raven.  She listened carefully to his story and added insightful comments, which made Andrew consider for the first time, the possible consequences of his actions.  The boy ultimately decided to go back home, and Raven pointed out that they had never left. Realizing how she had guided him to change his mind, Andrew stated that Raven was good, and she replied that was because she was a mom and that was what they did.  Andrew collected his belongings, and Raven escorted him to his door, to meet his dog, and encourage him to leave a positive review on the Scüt website.
Andrew was played by Liam James Ramos.

  • His grandmother allows him to use chocolate milk with his cereal.
  • Andrew has a dog named Kirby.

Sleevemore Part One: Frozen


Really? How embarrassing. Was it anything like... this?
Leslie to Miles, using her powers to make him reach for his nose.

Leslie was a student at the Chicago branch of the Sleevemore Center for Psychically Gifted Children, with the psychic power of telekinesis.  She meets the Baxter-Carter twins when Raven brings a frozen Booker to see Dr. Sleevemore for treatment. After Booker revives and is introduced to Dr. Sleevemore,  the doctor introduces the Baxters to a few of his students, who like Booker, all possess a form of psychic ability. To demonstrate her telekinesis, Leslie floats a cup of water into Booker's hands. Shortly afterwards, she and Miles (who possesses the power of suggestion) argue over who has the better ability, until the other student uses his power to both win the conversation and "push" Leslie into having the urge to use the restroom. The next day, the students are amused as Booker, during his data compilation examination, takes advantage of the machine settings which force Nia to be remotely controlled into aping his physical actions. Later, while enjoying pizza with his new friends, Booker is warned by Leslie that Nia will be furious about his prank. Booker is dubious that Nia could even suspect him, when Nia bursts in (along with family friend, Levi Grayson) accusing Booker of his guilt. Raven tries to calm the twins down, but Dr. Sleevemore, intrigued by the data, urges them to argue further. Abruptly, Booker freezes again, and Dr. Sleevemore is finally able to offer a diagnosis. The constant bickering of the twins has created a physic pollutant in Booker's aura which causes the freezing effect, removing it from his system will cure, Booker, but Sleevemore warns that while the cleaning process is routine, there is a slight chance that his powers could be lost forever. The Baxters share a private moment with the immobile Booker, and Leslie floats a handkerchief in their direction, which Nia refuses but Raven accepts. Dr. Sleevemore then calls for a colleague to supervise Booker's treatment, Dr. Jasmine Sleevemore, his very own granddaughter. Despite Raven's doubts due to her youth, Jasmine quickly and efficiently hooks Booker to the necessary apparatus and begins the process, allowing Booker to awake. With the purifying operation begun, the Sleevemores are called away. Levi starts to play music with the various flasks and beakers on a nearby table. The Sleevemores return, warning that the sonic waves may affect the powers of Serenity (an eletrokine) in unpredictable ways. To protect Levi,  Leslie uses her telekinetic ability to levitate him in the air. However, Serenity's blast drives Raven into Leslie which causes her to dip Levi, and his kicking motions from above accidentally knocks the flask containing Booker's cleansed energy to the ground where it shatters, and the escaping purple-colored shaft of light ricochets several times around the room before seemingly disappearing. Booker is left bemoaning the fact that his psychic visions are now gone... forever. A few days later, Leslie and the rest of the people from the Sleevemore Center are invited by Raven, to a rooftop party at their residence of 352 Hauser Avenue. Leslie and the other guests are amazed by Booker's supply of delicious baked goods, and the various other new skills he demonstrates, such as close-up magic, sushi preparation, and operatic singing. Leslie and Jasmine are the first to sample Booker's "Dragon Sushi." During the party, Leslie becomes acquainted with the Baxter's neighbor, Tess O'Malley. Leslie is amused by the budding romance between Miles and Nia, particularly when told that Nia thought he was picking his nose, Leslie uses her power to playfully make Miles demonstrate. During Booker's aria performance, Leslie spots the pair talking again, but is called out by Nia for controlling Miles' hand again. However, Serenity's powers go awry once more, and in saving Booker from a falling flower pot, Nia reveals to everyone that Booker's powers secretly transferred to her during the lab incident. Nia apologizes to Booker for not telling him sooner, but Booker is just happy to know where his powers are, as Dr. Sleevemore assures everyone it will be a simple matter to switch the vision energy away from Nia, back to where they belong within Booker. Raven and Levi then appear, and Raven accuses Jasmine of plotting to steal Booker's powers for herself, as she alone, in the Sleevemore family, has no psychic powers. Jasmine vehemently denies the accusation, declaring that she is a good person and would never do such a thing, a chastened Raven apologizes. Leslie and everyone else from the Sleevemore Center are elated that Booker will soon be back to normal.
Leslie was played by Mia Sinclaire Jenness.

  • In the original script:
    • Leslie was originally envisioned as a character with an "edge," after gun control advocate Emma Gonzalez (although adopting her distinctive close shaven hairstyle was optional).
    • Originally, Leslie demonstrates her powers by lifting her bookbag, an apple and a soda can in midair and juggling them all briefly.

Raven's Home: Remix

Nervous Student

Like an all-star... Top ten ending... Ummm--uh. Fake left step, uh. Wiki-wiki-wham!
The Nervous Student's audition for Coach Spitz.

The Nervous Student was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  He tried out for the lead role in Spitz: The Musical, but was far too nervous during his audition to rap effectively.  Coach Spitz quickly dismisses him, and Booker was next in line to try out for the part. 
The Nervous Student was played by Nathan Janak.

  • Nathan also played "Stuart" in the "Would You Wrather Back Down?" episode of Coop & Cami Ask the World.
  • It is very unlikely that he will return, as Nathan Janak has joined the cast of Nickelodeon’s All That.
  • In the original script:
  • The character's original lines were as follows:
    • "He bobbed and weaved through the players.
       The jersey wearing naysayers.
       He took a look at the clock.
       They passed him the rock.
       Then he, uh... stopped."

Student Journalist

So, Tess, how does it feel to be the face of a movement?
The Student Journalist interviewing Tess.

The Student Journalist was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  She was assigned to write a story about Tess being the first girl to play a part written for a male.  However, she doesn't seem to notice that while she is ostensibly interviewing Tess, it is Nia who actually supplies all the answers.  Her final question, on how it feels to be the "face of a movement," rattles Tess, and plants seeds of self-doubt, which ultimately cause Tess to freeze at the start of Spitz: The Musical, causing Coach Spitz to have Booker replace her.
The Student Journalist was played by Xochitl Gomez-Deines.

Just Call Me Vic


No, I literally worked for the circus. My boss was a clown.
Andrea describing the job she just quit to Raven.

Andrea was a business student in Chicago that was frustrated with her internship at a circus, literally working for peanuts for a clown.  She voiced her dissatisfaction to her Scüt driver.  The driver happened to be Raven Baxter, who was looking for a candidate for an unpaid internship at her startup company, Ravenous Fashions.  Eager for a change, Andrea asked to inspect her prospective workspace before making any commitments.  Raven agreed and took her to 352 Hauser Avenue.  Initially, Raven led her to an apartment but then suggested that Andrea check out the outdoor work area on the roof first.  As she emerged on the roof, Andrea spotted a group of kids surrounding an older man, before being immediately pelted from above with a projectile filled with guacamole.  When Raven appeared a moment later, Andrea screamed that she couldn't work there, before storming away in disgust.
Andrea was played by Shalini Bathina.

  • This was the third time a character called "Andrea" appeared in the Raven franchise, previously, in That's So Raven, the name was given to Raven's cousin, as well as one of Eddie's girlfriends.
  • In the original script:
    • Andrea was bombed with mashed potatoes instead of guacamole.
    • Andrea states she can't work with kids.

New Dog, Old Trick


Yeah, that sounds fun, except it doesn't look like he
needs a walk, because he's peeing on your foot.
Jamie telling Booker about Mr. Manchego.

Jamie was a new resident of 352 Hauser Avenue.  Along with her younger sister, Amber, they encounter their neighbor, Sienna, on the rooftop of the building, and are introduced to her dog, Mr. Manchego.  The girls enjoy playing with the canine until he suddenly breaks away to greet some other neighbors, Booker Baxter and Levi Grayson.  Booker introduces himself to Jamie, and she notes how fond Mr. Manchego is of him.  Sienna then explains that she and Mr. Manchego have to go home to pack, as her family are leaving for a weekend on the lake, and her dog is being left in a pet hotel. Jamie and Amber follow her off the roof.  The next day, as Jamie sees her new friend off for her trip, Sienna mentions that plans have changed, and  Mr. Manchego is instead staying with Booker and Levi for the weekend.   Later that afternoon, as the girls step onto the third floor, coincidentally, Booker and Levi emerge from their apartment with Mr. Manchego.  Jamie and Amber stop to pet Mr. Manchego, as Levi explains the pair are dog sitting.  Booker states that they are about to go take Mr. Manchego for a walk in the park, and invites the girls to join them.  While Jamie replies that might be fun, she reasons that Mr. Manchego probably doesn't need a walk, as he is peeing on Booker's foot.  Booker laughs the dog's actions off, claiming it is a sign of how much Mr. Manchego loves him, but postpones their walk until after he wrings the "love" out of his socks.  Jamie and Amber then continue on with their day.
Jamie was played by Cece Abbey.


Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson

So, what's going to happen now is, you're going to leave the
room and let your daughter impress me. Without interruption.
Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson to Raven.

Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson was a member of the Chicago city council, representing the voting district which includes 352 Hauser Avenue.  Shortly before starting her annual Young Leaders of Tomorrow weekend, held at West Pullman Mindful Retreat, Councilwoman Johnson is delighted to meet Shinée Dubois, the famed editor of fashionNOW! magazine, who was accompanying her daughter, Renée.   After the retreat staff have completed setting up the main meeting room with traffic cones to her exact specifications,  Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson officially welcomes all the participants, the young female leaders of tomorrow and their mothers.  She explains that the weekend will consist of several exercises designed to develop leadership skills.  To demonstrate that one of the foundations of good leadership was building trust, the young girls are instructed to pair-up with their mothers, and navigate blindfolded through the maze of traffic cones, solely through the guiding touch of their partners. The councilwoman has the girls start the exercise, reminding them that the journey is its own reward. Observing the progress of the participants, the process appears to been running smoothly, until Councilwoman Johnson turns around to witness a mother tripping over a cone, causing her to collide into her daughter, sending them both crashing to the floor. Councilwoman Johnson can only hold her arms akimbo, and glare in disappointment at the failed pair. For the next phase, sitting mats have been passed out to everyone. Councilwoman Johnson instructs her charges to listen to the inner leader inside themselves, by closing their eyes while assuming a lotus position, and remaining silent to let their personal energies flow through them. However, Councilwoman Johnson's silence is broken by a loud shout of "Sebastian!" Rising to her feet, she discovers the source of the disturbance, the same mother who failed the previous exercise. Stooping down to confront the guilty person holding the phone, the councilwoman shakes her head dubiously, as the other woman rather lamely claims she correctly sensed that there was an emergency at home. The final activity of the day, was public speaking, as each girl was tasked with drafting and delivering a short speech. The first person selected to speak is Nia Baxter-Carter, unfortunately, she does not take her turn and had apparently left the vicinity. After listening to all the other speeches, the councilwoman thanks everyone for their participation and retires to her room. Instructing her Security Guard that she is not to be disturbed, Councilwoman Johnson then orders dinner from room service. She is still in the bathroom, winding down from her busy day, when her meal arrives, and asks the server to set it out for her. Hearing a sneeze, the councilwoman offers a "Bless you," as the server admits to a strong family allergy to pepper. Shortly detecting a deeper, even louder sneeze, Councilwoman Johnson asks if the server is sure she is alright.  The server confirms that she is fine.  By then, the aroma of the food has reached her, and she notes that it smells good, but she opines that she hopes that there is no cream sauce, is it tends to--however, Councilwoman Johnson does not finish her statement, as when she emerges from the bathroom, she discovers Nia Baxter-Carter dressed in the uniform of a West Pullman Mindful Retreat worker, and calls out her name in surprise. When the councilwoman asks what Nia is doing in her room, the young girl claims to have an explanation.  The older woman waits to hear what Nia has to say for herself.  Nia states that various reasons prevented her from giving her speech earlier, and hopes that if the councilwoman actually hears her speech, she will consider Nia for her Neighborhood Youth Council.    Noting how persistent Nia is, Councilwoman Johnson agrees to Nia's request.  Nia is only a few lines into her speech before being interrupted by a sneeze, and the one person Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson has spent perhaps too much time with that day, Raven Baxter, emerges from the dinner cart and rolls across the carpet. By sheer chance, the action coincided with her mother actually being the subject of that particular point in Nia's speech. Raven quickly gets to her feet and feigns confusion, demanding to know what is going on. Clearly tired of Raven's antics, Councilwoman Johnson outlines precisely what is going on. Nia has been attempting all day to impress her, but Raven has been ruining her efforts. Nia thanks the councilwoman for having taking notice. Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson tells Raven that she needs to leave the room to allow Nia to impress her--without interruptions. Chastened, Raven opens the door, surprising the Security Guard posted outside.  The councilwoman has Nia begin again and signals the guard to escort Raven out of the room. Alone at last, Nia finally completes her speech, and Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson is impressed enough to invite Nia to officially join her Neighborhood Youth Council.     
   Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson was played by Dinora Walcott.

  • She has established a Neighborhood Youth Council in her district, which Nia was eager to participate in. 
  • The councilwoman started an after school program for low income families.
  • She also co-founded one of the largest homeless shelters on the South side of Chicago.
  • She prefers to eat grain mustard.
  • Cream sauces do not agree with her digestion.
  • In the original script
    • Her 3 key attributes for good leadership were:
      1. Listening.
      2. Trust.
      3. Ability to speak your mind.
    • Nia was her partner in an exercise of sitting together for an hour of total silence.
    • Raven rolled out of the service cart to prevent her from calling security on Nia.
    • The councilwoman handed Nia her business card, and told her to call her the next day,  so she could have her dinner in peace.
    • Raven ate her fries.

Security Guard

You want to know what else is important? My job. And that's to say no. So, no.
The Security Guard to Nia.

The Security Guard was the head of the security detail for Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson during her Young Leaders of Tomorrow weekend held at the West Pullman Mindful Retreat.  Exhausted, at the end of the first day, Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson went to her room and instructed the Security Guard that she was not to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.  While maintaining his post, he encounters a woman (bearing the nametag "Raven") calling out for a "Nia." She asks if he has seen a twelve-year-old girl with a sad face. Having already spotted a girl with a "Nia" tag directly behind the woman, he merely lifts his arm to point behind her and state, "Do you mean her?"  Reunited the pair step back to have a conversation.  After finishing, the girl approaches the Security Guard and requests to see the councilwoman.  The Guard is apologetic, but explains that she wants to be left alone. The girl wearing the Nia tag insists that her matter is important, but he states that performing his job is more important. Persistent, the girl attempts to strike up an imposing posture, but when the Guard follows suit, she quickly admits that he is far more scary. Just then, Councilwoman Johnson's dinner arrives, but the Guard tells the server that the councilwoman hates yellow mustard and only eats grain mustard. Leaving the cart behind, the server takes the small container towards the kitchen to get the proper condiment. The Guard turns as he notices the girl also exiting behind the server. A few minutes later, the server returns with the mustard. After checking to make certain it is the correct type, the guard taps the key card to allow the server into the room to set up the councilwoman's meal. When the door opens some minutes later, the Guard is somewhat surprised it is Raven that emerges. However, as the Councilwoman shows no sign of distress, he takes no overt actions. Peering inside, he also notices the girl Nia dressed in a West Pullman uniform, preparing to recite from some papers in her hand. However, a gesture from the councilwoman reminds him of his job, and eager to make up for the apparent lapse on his part, he lifts up Raven and physically carries her into the hallway. Outside in the hall, as her daughter is inside, the Guard allows Raven to attempt to listen at the closed door with a disapproving look. But Raven tells him not to, assuring him that if he had kids, he would understand.  Nia finally emerges from the room, and the Security Guard resumes his post, hoping the rest of his shift will prove to not be as eventful. 
The Security Guard was played by Jamal Duff.


It's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want To

Fireman Alexandre

Hey kids, we'll be down at the truck if anybody wants to come down for a birthday run.
Alexandre inviting the kids to the firetruck.

Fireman Alexandre and his fellow firefighters from Firehouse 1, were sent to 352 Hauser Avenue to rescue a woman who was dangling precariously outside the structure in a window washer harness.  It was a simple matter for Alexandre to lean out a window and grab the woman and pull her to safety into her own apartment.  After setting her on the floor, the woman immediately leaped back into his arms, not willing to squander the opportunity of being carried by a fireman.  After being placed back down, she thanked him, and Alexandre humbly declared that it was just his job.  Noticing the birthday decorations and the assemblage of kids around, Alexandre states that the firetruck was just downstairs if anyone was interested in a "Birthday Run," before leaving the premises.  A few minutes later, everyone files out of the building to take Alexandre up on his offer.
Fireman Alexandre was played by Jason Sweat.

Keepin' It Real

Loretta Evans

Well listen, Mr. MeTube, you might tell nine million followers to keep
it real, but you need your mama to tell you how to keep it real.
Loretta to Lil' Z.

Loretta Evans accompanied her son, the MeTube star and influencer, Lil' Z,  to the fashionNow offices to meet Raven Baxter, the founder of Ravenous Fashions, for whom her son had agreed to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for their inaugural fashion show.  Allowing her son to introduce her as his "assistant," Loretta soon settled down with Raven, her assistant Sebastian, and LaTonya, the fashionNow event coordinator, to discuss the final details of the upcoming event.   She takes a liking to the Baxters and their friends and allows Lil' Z  to spend time with them during the ensuing week.    But the night of the fashion show, Loretta gets a call from Raven, explaining that, because of her kids taking advantage of his friendship, Lil' Z is planning to not show up for the show.  Arranging for Lil' Z to enter Raven's Scüt vehicle, te two mothers tell him that while the Baxter twins and their friends were wrong, that does not mean that Lil' Z should break his commitment to Ravenous.  Faced with the "Attack of the Mamas", Lil' Z is convinced to honor his promise to MC the fashion show   Arriving at the venue just in time, Loretta and Raven are both confused to discover that Lil' Z is apparently already on stage.  After the situation of the two Lil' Zs gets settled, Loretta watches Lil' Z host the Ravenous Fashion Show from backstage.
Loretta Evans was played by Karen Malina White.

  • It was revealed in School House Trap that Loretta has a husband known as "Big Z."
  • Her surname of Evans was mentioned in unused parts of the script, which also revealed Lil' Z's true name as Zachariah James Evans. 
  • As depicted in Season 2 of  I Didn't Do It, Loretta has a doppelganger also living in Chicago, Betty LeBow, proprietor of Rumble Juice (also played by Karen Malina White).
  • Karen Malina White voiced "Dijonay Jones" on The Proud Family cartoon series and movie.
  • She played the recurring role of  "Charmaine Brown" during the final two seasons of The Cosby Show (1990-92) the same period Raven-Symoné played "Olivia Kendall."  She also co-starred in several episodes of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper with Raven.


It's Showtime! Where is your mother? This is
fashionNow! Not 'fashion-when-you-get-here!'
LaTonya to Nia when Raven is late to her own fashion show.

LaTonya was the Event Coordinator of fashionNow.  Having been tasked by her boss, Shinée Dubois, to make the inaugural Ravenous Fashions show a success, she worked closely with Ravenous founder Raven Baxter and her assistant, Sebastian.  She was instrumental in getting their pick to MC the event, MeTuber Lil' Z, to sign up.  She arranged for the concerned parties to meet for the first time, in the fashionNow offices.  At the meeting, LaTonya, Raven,  Sebastian, and Lil' Z's mother, Loretta Evans, finalize all the details of the Ravenous Fashions show, scheduling it for the end of the week.  The night of the show,   LaTonya spots "Lil' Z" backstage with the other kids and asks if he actually got shorter.  She also inquires where Raven is, and Nia claims her mother is just being "fashionably late."  LaTonya then tells Nia, Levi, and Tess to get dressed and reminds Tess to attend to the DJ booth, before noticing that Booker is missing as well.   After being assured that Booker is close by, LaTonya takes Lil' Z  to get his hair and makeup done.    Just before showtime, LaTonya announces the show is about to begin and goes about attending to the final arrangements.  Pushing Lil' Z towards the stage, LaTonya asks Nia again where her mother is, noting that she works for fashionNow, not "fashion-when-you-get-here."  Nonetheless, mere moments later, LaTonya goes onstage, and welcomes the crowd, officially opening the show.  Declaring that fashionNow is always on the Cutting Edge of fashion, LaTonya introduces the MC, Lil' Z.  As she exits, LaTonya is somewhat taken aback by the sight of two Lil' Zs appearing onstage.  As confused as everyone else backstage, LaTonya hands Nia her microphone, as the girl sprints onstage to the settle the apparent doppelganger situation.  As the Ravenous show finally gets going, LaTonya congratulates Raven, stating that her fashions are producing the kind of vibe that fashionNow loves.  Raven thanks LaTonya, and both women notice the ripped condition of Sebastian's shirt, but neither woman wish for him to elaborate.
LaTonya was played by Tiffany Yvonne Cox.

  • It is likely the character was named after Raven's Home staff writer, LaTonya Croff.

Season 3


Miss Bertha

Babyman, where the heck is your mama? I've got friends on board who want their
free Schmop. And since you're offering, I want my puppy. And that fine Chris Pratt.
Miss Bertha to Levi.

Miss Bertha was a passenger on the Inspired Inventors Cruise. Having previously been at two of Chelsea Grayson's Schmop seminars solely for the free product sample, she decides to attend a third.  When Chelsea asks her audience (which merely consisted of  Bertha and one other lady who had fallen asleep)  for questions, the older woman points out that the seminar flyer promises a free Schmop.  When Chelsea, replies that was not a question, Bertha simply adds "Does it?" to her previous statement. Chelsea gives in, and hands her another Schmop.  Bertha then asks if she can have the one meant for the sleeping woman next to her.   Chelsea notes that she already has three, but Bertha counters that no one else is there.  Chelsea then grants her a fourth Schmop.  A few days later, Bertha leads a Limbo line with a group of kids new to the ship, ducking under the stick with the help of her walker.  Later that night, after hearing the promise of free pizza and puppies, plus the opportunity of meeting famed actor, Chris Pratt, Miss Bertha joins the large crowd that gathers for the latest Schmop seminar.  She is somewhat surprised to see the children she had done the Limbo with that afternoon, making the presentation.  Levi Grayson introduces himself, as the son of Chelsea Grayson and then has his friend make a mess on the deck to clean up with the Schmop.  By then Bertha has had enough, and demands to know where Chelsea Grayson is, as she has friends who want a free Schmop.  She adds that she wants her promised puppy, and to meet "that fine Chris Pratt."  When Levi only stands there speechless, Miss Bertha begins leading the crowd in a chant of "Pizza, puppies, Pratt!"  After a few minutes with still no sign of Chelsea Grayson, Bertha gets up to leave, and several others follow her example.    However, Levi insists that his mother is present, at least, within his heart.  He then claims that he is prepared to reveal the secret of acquiring real wealth.  This catches Bertha's attention, and she sits back down to hear "Babyman," out.  Levi declares that the secret of true wealth is inspiration, as he and his friends narrate the story of how Chelsea Grayson, was inspired to invent the Schmop, due to the messy tendencies of baby Levi, and her desire to keep him away from such messes.  The kids explain their moms are inspirational, and then begin reciting various "Mom Commandments." Miss Bertha is bemused by the kids, but wants to know how any of that will make her rich.  Levi explains that his mother loved him enough to make sacrifices for him, and such love is the source of real wealth in life.  Bailey Renn, the coordinator of the cruise, then asks Levi where Chelsea is.  Suddenly crestfallen, the kids admit that the last time they saw their moms, they were left stranded on the dock as the ship left New York City.  The sight of a broken Levi affects Bertha deeply, as she wishes her own family wanted to see her, as much as Levi wants to see his mother.  She demands that the ship turn around, and incites the other passengers to chant, "Find their Moms!"   The commotion eventually, brings the Captain of the ship down from the bridge.  Speaking through Bailey, it is announced that the Captain has issued an emergency call, however, the current whereabouts of the mothers remain unknown.  When the crowd voices their disapproval, Bailey further claims that it is impossible for anyone to get on or off a ship while at sea.  However, a voice from above differs, declaring that "Nothing is impossible for a mother!"  A helicopter suddenly appears from above, dropping a rope ladder to the deck.  One of the apparently missing mothers then climbs down to her kids.  However, Chelsea remains frozen by fear on her rungs, and the copter gradually descends until she is safely deposited upon the ship.  As the reunited moms and kids begin hugging one another, Miss Bertha rises up and insists on joining in the joyous occasion. 
Miss Bertha was played by Roz Ryan.

  • Miss Bertha met the kids doing the Limbo.
  • Roz Ryan had previously played "Grandma Gayle King," on K.C. Undercover.
  • The script described her as 70s and spunky.

Bailey Renn

Chelsea Grayson, you have done this before. You need to figure out what
success means to you now, and then don't let anything get in your way.
Bailey to Chelsea.

Bailey Renn was the founder of Lip Kitty Cosmetics, and the coordinator of the Inspired Inventors Cruise, ostensibly making her Chelsea's boss during her time aboard ship. Initially, honored to have one of her personal heroes, the Chelsea Grayson, attached to her line up of shipboard inventors, as the interest in the Schmop had steadily decreased during the previous three cruises, it was only due to her fondness for Chelsea that Bailey invited her for a fourth. A day before the scheduled stop in New York City, Bailey takes the opportunity to speak with Chelsea, as she was cleaning up after her latest Schmop demonstration. Bailey begins by asking "What's Schmopping?" The pair share an obligatory laugh at the pun. As Bailey's Lip Kitty models, Calico, Whiskers, Tabby, and Socks set the stage for the Lip Kitty presentation, Chelsea notes how inspired the concept of Lip Kitty was, as "Kitties have no lips." At that moment, Bailey reveals that her father was against hiring her assistants, however, he relented when Bailey pointed out that he had only given her a mere million dollars to start up the company in the first place. Chelsea claims when she invented the Schmop, she only had $5.99 and a Magic 8 Ball to help her make business decisions. Bailey agrees that it is hard to run your own company, and after correcting one of her Lip Kitty displays, notes that she has to do everything, with a catlike growl while baring her long nails as claws. As Bailey runs Lip Kitty Cosmetics, as well as organizing the inventor cruises, Chelsea jokes that it is like she has the proverbial nine lives of a feline. After the pair laugh, Bailey notes that what else is so weird, is that Bailey idolized Chelsea, and now she is her boss, as well as being way younger. Tactfully, Chelsea avoids further comment. Bailey then asks Chelsea how many Schmops did she sell. Chelsea admits it was not a good day. Candidly, Bailey reminds Chelsea it has been six months, and her Schmop sales need to improve. Chelsea brings up that one customer could not get enough Schmops, but Bailey stated Miss Bertha did not count. She reminds Chelsea that she already made the Schmop a top seller, and suggest to Chelsea that she needs to figure out what success means to her now, and then let nothing stand in her way of achieving it. Chelsea listens and reveals that her son Levi, was the inspiration for the Schmop. Chelsea tries to share an especially messy tale involving applesauce, but Bailey claims she is not capable of relating to the story. Bailey flatly tells Chelsea that order to sell the Schmop, she has to love the Schmop. Chelsea states that she loves the Schmop, and Bailey instructs her not to let anything get between her and what she loves. Finished with her pep talk Bailey offers Chelsea her unique "Ciao Meow," gesture of farewell, and turns her attention back to her Lip Kitties.  Following the cruise stopover in New York City, despite multiple attempted calls and unanswered texts, Bailey can neither contact nor locate Chelsea Grayson at all. Furious at what she perceives as inexcusable behavior, Bailey pens a missive to Chelsea with an ultimatum--either demonstrate a marked improvement in her next Schmop seminar that night, or it will be her final one, and Chelsea will be dismissed from the cruise in Miami. Folding it over, Bailey begins searching the ship to deliver the note to Chelsea. Arriving on the main deck, she fails to find Chelsea, but does encounter a familiar face. From among a group of kids doing the Limbo, Bailey recognizes Chelsea's son, Levi Grayson wearing a pair of sunglasses, and calls out his name. She explains that she knows him because she has seen so many pictures of him on Chelsea's phone. Levi asks who she is, and Bailey identifies herself as Chelsea's boss, and reveals that she hasn't been able to find or contact his mother at all, which she calls as "V-rude." She produces the note for Chelsea, and asks if he will take it or should she give it to one of his "peeps." Levi says he will take it, and after handing it over, Bailey claims that she has a presentation to prepare for. Turning away, Bailey spots one of her Lip Kitties, Tabby, holding a beach ball on deck. Calling out Tabby's name, Bailey orders her to drop the ball, and follow her to the presentation. Later that night at the Schmop presentation,  Bailey arrives to find a capacity crowd in attendance, but no sign of Chelsea Grayson.   Instead, Levi Grayson and his friends are the center of attention as he makes the declaration he is prepared to reveal the secret of real wealth.  Levi states that it is inspiration, as he maintains that he was the inspiration for the Schmop.  The screen begins showing images of baby Levi and his mother, revealing the story of the Schmop.  The kids claim their mothers are inspirational, and begin dramatically reciting several "Mom commandments," to further inspire the crowd.  However, Miss Bertha, one of the most vocal passengers on the cruise, still demands how any of that will make her rich.  Levi explains if one can find people who love them enough to make sacrifices for them, inspiration will surely follow, leading to true wealth.  Even Bailey is impressed, as the crowd erupts with applause. She approaches Levi informing that he has supplied the "Wow Factor," she feels the Schomp presentations have lacked. Bailey asks where Chelsea is, and she needs to take a bow. A silent Levi appears crestfallen, as Levi's male friend confesses that they haven't seen their mothers since the ship sailed from New York with the women left behind on the dock. This causes a somber Levi to admit how much he misses his mom. This causes Miss Bertha, to exclaim that the ship should be immediately turned around, as the entire audience begin a chant of "Find their Moms!" This disturbance lasts for several minutes, and eventually the captain of the cruise ship arrives, and uses Bailey as his spokesperson to reveal that he has issued an emergency call about the situation. However, the current location of the mothers remains unknown, and he is powerless to find them. This elicits a negative response from the crowd. Bailey explains that even if they knew where they were, getting on and off a boat while at sea, is impossible. However, a voice from above contradicts Bailey, proclaiming that "Nothing is impossible for a mother!" A helicopter then appears, hovering over the vessel with a rope ladder dropping to the deck. The missing mothers then climb down to the ship, although the aircraft does have to descend slightly to accommodate lowering a frozen with fear Chelsea to the deck. As Chelsea and Levi finally reunite, Bailey hears Chelsea confess to her son that being his mother is the only job she wants. Thus Bailey is not surprised when Chelsea approaches her sometime later, and states that she is leaving the cruise. Having new insight into what made Chelsea Grayson her idol in the first place, Bailey understandingly lets her go, and wishes Chelsea and her family well after they part ways in Miami. 
Bailey Renn was played by Afomia Hailemeskel.

  • Bailey named her Lip Kitties models  "Tabby," "Calico," "Socks," and "Whiskers."
  • Her father gave her a million dollars to start her company.
  • She stated Chelsea was her idol.
  • Several details of her character were deleted: 
    • Bailey was "18 SPUNKY, LOOKS LIKE MONEY."
    • She claimed "Lip Kitty" had made her a billionaire.
    • She had organized an Entrepreneur Cruise instead of an Inspired Inventors Cruise.
    • She was impressed by an invention called the "Instant Abs" Cummerbund.  
    • Bailey had Chelsea sit through her Lip Kitty presentation: "Welcome to Lip Kitty, or How I Turned Breakfast for Lunch Into Breakfast For Lips," 
    • The special hook of Lip Kitty Cosmetics were that they were flavored like breakfast food.
    • Lip Kitty's latest product was "Creme Brulee Porrage" flavored lipstick.
    • A scene was cut where Bailey knocked on the stateroom door while the kids hid, looking for Chelsea.
    • Levi told her the Baxter twins were animatronic mannequins.

Lost at Chel-Sea

Captain Rob Smith USCG

How do I know...? You invented the Schmop. You've changed
the lexicon of the Coast Guard... and soon the Navy.
Coast Guard Captain Rob Smith to Chelsea.

Captain Rob Smith USCG was the Captain of a Coast Guard vessel patrolling the northern coast of the state of New Jersey.  Upon receiving word of a lost Jet Ski with two passengers on board, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean south of New York City, he ordered his vessel to initiate search and rescue operations.   Fortunately, the missing vehicle still had a functional GPS tracking beacon, and it was a rudimentary matter for his efficient crew to track down the signal and locate the adrift craft within a couple of hours.  By then, night had fallen, and the ship's floodlight woke the two women on the Jet Ski.  After a few moments of confusion, the Captain informed the pair that they had been rescued by the Coast Guard, and had them brought aboard.  After the two women had been given warm blankets and escorted to the ship's mess hall, the Captain personally brought them mugs of a warm beverage, as he was excited to meet one newcomer in particular, Chelsea Grayson, the renowned inventor of the Schmop.  When Chelsea asked how the Captain how he knew her, he explained how prevalent her product had become to the Coast Guard, and how it was changing the very lexicon of the organization, which he hoped would eventually spread to the U.S. Navy as well.  However,  the mothers were anxious to reunite with their kids, but the Captain informed them that Homeland Security forbade intercepting a cruise ship in a non-emergency situation.  The pair then asked to be dropped off in Miami, Florida, but the Captain pointed out that was far out of his ship's patrol zone, and explained to them the best he could do under the current circumstances, was to return them to New York City.   Back on the bridge, he receives news that the Captain of the cruise ship in question has issued an emergency call due to the commotion apparently caused by the children of his new guests. The Captain requests, and is given permission to assign one of his helicopters to rendezvous with the cruise ship to reunite the mothers with their children.  After ordering a copter to be prepped for immediate takeoff, the Captain hurries to the mess hall to share with the ladies the newest developments.  Opening the hatch, he is nearly bowled over by a flustered Raven Baxter.   Apologizing for the intrusion,  the Captain informs them of the situation, and the two women are elated by the prospect of soon seeing their children.  The Captain tells them to follow him, but the women ask for a minute to compose themselves. 
Captain Rob Smith USCG was played by Robert Curtis Brown.

  • The Captain is a huge proponent of Chelsea's Schmop.
  • Despite the name "Smith" being clearly seen on his uniform, the character was credited as "Coast Guard Captain Rob."
  • The Captain's mention of Homeland Security represents the first confirmation in Disney Channel history that the tragic events of 9/11 did happen.
  • In the script the Coast Guard Captain had no name, and was likely given the same first name as the actor portraying him.
  • A deleted Schmop phrase he coined was "Schmopping the floor with someone:"
  • Robert Curtis Brown is familiar to Disney Channel viewers as "Mark Kar" in Zenon: The Zequel, "Mr. Vance Evans" in High School Musical 2 & 3, and an appearance as "Mr. Peters" on "The Amazing Krupnick" episode of Kickin' It.

Dress to Express


No, you're in costume. I mean, you're not serious
about saving the Earth. You're a poser.
Delaney rejecting Nia from the Conservation Crew.

Delaney was the founder and president of the George Washington Carver Community School Conservation Crew.  He rejected Nia from joining, as he considered her a "Poser," not truly committed to the club's ideals.  This would inspire Nia to create the You-Nity Club, for all Carver student willing to help the environment, no matter what their economic or social status.  Upon learning all his crew had signed up to back Nia, Delaney was pressed to join as well.
Delaney was played by Sean Phillip Glasgow.

  • In the original script, Delaney was just an ordinary student described as a "good-looking boy with amazing hair" that attempted to flirt with a more elegantly dressed Tess.

Diss Track


When Quatro's at school, Quatro's Quatro!
Quatro after Booker finds out his real name.

Gilbert "Quatro" Mutesa was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. With his twin brother, Pump-Fake, and his cousin, Lil Lo-Lo, they comprise the 3 Go's music group.  During Gym class, Quatro was roughly eliminated from a dodgeball game by  (at least in his opinion) a cheap shot to the face thrown by a gloating Booker Baxter-Carter.  For the next week, that imagined slight festered in Quatro's mind, leading him to convince the other members of The 3 Go's, to release a diss track, to specifically target Booker's role wth The Chi-Lective. They film the music video in the school halls.  They release "Jokey Flow" on MeTube.  However, still not satisfied,  Quatro adds a pacifier to a doctored image from Two-Pillow Tuesday, and posts the meme of "Bunk-Bed Booker" for good measure.   The next day at school, dressed in swaggy gear, The 3 Go's nonchalantly stride past Booker as if acknowledging his very presence in any way was beneath their notice.  Booker confronts the group, demanding to know why they are messing with him, as he thought things were cool between them.  Quatro reminds Booker about their dodgeball encounter. Booker replies that the two main components of Dodgeball are "dodge" and "ball," and if one does not do the first, they should expect a faceful of the second.  Plus, he claimed it happened  "a forever .ago."  The 3 Go's laugh until Quatro angrily snaps it was only last week.  Quatro claims that he was humiliated, and before turning away with his crew, warns Booker that he never forgets.  However, the next day, Quatro learns that in response, Booker has released his own diss track on The Chi-Lective MeTube web page, "Booker Strikes Back," which skewers the 3 Go's.  Even Mrs. Mutesa, who openly disapproves of her sons' constant use of their band pseudonyms, is upset by this attack upon her children. As a result of the video, the meme of  "More Like The 3NOs." spreads throughout the school.  Quatro and his kin do not encounter Booker until the afternoon, and as the two sides approach each other, the gathering crowd of their schoolmates begin chanting "Battle," anticipating an epic rap battle.  But Quatro states that he knows that Booker does not want to engage in a Freestyle rap battle with the 3 Go's, and Booker counters that he knows the 3 Go's, do not want to have a Freestyle battle with him.  Lil Lo-Lo says that he figured that out already, as the group prefers to write out their rhymes. Booker admits that he does too, adding that he can write all day. Quatro declares that he can write all day and night, plus the next day. Quatro even claims to write in his sleep. By this time, the crowd have decided the confrontation is lame, and start to dissipate.  At that point Booker is then called to the cafeteria by Principal Kwan, causing The 3 Go's to coo at him, to indicate that he is about to get into trouble.  An initially defiant Booker states he will get there in his own time, but when his mother is heard on the PA, Booker pushes his way through the Mutesas to get to the cafeteria.  The 3 Go's laugh among themselves, amused by Booker's predicament until Kwan also calls for the "Mutesa twins and that other one," and the trio swiftly follow in Booker's footsteps. In the cafeteria, Quatro sees along with the Principal, Booker and his mom, his own mother is waiting. As he and Pump-Fake sit down, their mother moves to stand protectively behind them, matching the position Booker's mother had taken with him.  Principal Kwan allows Quatro's mother to air her grievances first. Mrs. Mutesa decries the fact that Booker attacked her "poor sweet babies," with his video, which Pump-Fake concurs with. However, Mrs. Mutesa then tiredly rebukes her twins for their over use of their band personas, calling each by their true given names, as Gilbert and Herbert, before sitting down next to them. Booker laughs at the revelation, but the newly-revealed Gilbert insists that at school he is Quatro. Booker continues his belittling taunt until his own mother pinches him into silence. Mrs. Mutesa rebukes Booker in her native language, and Quatro and Pump-Fake, echo her final disapproving clicking sound for effect. Booker's mother asks Quatro's mother what she said, who replies that she told Booker that he was behaving badly, and the other mother agrees, telling her son Booker the same thing in English. Booker tries to point out that he was dissed first, but his mother doesn't seem to care. She spots Lil Lo-Lo from across the table and asks him where his mama is. He replies that she is at work, but reveals that Mrs. Mutesa is also his beloved Auntie. Mrs. Mutesa warns her nephew Lloyd, that he cannot sweet talk his way out of trouble, and gives him her click of disapproval which her sons copy. Booker seems ready to tease Lloyd as well, but his mother cuts him off. Principal Kwan declares that no matter who started the conflict, the school maintains a zero-tolerance for online bullying and gives everyone concerned two weeks of lunchtime detention. Both mothers protest, calling their children sweet, and two weeks too long a punishment. Principal Kwan then plays a clip of "Booker Strikes Back" in which he likens the 3 Go's rapping skills to the taste of his mom's baba ghanoush. Booker's mom asks Quatro's mom how to say "You're going to get it," in her native tongue. Unable to replicate the phrase, Booker's mother settles for merely saying "What she said," and adds the distinctive click sound at the end, which all the Mutesas do as well. The next day, Booker calls the Mutesas and informs them that he has arranged the final rap battle between himself and the group, dubbed "Troof on the Roof," atop 352 Hauser Avenue, for later that evening, which The 3 Go's accept.  Later, after the group e-mail blasted crowd gathers, Booker allows The 3 Go's to go first. Lil Lo-Lo takes the lead, spitting out defiant rhymes which promise to send Booker crying to his mother, finishing with an impressive backflip.  Pump-Fake then hands Booker the mic, while gleefully shouting out his name.  But on his turn, Booker offers a conciliatory tone to his rhymes, first to Quatro, then his mother, and finally his twin sister, Nia.  Quatro raps out that he just wanted Booker to acknowledge his feelings, and admits that Booker's part is his favorite section of "Smoky Flow". Quatro admits he might have been jealous of Booker.   Soon the rest of The Chi-Lective, Tess and Nia join the boys on stage, with any strife between The 3 Go's and The Chi-Lective now officially squashed, everyone begins singing together.
Quatro was played by Amari O'Neal.

  • Quatro always talks about himself in the third person.
  • He is in Nia's Honors Science class.
  • Amari's real twin brother, Amir, played the character of Pump-Fake.
  • Quatro sounds somewhat similar to Quavo, one of the members of the rap group Migos, to which the name 3 Go's sounds similar.
  • Amari O'Neal appeared as *Tommy" in the Sydney to the Max episode "Crush Hour."


Pump-Fake, man!
Pump-Fake getting emotional over Booker's apology.

Herbert "Pump-Fake" Mutesa was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. With his twin brother, Quatro, and his cousin, Lil Lo-Lo, they comprise the 3 Go's music group.   When Quatro suggested a new song for the group, "Jokey Flow," a diss track targeting Booker Baxter-Carter of The Chi-Lective, Pump-Fake and Lil Lo-Lo agreed to the idea.  Within a few days, the song was written and The 3 Go's used the hallways of Carver as the setting for their performance, and release the video on their MeTube page.  The next day at school, dressed in swaggy gear, following the example of their leader, The 3 Go's nonchalantly stride past Booker, as if acknowledging his very presence in any way was beneath their notice.  Booker still confronts the group, demanding to know why they are messing with him, as he thought things were cool between them.  Pump-Fake stands his brother as reminds Booker about their dodgeball game, when Booker eliminated Quatro with a cheap shot to his face.  Booker replies that the two main components of Dodgeball are "dodge" and "ball," and if one does not do the first, they should expect a faceful of the second.  Plus, he claimed it happened  "a forever ago."  Pump-Fake laughs with the rest of The 3 Go's until Quantro angrily snaps it was only last week.  Pump-Fake's twin brother states that he was humiliated, and warns Booker that he never forgets. Pump-Fake and his brother then walk away to continue with the rest of their school day. The next morning, Pump-Fake and Quatro discover that Booker has released his own diss track on The Chi-Lective MeTube web page, "Booker Strikes Back," which calls out the Mutesa twins by name.  Even Mrs. Mutesa, who openly disapproves of her sons' constant use of their band pseudonyms, is upset by this attack upon her children.  As a result of the video, the meme of  "More Like The 3NOs." spreads throughout the school.  Pump-Fake and the rest of the band do not see Booker until later that day, and as the two sides approach each other, the gathering crowd of their schoolmates begin chanting "Battle," anticipating an epic rap battle.  Speaking as the leader of the 3 Go's, Quatro states that he knows that Booker does not want to engage in a Freestyle rap battle with them, and Booker counters that he knows the 3 Go's, do not want to have a Freestyle battle with him.  Lil Lo-Lo says that he figured that out already, as the group prefers to write out their rhymes. Booker admits that he does too, adding that he can write all day. Quatro declares that he can write all day and night, plus the next day. Quatro even claims to write in his sleep, which Pump-Fake affirms by miming being asleep and adding his name for good measure.  Booker then asks Pump-Fake is all he can do is say his own name, which he, confirms, nodding his head enthusiastically. At this point, the crowd have decided the confrontation is lame, and start to disperse.  Abruptly, Booker is called to the cafeteria by Principal Kwan, causing Pump-Fake and the rest to howl at him, to indicate that he is about to get into trouble.  An initially defiant Booker states he will get there in his own time, but when his mother is heard on the PA, Booker pushes his way through The 3 Go's to get to the cafeteria.  The 3 Go's laugh among themselves, amused by Booker's predicament until Kwan also calls for the "Mutesa twins and that other one," and the trio swiftly follow in Booker's footsteps. In the cafeteria, Pump-Fake sees along with the Principal, Booker and his mom, his own mother is waiting. As he and Quatro sit down, their mother moves to stand protectively behind them, matching the position Booker's mother had taken with him.  Principal Kwan allows Pump-Fake's mother to air her grievances first. Mrs. Mutesa decries the fact that Booker attacked her "poor sweet babies," with his video, which Pump-Fake concurs with. However, Mrs. Mutesa then tiredly rebukes her twins for their over use of their band personas, calling each by their true given names, as Herbert and Gilbert, before sitting down next to them. Booker laughs at the revelation, but the newly-revealed Gilbert insists that at school he is Quatro. Booker continues his belittling taunt until his own mother pinches him into silence. Mrs. Mutesa rebukes Booker in her native language, and Pump-Fake and Quatro, echo her final disapproving clicking sound for effect. Booker's mother asks Pump-Fake's mother what she said, who replies that she told Booker that he was behaving badly, and the other mother agrees, telling her son Booker the same thing in English. Booker tries to point out that he was dissed first, but his mother doesn't seem to care. She spots Lil Lo-Lo from across the table and asks him where his mama is. He replies that she is at work, but reveals that Mrs. Mutesa is also his beloved Auntie. Mrs. Mutesa warns her nephew Lloyd, that he cannot sweet talk his way out of trouble, and gives him her click of disapproval which her sons copy. Booker seems ready to tease Lloyd as well, but his mother cuts him off. Principal Kwan declares that no matter who started the conflict, the school maintains a zero-tolerance for online bullying and gives everyone concerned two weeks of lunchtime detention. Both mothers protest, calling their children sweet, and two weeks too long a punishment. Principal Kwan then plays a clip of "Booker Strikes Back" in which he likens the 3 Go's rapping skills to the taste of his mom's baba ghanoush. Booker's mom asks Pump-Fake's mom how to say "You're going to get it," in her native tongue. Unable to replicate the phrase, Booker's mother settles for merely saying "What she said," and adds the distinctive click sound at the end, which all the Mutesas do as well. The next day, Booker calls the Mutesas and informs them that he has arranged the final rap battle between himself and The 3 Go's, dubbed "Troof on the Roof," atop 352 Hauser Avenue, for later that evening, which The 3 Go's accept.  Later, after the group e-mail blasted crowd gathers, Booker allows The 3 Go's to go first. Lil Lo-Lo takes the lead, spitting out defiant rhymes which promise to send Booker crying to his mother, finishing with an impressive backflip.  Pump-Fake then hands Booker the mic, while gleefully shouting out his name.  But on his turn, Booker offers a conciliatory tone to his rhymes, first to Quatro, then his mother, and finally his twin sister, Nia.  Quatro raps out that he just wanted Booker to acknowledge his feelings, and admits that Booker's part is his favorite section of "Smoky Flow". Quatro admits he might have been jealous of Booker.  Pump-Fake is so moved by the scene, that he emotionally embraces Booker.  Soon the rest of The Chi-Lective, Tess and Nia, join them on stage, with all strife between The 3 Go's and The Chi-Lective now officially quashed, the two groups begin to sing in harmony.  
Pump-Fake was played by Amir O'Neal.

  • The character only says, "Pump-Fake!"
  • He is in Nia's Honors Science class.
  • The character was originally envisioned as a Latino.
  • Amir's real twin brother, Amari, played the character of Quatro.
  • A pump-fake is a Basketball term for faking a shot by making a pumping motion with one's arms with the ball.

Sixth Grader

Man, this battle is lame!
The Sixth Grader after The 3 Go's confront Booker in the school hall.

The Sixth Grader was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  He was the one that showed the meme that labeled the 3 Go's as the 3 NOs to Booker.  He was among the crowd of students that anticipated an epic rap battle when The 3 Go's confronted Booker in the hall.  However, he was disappointed by the result, declaring that the entire encounter was "lame." 
The Sixth Grader was played by Nathan Blair.

  • In the original script:
    • In a deleted scene, the character asked for a selfie with "Bunk-Bed Booker".

Mrs. Mutesa

Herbert, stop just saying 'Pump-Fake' all the time.
And Gilbert, stop encouraging your brother.
Mrs. Mutesa revealing the real names of her twins.

Mrs. Mutesa was the mother of the Mutesa twins, Gilbert and Herbert, and the aunt of Lil Lo-Lo. After she discovered that Booker Baxter-Carter had released a video targeting her twins, she immediately called the school to complain to Principal Kwan. The principal then arranged for a conference between the students concerned as well as their mothers. After Mrs. Mutesa and Raven Baxter arrived and were introduced to each other by Principal Kwan, the announcement was made for their boys to report to the cafeteria. Once everyone arrived, Principal Kwan allowed Mrs. Mutesa to speak first. She decried the fact that Booker attacked her "poor sweet babies," with his video, which Pump-Fake concurred. Mrs. Mutesa then tiredly rebuked her twins for their band personas, addressing each by their true given names. When Booker laughed at the revelation, Mrs. Mutesa told him in her native tongue, that he was behaving badly, adding a distinctive vocal click sound to show her disapproval.  Raven admired her use of the exotic language and asked for a translation. After Mrs. Mutesa supplied it, Raven thanked her, and stated it was her job to discipline Booker. Mrs. Mutesa agreed with a nod, and Raven reiterated to Booker that he was badly behaved. Booker tried to point out that he was attacked first, but his mother didn't seem to particularly care. Raven spotted Lloyd, and asked where his mother was. Lloyd, stated that she was at work, but identified Mrs. Mutesa as his beloved Auntie. However, Mrs. Mutesa warns her nephew that his sweet talk would not work on her, repeating her click of disapproval.  Principal Kwan then declared that the school had a zero tolerance policy on cyber-bullying, and as such, every student concerned, would receive two weeks of lunchtime detention. When both mothers protested, Principal Kwan played a clip of Booker dissing The 3Go's by comparing them to Raven's baba ganoush. Giving her son the stink eye, Raven asked Mrs. Mutesa how to say "You're going to get it," in her language. Mrs. Mutesa complied, but Raven could not parrot her speech and made the request again. After the other mother repeated the phrase, Raven added "what she said," with the Mutesas' chorus of disapproving clicking sounds.
Mrs. Mutesa was played by Taja V. Simpson.

  • She makes a distinctive click sound with her tongue to indicate her disapproval, which her children mimic.
  • In the original script
    • The script reveals her native language as Ugandan.
    • The character was originally called "Quatro's Mom," but when the O'Neal twins were cast, she became "Quatro/Pump-Fake's Mom" and was given the surname of Mutesa.

Disorder in the Court

Judge Giovonni

Just let him ask his question. Who's wearing the robe?
Judge Giovonni to Garrett Grayson, ordering him to listen to Levi.

Judge Giovonni was the popular star of his own Chicago produced TV courtroom show, Judge Giovonni. During one week, the judge was seen adjudicating a case between a plaintiff that was suing her cosmetologist for a terrible makeover. The following day centered on a female client suing the masseuse from her health spa, for a painful session. However, his next case promised to be much less mundane, an ex-wife suing her ex-convict former husband over the proprietary rights of something called the "Schbroom."  Although the product had recently actually bought advertising time on Judge Giovonni, both sides waived on any possible conflict of interest issues. Chelsea Grayson vs Garrett Grayson or what his production team had dubbed "The Husband Who Cleaned Up, And Cleaned Out, His Ex-Wife," was fast-tracked on the production schedule for the very next episode to be shot, the following day.  The Judge waits as the show begins with the usual introduction of the plaintiff and the defendant to the television audience along with the details of their conflict. Finally, the Bailiff said her line, and Judge Giovonni strides confidently into his courtroom and takes his place on the bench. The Judge had barely settled into his seat when the defendant, Garrett Grayson, suggests that a mistrial should be called. The judge mocks both Grayson's impertinence and accent to his Bailiff. When the judge asks if Garrett is a lawyer, the plaintiff's friend is quick to quip that he is a conman. However, that does make her the target of the judge's attention, as he instructs her to remove her hat as it is interfering with his light. The plaintiff immediately follows up on the previous statement by claiming her ex-husband also stole her "money, heart, and twenties." Judge Giovonni asks if Raven is her witness, which Chelsea affirms, adding that Raven is also her best friend. However, Raven reveals she is not the only witness, announcing that there is also an additional expert witness present. The judge requests the identity of the witness, and Raven supplies the answer, none other than the couples' only child, Levi Grayson. Garrett Grayson can only repeat his own son's name in a puzzled fashion, after the doors part to reveal a well-dressed Levi striding into the courtroom. Standing between his parents, Levi respectfully asks to approach the bench, and Judge Giovonni beckons him forward. After the judge has heard Levi out, he grants the boy's request, the opportunity to ask questions of the defendant--his very own father--while under oath. Grayson tries to talk his son out of the action, but Judge Giovonni tells him to listen to Levi, reminding everyone exactly where they all are, by asking "Who's wearing the robe?" This brings the crowd into the proceedings. Levi finally asks his father the questions he has waited three years to ask; "Why'd you do it, Dad? Why'd you take everything Mom worked so long and hard for?" Grayson tries to mitigate the questions by pointing out that his mother still had Levi, claiming that his son is his "most precious jewel." This causes the plaintiff to observe that Grayson "pawned all the rest." Solemnly, Judge Giovonni clearly instructs Garrett Grayson to answer the question. Garrett finally admits that "There is absolutely no good reason for what I did, there never could be." His e-wife notes that both she and Levi believed in him, with Levi proclaiming that his actions "broke our hearts." Grayson claims that hurting his family was the last thing he ever wanted to do, but his business was collapsing and he didn't want them to consider him a failure, and he has spent the last three years thinking about what he did. His ex-wife interrupts, mocking him by questioning that it took him three years to think up the "broom version of the Schmop." After the court-sanctioned laughter has quieted down, Grayson confesses that the truth was, that he just couldn't help himself from doing what he did. But Garrett Grayson declares that from that point on, he will try in order to someday earn back Levi's trust and love. Levi explains that he never stopped loving his father, but does hope that he makes good choices in life. Imploring his dad to not let him down, Levi gives him a hug. As an aside to his Bailiff, Judge Giovonni knows that have just witnessed some good TV and the episode ratings will go through the roof. With the questioning concluded, Judge Giovonni renders his verdict: He rules in favor of the plaintiff, Chelsea Grayson. The judge orders Garrett Grayson to cease all production and marketing of the Schbroom, and surrender all profits from the "Sch" products to Chelsea Grayson. And with a final bang of his gavel, Judge Giovonni adjourns the court, finishing yet another exemplary example of Chicagoland courtroom drama.
Judge Giovonni was played by Tim Bagley.

  • According to Raven,  Judge Giovonni is single, having recently divorced his wife, Judge Juliana.
  • Raven considers his program, Judge Giovonni,  her "Guilty Pleasure," and considers him to be her "Husband on TV."
  • It was revealed in Slammed, that as a result of Judge Giovonni's decision, Garrett Grayson had to pay Chelsea Grayson an award of $132,000.
  • Both Chelsea and Devon considered getting a Judge Giovonni (swimsuit edition) calendar for Raven as a Christmas present in Bah Humbugged.
  • As depicted in the Shake It Up episode "Protest it Up," Judge Giovonni has a doppelganger also living in Chicago, Principal Rabinoff of John Hughes High school (also played by Tim Bagley).
  • In the original script:
    • His appearance was likened to Mario Cantone.
    • Deleted lines would have revealed he already knew all about Chelsea, as his Uncle Anthony and Aunt Sofia had taken a cruise with her.  Unfortunately, they ate bad clams and died during their next cruise and were buried at sea.
    • Other Judge Giovonni Deleted Lines:
      • "Somebody watches a little too much Law & Order." (to Raven)
      • "As long as I'm Your Honor, it's 'what's your face.'  Capiche?" (to Garrett)
      • "Then what in the holy cannoli are you doing in my courtroom?"  (to Levi)
      •  "What, you can't ask him outside of a courtroom? (CHUCKLING)  You need him to be under oath?" (to Levi)
      • "Have you lost your 'bloody' mind?  Put that phone away." (Garrett continues his call)  "Unless your business is being in contempt of court you better hang up that phone."
      • "Your whole family doesn't seem to grasp the complexities of the televised legal system."  (to Levi)


Are you thinking of a lawsuit? If you have a case
and would like to appear before Judge Giovonni...
The Announcer to the television audience of Judge Giovonni.

The Announcer was the voice which narrated the court cases which were tried in Judge Giovonni's courtroom.  He appeared onscreen to introduce the cases and later would return to reveal the trial results to the audience.
From the transcript of Chelsea Grayson vs. Garrett Grayson:
"On today's Judge Giovonni: The Husband Who Cleaned Up, And Cleaned Out, His Ex-Wife.  
"Plaintiff Chelsea Grayson is suing her ex-husband Garrett Grayson.  Chelsea claims that while married to Mr. Grayson, he stole all the money she made from her invention, the 'Schmop.'   Miss Grayson says that her ex is up to his old tricks by marketing his invention, the 'Schbroom.'
"Defendant Garrett Grayson says that while married to the plaintiff, it was only due to his creative input and keen business advice that Chelsea was able to achieve any success at all.  Mr. Grayson claims he's entitled to the Schmop profits as well as from his invention, the Schbroom."
The Announcer was played by Joseph Keane.

  • Raven and Chelsea get the idea of taking Garrett to court by listening to the Announcer's request for the audience to provide possible cases for Judge Giovonni to adjudicate on the program. 

Camille Henry

Well, fix it! Or I'll make sure you never get a gig again--ever!
I'm an influencer, a verified one. Oh, and no cake!
Camille to The Chi-Lective.

Camille Henry was a student of George Washington Carver Community School, and a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue.    Coming home after party shopping,  with her mom, Camille decides that the party requires musical entertainment.  At that moment they happen to encounter a trio of neighbor kids that she, having seen their video, identifies as The Chi-Lective. Camille asks them to play the upcoming birthday party.  The group is definitely interested in performing, however, Mrs. Henry openly states that while the job pays no money, there will be cake available, which is apparently enough to seal the deal, as The Chi-Lective agrees to play, and Camille promises to send them the necessary details for the gig.   On the day of Dylan's birthday party, atop the roof of 352 Hauser Avenue, Camille tells the group to set up faster because the guests are arriving soon, as they have just finished their nap time.  The Chi-Lective then learn Dylan is not Camille, but instead her five, or rather six year old, Camille corrects herself, younger brother.   However, as Camille sits by her brother, Dylan to watch the entertainment, the crowd of younger children do not appreciate the modern appeal of  "Smoky Flow" and begin to audibly voice their disapproval.   Camille steps up to the stage and berates, the trio, pointing out that they are at fault for the mob of screaming unhappy youngsters.  She advises the group to fix the situation or she, as a verified influencer, would see to it that they never get another gig.  As a parting shot, Camille declares that they won't even get any cake.  By the time she gets to her mother's side, The Chi-Lective, have come up with a fresh approach.  They begin an interactive Rap version of "The Muffin Man," nursery rhyme which the younger audience reacts with a positive response.  The Henrys are relived that Dylan's party has been saved.  However, it remains unknown if Camille relented on her snap decision of denying The Chi-Lective their share of birthday cake.  
Camille Henry was played by Ellee Jo Trowbridge.

  • Being a "verified" influencer likely means Camille has the equivalent of a Twitter checkmark on her social media. 
  • In the original script:
    • The character was listed as "Teenage Daughter."
    • She claimed to have 768 Peanut Pals.
    • Dylan was 4 turning 5. 

Mrs. Meg Henry

Bounce back from what? I was caller twenty-five.
Meg to Chris Spring-Lake.

Mrs. Meg Henry was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, planning an elaborate Sixth birthday party for her son, Dylan. After coming home from party shopping,  her daughter, Camille, insists that the event needs some form of musical accompaniment.  Just then, the pair happen to run into a trio of neighbors that Camille recognizes as The Chi-Lective musical group.  The kids are interested in the gig, and while Mrs. Henry admits she can't pay them anything, she does promise cake, which proves to be an adequate inducement, as the group agrees to the arrangement. On the day of the party, after Dylan and his guests have awoken from their nap time, Mrs. Henry leads the group of small kids to the rooftop for the musical entertainment.   Unfortunately, the children do not appreciate the song "Smoky Flow"  and start to get unruly.  Her daughter, Camille, steps up to the stage to confront the group.  The trio then attempts a new simpler strategy, starting out with a rap version of the nursery song, "The Muffin Man."   The Chi-Lective turns the tide, and manages to charm their young audience.  Mrs. Henry is elated that Dylan's party becomes a success. Several months later, now recently divorced, Meg wins a radio contest for a free make-over from Your Best Dressed Life, courtesy of a new Realty TV program, Spring-Lake Spotlight. On the filming day for her segment, the production crew directs Meg to the Your Best Dressed Life offices,  the setting for the shoot.  The host, Chris Spring-Lake, introduces her as recently divorced, sad, lonely, and in need of lifestyling.  However Meg, herself, denies being sad, explaining that she a won a radio contest, and just wants a  fresh start.  Shoving a box of tissues into her hands, Chris applauds her for her bravery.  Chris then tells Raven and "Kelsey" to show how they will get Meg on "the fast track to bounce back."   Meg is puzzled by what she needs to "bounce back" from, noting  that she was caller 25. Under Raven and Chelsea's ministrations, Meg finds herself admiring the fit of a sporty jacket which they inform her promotes posture, and brings out her eyes.  Chris Spring-Lake then appears, proclaiming that he has beautiful eyes as well. As the host goes into a promo for his line of contact lenses, Meg is instructed to remove her current garment, and put on the jacket placed on the chair behind Chris instead. It proves to be a bold frilly jacket with huge shoulders, which Chris insists will be the talk of the town next season. However, Meg seems less than impressed. Setting up for the final shot, Meg now wears a "Spring-Lake Spotlight" tee shirt, with the host readying for his final words. Raven abruptly cuts in front of their shot while Chelsea begins replacing the host's outfit, with a simple sleek and stylish blue jacket which Raven dubs "Chris 2.0." Both Chris and Meg are impressed, and Meg asks to try it on, but Raven refuses. Instead, Raven tells her that the sound man on the film crew has been eyeing her the whole time, and as he has no ring on his finger, she should go get him, and Meg swiftly acts on Raven's advice. Locating the sound man, they begin talking until Raven calls out her name. After the show has wrapped, the bearded sound guy approaches her to resume their conversation, and a laughing Meg unconsciously starts to toy with a cord from his microphone.
Mrs. Meg Henry was played by Amie Farrell.

  • Her first name as Meg was revealed in Level Up.
  • Although they all live at 352 Hauser Avenue, apparently, Meg had never met Raven or Chelsea.
  • She won her appearance on Spring-Lake Spotlight by being the 25th caller on a radio contest.
  • She is recently divorced by the events of Level Up.
  • The character was credited as "Mrs. Henry" in  Disorder in the Court and "Meg" in Level Up.
  • Amie Farrell confirmed her character as "Meg Henry" in her IG account.
  • In the original script: for Disorder in the Court:
    • The character was listed only as "Mother."


All rise, the Honorable Judge Giovonni presiding.
The Bailiff to the courtroom as Judge Giovonni makes his entrance.

The Bailiff was a part of the Judge Giovonni program. She introduces the Judge, and was often privy to his comments and asides on what transpired in his courtroom.  She was present when Chelsea Grayson successfully sued her ex-husband, Garrett Grayson, over proprietary ownership and all profits of both the "Schmop," and the "Schbroom."
The Bailiff was played by Tiwana Floyd.

  • Tiwana Floyd previously auditioned for the role of Mrs. Mutesa as she revealed in her IG account.
  • In the original script:
    • An understanding and sympathetic Bailiff lent Raven her uniform hat after the judge instructed a reluctant Raven (as she was having a bad hair day) to take off her own.   However, in the filmed scene, while Raven still took off her hat, the Bailiff's uniform no longer included a hat. 
    • Due to this ultimately deleted interaction with Raven, she was listed as "Female Bailiff."

School House Trap

Mr. Clark

Ohhh. Well, I was here first, and my twelve cats need their pajamas cleaned.
Mr. Clark to Raven.

Mr. Clark was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, who continually clashed with Raven Baxter over the use of the tenant shared Laundry Room.   The squabble began one day when Mr. Clark was using all the machines in the Laundry Room to wash the pajamas of his twelve cats.   Raven then arrived with loads of fabric to wash. She protests his monopolizing all the machines, but Clark counters that he was there first, and accuses Raven of ruining a load of his laundry the month before by leaving a chocolate bar in a machine. Raven initially denies the insinuation,  but inadvertently confirms his suspicions, when she reveals that the chocolate bar in question, was German.  As a result,  the pair hiss and raise their hands in threatening claw-like gestures at each other.  Ultimately, Raven leaves, and is later replaced by her roommate, Chelsea Grayson, who attempts to skype with her computer, while waiting for a machine, but leaves complaining about the noise.  The next day, Mr. Clark discovers paper signs which state the machines are out of order.  Suspicious, he takes a few examples to show to Building Management, who eventually confirm they were not placed by them.  Mr. Clark subsequently goes upstairs to confront Raven at her apartment. The door is answered by her son, Booker, who identifies him to his mother as "The cat-man from the second floor." Raven momentarily appears in the doorway and asks if Whiskers has escaped again. Mr. Clark corrects her assertion, insisting, for the last time, that his cat does not escape, but rather "power walks." Mr. Clark asks Raven if she littered the Laundry Room with fake signs, displaying several examples in his hand. Raven denies the accusation, claiming she doesn't know who would even do such a thing. Mr. Clark is dubious, and sarcastically states that it seems someone is suffering from amnesia. Raven counters if that is the case, then she is not Raven and attempts to shut the door. But Mr. Clark blocks her action, and reveals that the Laundry Room has been installed with video cameras.  Raven is taken aback by that, and Mr. Clark asks if a cat has her tongue. Raven denies that, and they both adopt the snarling poses they had done days before. Raven attempts to shut the door, but Clark insists they will talk it over now. Finally, Raven has to call upon her twins to help her physically shut the door on him. After the door has closed, Mr. Clark insists that they will still discuss the matter later, before heading downstairs back to his apartment full of cats. Several months later, one morning as he reaches the roof to perform yoga, Mr. Clark encounters Booker and a group of his friends acting suspiciously before they quickly depart. After laying down his mat, he discovers a discarded vape pen on the ground. Later that day, while descending the stairs, he spots Raven about to enter her apartment. He informs her about what happened earlier, and hands over the vape pen as evidence. Raven assures Mr. Clark that Booker does not vape, and hands back the device. As Raven goes into her apartment, Mr. Clark makes clawing motions with his hands at her back, before continuing on to his own home.  However, when Raven and Chelsea hold a meeting to organize a neighborhood watch group for the building, Mr. Clark attends.  Raven outlines the recent lack of security at 352 Hauser Avenue and suggest the everyone join together to watch out for each other.   After making sure everyone gets on the e-mail notification list, Raven asks if anyone has any crimes to report, and Mr. Clark reveals that some of his cats socks were stolen from the Laundry Room.  At the next meetng, Raven and Chelsea stage a mock robbery as an observation exercise, however, Miss Pearl's criticisms of Chelsea's acting ability cut the meeting short, which was fine with Mr. Clark, as he found the dangling  tassels on Chelsea's purse so distracting that he could not stop himself from physically swatting at them with his hands.
  Mr. Clark was played by Andy Bustillo.

  • Mr. Clark keeps a dozen pet cats in his second-floor apartment. Among them are Whiskers, a German Shorthair, that often "power walks" from home.
  • Mr. Clark donated some items to Nia, Tess, and Danni's clothing drive in It's Not Easy Being Green.
  • In the original script:
    • The character was originally envisioned as "50-ISH WEIRD, ALWAYS AGITATED" in early drafts.
    • He dubbed the candy bar incident "The March Mars Bar Massacre," as it was the nougat that stained Whisker's lederhosen.
    • Raven blamed him for previously breaking a washing machine, which he denied.
    • His Russian Blue cat wore babushkas.
    • His second scene at Raven's doorway was actually written for a completely different character, Mr. Thomas, who was to have been the new building manager of 352 Hauser Avenue.
    • Mr. Clark was to have remarked "I would have paid money to see this," as Ms. Alma tossed Raven around in What About Your Friends?

Cali Dreams


Excuse me? We didn't steal from you, we just did everything better. It's what we do.
Duchess to The Chi-Lective.

Duchess was the leader of N'Charmony, an acapella group in the Radio Eclipse Live finals. Although technically, they had the home advantage of the final taping being held in Hollywood. N'Charmony was actually trailing The Chi-Lectives' 68% of the latest fan poll. Arriving at the studio, they, spot the members of The Chi-Lective gathered around the stage. Deciding to make a grand entrance, Duchess leads Chloë and June across the performance area as they sing a few lyrics of their signature song, before strutting offstage. With. the competition, duly impressed, Duchess introduces her group to the kids from Chicago. Duchess asks them what prep school they go to, and is informed that they actually attend a public school, Duchess then claims they have a meeting with their choreographer between their cardio and skating lessons, and leads her group away with an acapella farewell. By this time, the fickle fans had come to their senses, and The Chi-Lective had fallen to the bottom of the poll, even being overtaken by Take That! Still, Duchess, knew the other group possessed real talent and secretly taped their rehearsal sound check with her phone, While the device audibly pinged when it started recording, the subjects took no heed of the brief noise. Showing the footage to the others, she knew it was better than their own planned performance, Duchess tells Chloë and June to study every moment of the video, as they were slated to go on first, they could perform the song before The Chi-Lective. And so, after being introduced by the host, Chris Spring-Lake, N'Charmony opened up the Radio Eclipse Live finals with an acapella medley of "The Bill of Rights/Smoky Flow" to raucous audience acclaim. As the trio made their way back stage to their green room, they happened to pass that of The Chi-Lective and heard one of them state that N'Charmony should be called "N'Trouble." This irks Duchess, as she justifies their actions by proclaiming they didn't steal the song, they simply did it better, which was what N'Charmony does. When June asks if that is still stealing,, Duchess completely disregards the notion. She reminds their rivals that it is neither show nice or show fair, but show business. Duchess then leads her group away by singing a welcome to Hollywood taunt to The Chi-Lective. Yet later, when the winning group of the Radio Eclipse Live was about to be revealed, Duchess was not completely confident of victory. While Take That! had taken themselves out of the running by crying on stage, The Chi-Lective, instead of falling apart, as Duchess had hoped, the trio had actually rallied to put on a more than competent performance, that had a slight chance of actually winning. However, all her misgivings evaporated as Chris Spring-Lake announced N'Charmony as the official victors of the Radio Eclipse Live finals, and handed the group the large trophy. Smiling with haughty triumph as she held the trophy, Duchess did not spare a single glance to their vanquished rivals, as N'Charmony stepped off the stage with their destiny fulfilled.
Duchess was played by Dior Goodjohn..

  • The character was described as "A MINI-BEYONCE, QUEEN BEE"  and if Beyoncé joined House Slytherin.
  • In the original script:
    • Duchess had a penchant for dropping celebrity names.
    • Duchess liked having her water room temperature, causing Chloë to rub the bottles between her hands to warm them.
    • Duchess swiped Levi's memory card to get The Chi-Lective footage.
    • A scene where N'Charmony encountered Raven and Chelsea near the stage, and mistake them as craft service workers, ordering "pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk,"   it is later revealed Duchess' mother was a recording artist, and also a judge on Radio Eclipse Live, was deleted.
    • A scene of Duchess with Nia and Tess in the restroom was deleted.
    • A scene of Duchess handing Levi his memory card back was deleted.
    • Several lines which depicted how ruthless Duchess could be were deleted:
      • "Oh thank goodness, we're starving.  We'll take three pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk, thanks-so-much."  (to Raven & Chelsea)
      • "Oh, no stress. My mom's at a recording sesh and she'll  be back here later."  (to Raven & Chelsea)
      • "Sis, we're not in this for the money.  It's for the fame. I mean can you imagine how it feels to be a megastar who no one knows is a megastar yet?" (to Raven)
      • "Well, well, well. We meet again. Couldn't afford to hire your own makeup artist I see." . (to Nia and Tess)
      • "Honestly, I've never been in a building that doesn't have hand sanitizer dispensers in every room. I've been washing my hands every half-hour. (LOOKS AROUND) No lotion?" (to Nia and Tess)
      • "Oh, honeys. We're not in this competition for money. It's for the fame. Do you know how annoying it is to be a star with no place to shine? I mean, you wouldn't but trust me, it's the most annoying." (to Nia and Tess)
      • "You really shouldn't leave your rehearsal footage around, little man." (to Levi)


You should be honored. Normally, we only acapella the greats.
Chloë to The Chi-Lective.

Chloë was a member of N'Charmony, an acapella group in the Radio Eclipse Live finals.
Chloë was played by Afra Sophia Tully.

  • The character as described as "PREPPY AND PUT TOGETHER, EAGER, A FOLLOWER" and a 2019 version of Posh Spice.
  • In the original script:
    • Duchess liked having her water room temperature, causing Chloë to rub the bottles between her hands to warm them.
    • A scene where N'Charmony encountered Raven and Chelsea near the stage, and mistake them as craft service workers, ordering "pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk,"  was deleted.
    • A scene where Chloë talked with Nia and Tess while she was preparing the restroom to become Duchess' private dressing room, was deleted.
    • Several lines for Chloë were deleted:
      • "Honestly when you have SCÜT and MealMates, who needs moms around?" (to Raven & Chelsea)
      • "Duchess, she thinks we need... money."(to Duchess about Raven)
      • "Sorry, do you mind clearing the space?  Duchess will be arriving soon and she doesn't feel comfortable when unknowns are in the bathroom. (to Nia & Tess)
      • "I find it an honor to work with Duchess.  Whenever we're on stage together, I feel like the bright dust trailing off a shooting star."  (to Nia & Tess)
      • "Anyway, who is the star of your group?  I haven't seen any of your videos, but I assume one of you is the Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake or Earth to the other garbage planets." (to Nia & Tess)


Isn't that still stealing, Duchess?
June to Duchess

June was a member of N'Charmony, an acapella group in the Radio Eclipse Live finals.
June was played by Lily Huynh.

  • The character was described as "SWEET BUT OFF-KILTER" and a cross of Luna Lovegood and Karen from Mean Girls.
  • In the original script:
    • A scene where N'Charmony encountered Raven and Chelsea near the stage, and mistake them as craft service workers, ordering "pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk,"  was deleted.
    • A scene where June bonded with Nia and Tess over makeup in a restroom was deleted.
    • Several lines which depicted June as a much nicer person than her friends, were deleted:
      • "We have a grapefruit tree who told me she wishes she were an orange tree--"  (to the Chi-Lective)
      • "Duchess' mom is one of the judges! Isn't that fun?" (to Raven & Chelsea)
      • "You both are so pretty." (to Raven & Chelsea)
      • "I just feel like my bangs have to look banging too, ya know?" (to Nia & Tess)
      • "Ladies.  I'm an Aquarius, so I'm super sensitive to cosmic energies. We were fated to be in this bathroom together." (to Nia & Tess)
      • "So fun hanging out in the bathroom with you guys!  Let's do it again sometime!" (to Nia & Tess)
      • "Break a leg!" (to the Chi-Lective)

Creepin' It Real


Let me see that. I know blood.
Darnell to Chelsea after she cuts her finger.

Darnell was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, that moved in just before Halloween.
Darnell was played by Michael Minto.

  • He lives in apartment 4B of 352 Hauser Avenue.
  • In the original script:
    • Darnell charmed both Chelsea and Raven when he first met them at the same time.
    • Darnell moved into apartment 4C.
    • His eyes were to be comparable to Jesse Williams and Bradley Cooper.
    • He claimed to volunteer at the Annual Howl-oween Puppy Parade.
    • He immediately told both Chelsea and Raven he was an EMT.
    • He claimed to use home-grown rutabaga oil in his hair.
    • Raven claimed his hair massaged her fingers, which Chelsea was eager to experience.
    • Darnell spoke French.
    • When Chelsea cut her finger, Darnell said "let me see that. I'm in the blood business."
    • Darnell went to his apartment for a First Aid kit and encountered the girls running past him in the hallway, after leaving his door.
    • When Booker tells Darnell he is not going to let him "Glam his fam," he replies "What do you think I am?  Doctor Seuss?"
    • The kids suggest EMT stands for Evil Monster Townsman.
    • Darnell growled because he dropped something on his foot, noting afterwards, "I can see how that might have been misconstrued.".
    • After the kids claim to Raven and Chelsea that they were never scared of Darnell, he frightens them by coming out of the bathroom stating that they are out of soap.


Ahh, this is my favorite song.
The Passenger to Raven.

The Passenger boarded her Scüt ride on Halloween morning.  When her driver, identifying herself as Raven, offered to play some "tuneskis," the radio abruptly turned on and seemingly tuned itself until it happened upon an instrumental version of the Passenger's favorite song.  Smiling the Passenger shared that coincidence with Raven, who mused it was as if the Scüt vehicle had read the Passenger's mind. 
The Passenger was played by Staci Lynn Fletcher.

  • Staci Lynn Fletcher previously appeared twice (she also provided the voice of "Andrea" in "Hearts and Minds") in That's So Raven as "Vendor" in "Smell of Victory" and "Female Mechanic" in "Save the Last Dance." As none of her roles were ever given names, all of her appearances could, conceivably, have been depicting the same character.
  • Staci Lynn Fletcher becomes the sixth performer to have appeared on both That's So Raven and Raven's Home, following Raven Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol, Jonathan McDaniel, Brian George, and Rondell Sheridan.
  • She was part of the Raven's Home production crew for the first three seasons.


That was the best Halloween haunted Scüt ride I've ever had!
In fact, it was the first Halloween haunted Scüt ride I've ever
had. Oh, I've got to post about this! My followers will love it!
Andy to Raven.

Andy was a fare Raven took in her new Scüt vehicle one afternoon on Halloween. Dressed as the bottom half of a horse costume, he backed into the car, needing a little help from Raven to comfortably situate himself (and his false tail) comfortably. Slipping on the seatbelt, Andy makes the pun that he is "headed to meet his better half," when Raven asks if anyone else is coming. As the car starts off, he admires the real leather of the interior, noting that it is also perforated as well. He goes on to experiment with the range of the passenger seat headrest, raising and lowering it several times until it pops out into his hands. Uttering an apologetic "whoops," he places the object on the car floor. When Raven observes that he likes to touch things, Andy confirms that he is very tactile, while producing a glob of stress putty to play with. However, after a few stretches, he drops the putty on the carpet, where, despite his efforts to retrieve it, the gray sticky substance becomes embedded in the fibers. Bent over trying to clean the mess, Andy suddenly senses extreme heat to his posterior. As he stretches his hand out the window to wave in cold air, it abruptly closes, trapping his hand. Andy begins exclaiming that the car is attacking him, until the window finally releases him. While shaking the pain out of his wrist, a second seatbelt eerily crosses over his other side, on its own accord, securely holding him in place. Now scared, Andy promises to stop poking around if she lets him go. Raven claims that she has done nothing to him, solely placing blame on the car, itself. Andy tells her to turn it off, but Raven says she can't. Andy begins to whimper a bit, trying n vain to reach his fallen putty to relieve his stress, and Raven promises to get the situation under control.  Raven attempts to lay down the law to the car, even threatening to turn it right around, unless it behaves itself.  In response, the vehicle speeds up and begins to swerve wildly out of control. After several minutes of careening all over Chicago, the vehicle abruptly stops in front of the destination Andy originally input in his Scüt request.  Apologizing, Raven asks Andy if he is all right. Andy replies that it was "the best Halloween haunted Scüt ride" he'd ever had, then noted it was the only Halloween haunted Scüt ride he'd ever had. Pulling out his phone, Andy is eager to post the experience to share with his followers. After Raven confirms that she was just fake screaming, Andy assures her that she was amazing, The seatbelts then retract by themselves, releasing Andy as the door swings open by itself. Realizing the trip is over, Andy says goodbye as he gets out to attend his Halloween party, but promises to give Raven a five-star rating on her Scüt review.
Andy was played by Bryan Coffee.

  • The character was described as "AN ANDY RICHTER TYPE MAN"  Indicating he was named after the famed actor/comedian/late-night sidekick.
  • In the original script:
    • He played with the window controls after dropping the putty on the carpet.
    • After getting over-heated, he demanded, and was let out of the Scüt vehicle immediately.
    • Andy threatened to give Raven a one-star Scüt review. 

Friday Night Tights


All right, let me give you some advice. If you sleep, you get slept on.
Logan to Booker

Logan was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  A minor celebrity due to his appearance on The Great Island Bake Off,  his family had since relocated to Chicago. One day in the school hallway, he encounters Booker Baxter of The Chi-Lective, with whom he shared Spanish class. Logan introduces himself, and confirms that he had just moved from Hawaii. The younger boy that accompanied Booker (whom Logan would later learn was named Levi Grayson) wistfully states that he visited that state once, when he was rich. Continuing on, Logan claims to be a fan of The Chi-Lective, and declares that they were robbed during the Radio Eclipse Live finals. Booker counters that Logan was robbed during his cooking show, although Booker questioned why he named his dish "urban crusted octopus." Logan corrects him by saying, it was actually "herb encrusted octopus." Booker advises him that he needs to learn to speak up, and says the pair should hangout sometime, and Logan agrees. A cute girl then approaches, identifying Booker as "Big B," whom Booker replies in kind, after placing his arm over her shoulder, as "D-Nice." Booker introduces Logan to his friend, Danni. Logan takes notice of the use of the word "friend," saying he thought the pair could have been together. This starts long and loud exchange between the two concerning their relationship, which Levi enjoys observing. Later in the week, Logan find Booker in the gym. Logan talks aabout the crazy idea that the school Ballet Club is looking for male members. Logan assures Booker that dudes with as much swag as them would never even consider wearing such weird outfits and performing such weird moves. Logan says Booker B would never be caught wearing Ballet slippers, and Booker agrees, as the duo leave the gym. After school, as the boys play Fork-Knife in Booker's room, Logan reveals that as "Brogan 415," he and Booker had been playing online together for months. So, just as two bros kicking back and hanging out, Logan asks Booker B about the girls at Carver, as being in The Chi-Lective, Booker must be "The Man." Booker assures Logan that he was "The Man," before The Chi-Lective formed. Booker then receives a text which is automatically transferred to the gaming screen. It is from Danni, reminding Booker to attend Ballet Club the next day. Logan dubiously peruses the message, noting disapprovingly that he did not expect that from Booker B. Booker quickly explains that he joined to support Danni, as she, like Logan, is new to the city and the school. Logan observes that if Booker is willing to wear Ballet slippers, for her, he is likely catching feelings for Danni. The other boy vehemently denies that, but adds he cannot help if Danni is catching feelings for Booker. Logan points out that it is Booker's reputation at stake not his. Booker tell Logan not to worry about his reputation as he does what he wants. To prove his sudden proclamation, Booker impulsively texts Danni that he is not joining the Ballet club, which Danni immediately accepts without fuss. As they resume playing, the only observation Logan offers on the situation is, "Sweet." The next day, Logan finds Danni and Booker in the school hallway. Booker is in the process of repeatedly saying Logan's name, when Logan jokes that he doesn't have a cute nickname yet, as he greets BB and D-Nice. With a huge grin, Logan holds his hand out, and Danni steps into the lift routine that just practiced during Ballet club. She explains to Booker how Logan had joined Ballet club when he dropped out, and asks if Booker is cool with it. Booker eventually affirms that by lifting his arms up with a semi-enthusiastic "Hey," which Logan mimics. Danni says that it is good that they are supportive of each other. Logan openly declares that Booker is his best friend and awesome. Danni pulls away her new partner to rehearse, and as he departs, Logan smugly shrugs at Booker with an extremely self-satisfied expression. While stretching in the gym during Ballet club, Logan is confronted by an irate Booker. He demands to know how Logan could treat him like that, as he they were "bro-manos." Logan offers Booker some advice, "If you sleep, you get slept on." Booker replies that he has grown sick of Logan's advice. Logan points out that Booker always maintained that he and Danni were just friends, so Logan made his move, and while making a sliding motion with his shoulders, claims he moved in. Booker states that may be how that works in Hawaii, before performing a spin move, but not in the Chi. Attracted by the boys' activity, Levi's mother, Chelsea, the Ballet club adviser, sensed a possible dance off brewing, a concept which quickly spreads through out the rest of the Ballet club, as they all begin calling for one. This brings Danni to the scene, who briefly questions Booker, but he quickly turns away to face Logan, stating it was time for them to dance. Logan tells Booker he already won his spot in the club and now he was going to win his girl. Booker replied that you can't win a girl, as she wasn't a trophy. Both began to spin, jump, and hop, each daring the other to out do his prior move. This lasted until Logan over spun and stumbled backwards. At that point Danni declared Booker the winner. Logan angrily demanded to know how his misstep made Booker the winner, but reading the room, knew he had lost all support, especially from Danni. Muttering that it was just like the herb encrusted octopus sham all over again, Logan admitted defeat and left the gym.
Logan was played by Amarr M. Wooten.

  • Booker and Logan had unknowingly been playing Fork-Knife online for months.
  • Logan has some similarities with Alana who was also a former friend of Raven from That's So Raven.
  • Amarr Wooten has appeared on Bunk'd and played the recurring role of "Finch" in Liv and Maddie: Cali-Style.
  • In the original script:
    • Logan was depicted as much move devious, determined to become the "King" (later "Kahuna") of the school.
    • When Logan was later given a Hawaiian backstory, he was supposed to give off a "surfer" vibe.
    • When Logan left with Danni, Booker muttered "Ballet burn," to himself.
    • The Dance-Off was longer and more elaborate, which Booker won because he showed more "heart" than Logan.

Jax Jackson

Um, I, of course, guided her in every particular. We are so thrilled you love--
Jax Jackson taking credit with the Eternally 16 partners.

Jax Jackson was a buyer for Eternally 16, a chain of over 200 youth-oriented apparel stores in eleven countries, considering adding Ravenous Fashions to its client list of merchandise suppliers. He attends a meeting with Raven Baxter, visiting her home to personally appraise her proposed clothing designs. When finished, only a single word can fully describe what Jax feels, "Gooped." Which he repeats, as the emotion is so overwhelming. Raven parrots the word in a tone asking if it is a positive term, which Jax confirms, stating that Raven is slaying and that her clothing line is not only gooped, but snatched, sickening, dusted, and "eleganza extravaganza" as well. Raven seems elated by his words. However, Jax does have some notes to share. Although he loves the entire line, Eternally 16, as a company, tends to favor the less is more approach, Raven should consider less red, yellow and green. Raven summarizes that Jax loves her entire line except for the entire line. And Jax is gratified that Raven understands and gets it. Later in the week, Jax returns to see Raven's latest designs and is impressed. Jax still loves the line, but is concerned that it is a bit "samey-samey." Raven agrees, pointing out that is what Jax wanted. He confirms that, but then reveals that E-16 likes to make a splash, and suggests the current designs could use splashes of colors here and there. Raven interprets that as Jax now wants her to spend more time putting back what she just took out. Jax is happy that he and Raven are on the same wavelength, and more importantly, that she "gets it." At the end of the week, Jax has arranged to have the Eternally 16 executives attend the unveiling of the new line of clothes on the rooftop of Raven's apartment building at 352 Hauser Avenue. Raven draws back the curtain to present what she has named the Ravenous Fashions Girl Power line. A stunned Jax can only read off the slogans printed on some of the items, doing his best to sell them. He sought a private word with Raven when he whispered he was confused, but she merely held his hand, and carried on with her presentation. Outlining that each piece is as unique as the girl who wears it. Jax asks what is it, and while Raven admits that it may not be dusted, or gooped, it does represent some of her best work, and was inspired by her daughter and her best friend. And Raven finishes by her own instincts. And Jax states it was her instincts to make the line so much? Raven just tells Jax that those were the facts. The crowd of executives begin to applaud. Going with the flow Jax also praises the line that everyone loves, and is quick to point how he guided Raven at every step. With Raven apparently about to differ, Jax adds that production of the line will begin immediately. Raven merely pats Jax on the back, and admits she couldn't have done it without him.
Jax Jackson was played by Tyler Poelle.

  • Tyler Poelle has appeared on several Disney Channel series in such roles as talk show host, "Graham Cavanaugh,"  in Dog With A Blog,  "Agent Gibb" on K.C. Undercover, "Kangaroo Jim," in Coop & Cami: Ask the World, .and "Victor" in two episodes of Andi Mack.

It's Not Easy Being Green


Whatever. Can you angle me so I can see that amazing jacket?
Sasha to Chelsea.

Sasha was one of Chelsea's clients for her services as a lifestyle coach. On a weekend session with Chelsea, while discussing her indifference to a male figure in her life, the signal is briefly interrupted, and by the time contact was restored, Sasha can tell that Chelsea has moved from her prior position as now she now can detect intriguing glimpses of clothing in the background.  Sasha becomes so fascinated by them, that she drops her previous conversation to ask about the clothes. Chelsea notes that her client actually started a sentence without "like" or "whatever," and could be a sign that Sasha is moving from a spoiled child to someone who should still buy Chelsea's book. But Chelsea's hope proves false as Sasha replies with a "Whatever" and wants to be angled to bring the beige jacket to the forefront. At that point Raven hijacks Chelsea's laptop, to fulfill Sasha's request, telling the girl that if she wants to feel good on the inside, she should wear that jacket on the outside. Raven tells Chelsea to not block the light, while crawling over her to grant Sasha the optimum view.
Sasha was played by Maral Milani.

  • As with Chelsea's other clients, she only communicates with Chelsea by video chat.
  • Another character named Sasha appears in How I Met Your Mentor.


It's amazing! Okay, I have always loved Raven's designs, and after my session with
Chelsea, I finally have the confidence to wear them every day. And every way!
Margaret to Raven and Chelsea.

Margaret was a resident of Chicago and despite never buying much, was still a favored enough client of Ravenous Fashions that Raven permitted to enter the Baxter home for private fittings.  During such a weekend meeting, Margaret, asked for tea, and Raven told her assistant for the day, Levi Grayson, to make some tea with sugar, while she finished pinning Margaret's outfit. However, Levi was also serving in the same capacity for his mother, Chelsea. To diffuse a volatile situation erupting between his maternal figures, Levi opts to take a break by removing the laminated "boss tag," around his neck. Muttering to dock his pay, Raven heads to the kitchen to brew tea. Margaret is drawn to the full length mirror in the room, and quietly ponders her reflection.  Chelsea then introduces herself, and states that Margaret doesn't seem quite happy with the design. But Margaret loves the dress but is uncertain if it suits her style. Chelsea suggests that may be because Margaret lacks self-confidence. Margaret then asks Chelsea how does she know everything about her, jokingly suggesting that she is a witch. Chelsea cackles and the idea, momentarily alarming Margaret revealing she is rather a life coach. Chelsea suggests to Margaret that they have a session and even offers a "witch discount" or "witchcount" as an extra inducement. Soon Chelsea has Margaret looking into the mirror and repeating the positive affirmation, "I love and approve of myself. Every day in every way." After the first try, Chelsea is called away by Raven, leaving Margaret to continue on her own. Margaret soon discovers a confidence in herself she has never felt before. She excitedly tells Raven and Chelsea, that she has always loved Raven's clothing, and now that she has had a session with Chelsea, now feels amazing. Margaret proudly announces the she now has the confidence to wear Raven's fashions "Every day in Every way!" Margaret proves her point by heading home wearing her new Ravenous Fashions outfit.
Margaret was played by Beth Lacke.\

  • Margaret likes her tea with sugar.
  • She was alluded to in On Edge, when  Raven and Chelsea  discussed whether they were ready to open Your Best Dressed Life.
  • Beth Lacke previously appeared as "Mrs. Larrabee" on Shake It Up, "Lynn Bowen" in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and played "Brady's Mom" in the DCOM Teen Beach Movie 2.

Sorry to Father You

Sergeant Flex

We combine the relaxation of a spa with a military diet and exercise regimen.
Sergeant Flex explaining Stonybrook Relaxation Boot Camp to Raven and Chelsea.

Sergeant Flex was a Physical Trainer at Stonybrook Relaxation Boot Camp.  Preferring to provide for his clientele as complete a program as possible, Sergeant Flex headed for the registration desk to find his latest charges. By the time he reaches the Stonybrook Lobby, two young women are checking in, a tall redhead, and her shorter darker skinned friend, who appears to be the more talkative of the pair. Placing his whistle to his lips, Sergeant Flex makes his presence known by blowing it. The redhead fumbles her bag, and Flex issues the command "Drop and give me twenty," he then adds "dirt-bags," for effect. The redhead drops and complies but her friend still stands and has the audacity to suggest that Flex is in the wrong place, by claiming they are in a spa. Flex corrects her, stating it was formerly a spa, but is now a "Relaxation Boot Camp." The redhead on the floor opines if relaxation is what she is feeling now. Flex carefully steps over the redhead in the midst of her (non-regulation) push ups and explains the venue now combines the relaxation of a spa with a military diet and exercise regimen. The other woman still objects, pointing out she saw seaweed wraps, facial masks, and what-nots on the webpage. Now towering over the dark-haired woman Flex questioned the word what not, specifying that the only what not she was going to do was not stand there and give him lip because she had push ups to do. With that, she fell to the floor to join her friend. The two began a teary exchange about sticking it out and a friendi-versary curse. But eventually Flex had to blow his whistle again, and knelt between them. as clearly neither of them knew how to perform a proper push up.   The next day, In the primary gym for morning boot camp.  Flex notes the newest arrivals Rae and Chels, have acquired golden facial masks from somewhere. He blows his whistle and asks the guests how they enjoyed their breakfasts. Rae sarcastically confirms the cup of water and stick of celery.  Flex affirms that they will need the energy, as they will work out for a straight hour at their current workout station before returning and switching off to the next station five more times that day.  Flex watches over all his charges but it seems that Rae and Chels require the most attention at the steps station.  Later in the day, Flex is supervising the pair during their Seaweed Wrap Sit-up session, counting out each completed sit up by the seaweed wrapped women. Eventually, Chels asks how many they have to do, and Flex reveals that as long as the "princesses" wanted seaweed weed wraps, that had to do their sit-ups as well, concisely concluding when their sit-ups stop, so does the seaweed wraps. Rae implores her friend not to stop saying that have gone to far. But Chels falters blaming the curse again, she asks Rae to leave her behind and tell her story and make it sound heroic. Flex reaches down to shove Chels' shoulder forward to get her started up again. Rae claims not to be a good storyteller, but states that Chels' story of a single mother who lost everything is heroic. Chels sounds doubtful, but Rae reminds her how she clawed her way out of the depths, which Chels and Flex agree sounds heroic. Rae continues how did all that just to get here for their friendi-versary to do 100 sit-ups just to get a seaweed wrap. Chels feels inspired and says Rae is good at storytelling. Flex adds his own affirmative, declaring that Rae had him spellbound. But then Flex offers up his own tale of two dirt bags who need to finish their sit-ups and and blows his whistle for them to start again. Hours later, Flex is still with Rae and Chels as they receive massages while they work their biceps with small hand weights. As Flex criticizes the massage techniques of the spa trainers, Chels opines that it is still like he is still berating them. Rae just says to keep up the arm exercises. Chels tries, but apparently discovers she has finally reached her point of no return, and drops the small dumbbells to the floor. As she rises to get to her knees to slide off the massage table and declares that she hates this. Rae drops her own weights and claims to hate it more, and follows Chels example. Chels gets to her feet and admits the curse has won, before running past Flex, and out of the room. Rae swiftly follows, maintaining that they tried. Flex can only stare at his fellow spa workers, however, Rae doubles back and snatches the whistle from his neck, she advises him to update the Stonybrook website, as she attempts to blow it. Her attempts are only partially successful and she slams the whistle to the floor in frustration, leaving a rather perplexed Sergeant Flex in her wake.
Sergeant Flex was played by Gabriel Hogan.

  • The character was described as "A VERY FIT DRILL SERGEANT TRAINER, 30s."

The Foreign Identity


I only get to spend two and a half weeks with this Nia, when I could've had three.
Timothée to Nia.

Timothée was a foreign exchange student from Paris, France. when his regular Parisian school engaged in a 3 week exchange program with Eunetta High in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Ultimately, Timothée was the student among all his peers selected for the transatlantic trip. After completing the necessary paperwork for required student visa and passport concerns, Timothée ultimately, found himself in Chicago. He was picked up by the Davis family, his American hosts and taken to their apartment at 352 Hauser Avenue, his home for the next three weeks. After a night's rest to recover from jet lag, he decides to spend his first morning in Chicago to acclimate to his new surroundings, Timothée grabbed his bookbag and set off to explore his new environs. Stepping out of the apartment building, he randomly walks by Maren's Mocha and curious to discover an apparent patisserie so close to his new abode, ventures inside to partake in its fare.
Timothée was played by Edouard Holdener.

  • While in Chicago, Timothée lives at 352 Hauser Avenue with his host family, the Davises, while on a 3-week exchange student program at Eunetta High.
  • In the original script:
    • Timothée was having a donut at Maren's Mocha.
    • After recovering his keys,  he left a hat at Maren's Mocha and the twins left before he could come back for it.
    • After being exposed, Nia told Timothée "I'm really sorry.  When you write sad French poems about me, please, be kind." 
    • Nia and Timothée immediately left the cafe to see the Bean at the end.

What About Your Friends?


The truth? And then what? I get in trouble, ruin my spotless record,
and disappoint my parents? I told you no one would ever find out.
Sorry you had to take the fall, but better you than me.
William to Booker.

William was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  Upon learning that the twin sibling of his science classmate, Nia Baxter-Carter, had access to special perks at the local barber shop,  William and his pal, Jordan, decided to befriend Booker.  Within a few days, the trio, plus Booker's  long time friend, Curtis, began spending time at each others' homes.  One morning, after picking up Booker and Curtis from the Baxters' place, the group decided to  hang out on the rooftop above.  While Booker was using his telescope, to peer at a local carnival, William produces a vape pen which he stated was cotton candy flavored.   Eventually the aroma reached Booker, who thought he was actually smelling the carnival's candy confections.  William corrects Booker by showing him the vape pen.  He explains that he got it from his older brother,  and offers the device to Booker for him to sample for himself.   Booker flatly refuses and seems taken aback  to discover the others vaping, particularly, Curtis,  whom he had known the longest.  Curtis tries to assume a nonchalant air as he attempts to demonstrate his vaping technique, but his clumsy, coughing  efforts only amuses William and Jordan.   Booker notes that it does look like fun with a dubious voice and just when Curtis attempts to hand over the vape pen to Booker, Mr. Clark arrives on the roof.  In the boys' scramble to flee without arousing suspicion, William loses track of the vape pen as they made their escape.  The next day William has the guys eat lunch together in an empty classroom, supposedly to avoid the bustle of the school cafeteria. However, as he finishes eating, William reveals his true reason for wanting privacy--he brings out his "dessert" a vape pen imbued with creme brulee flavor.  At this point Booker tries to tell the others about the dangers of vaping.  Jordan dismisses the warning as merely what grown ups say to keep kids from having fun.  William once again offers Booker the vape pen, encouraging him just to try it like the rest of them and not be a "loser."  That remark sets Booker off, as he suddenly leans forward and brusquely snatches away the pen with enough force, that only Jordan placing a restraining hand on William's shoulder, avoided a physical confrontation in response.  In perhaps a too loud voice, Booker moved away, mocking the others by exclaiming how cool it was to vape and how the taste of cotton candy and creme brulee were worth the coughing fits the act causes.  Just as Booker was holding the vape pen near his mouth, Coach Spitz entered the room, demanding to know what is going on.  The coach is completely shocked to see Booker with a vape pen, and as Spitz takes possession of the device, William states that Booker was trying to get them to vape with him.  Curtis and Jordan quickly back up William's story.  Coach Spitz allows the three boys to leave, and as William departs he hears Booker's claim of innocence, fall upon deaf ears.  The next day, by chance, William happens to be in the same classroom from before, when Booker finds him.  William asks shouldn't he be suspended, to which Booker replies he is picking up his missing assignments, and counters why William lied about the vape pen.  William, claims he did not lie, as at the time, Booker did have the pen in his hand.  Booker is not amused and tells William that he should admit the truth.   William says he does feel sorry that Booker got caught, but basically concludes that it is better that Booker get in trouble than him, and sees absolutely no reason to wreck his perfect record and risk trouble with his clueless parents on Booker's behalf.  Booker smugly declares that he just did, as he produces his phone which just recorded William's admission of guilt. William glances at the device and advises Booker that the next time he wants to try using  his phone in such a manner, he should make certain that the record button has been pressed.  Booker glances down to see that William was correct, and laughingly asks if he would repeat what he just said.  William glances at him dismissively and gathering up his backpack, leaves Booker behind. William subsequently tells both Jordan and Curtis of what happened, and warns them that Booker may try to record them as well.   A day later, due to Nia insisting  to Coach Spitz that Booker has a right to have a hearing before his peers, arrangements have been made for the proceeding.  The hearing is set in the school gym, and William and Jordan, along with Curtis are in attendance.   Coach Spitz opens the hearing, accepting that Booker is basically a good person, the fact remains that the vape pen was discovered in his possession by the Coach personally.  At this point, Curtis stands up and claims that Booker is innocent, and the pen actually belonged to William, who quickly denies the charge.  Spitz reasons that Curtis originally accused Booker, so how can it be certain that he is telling the truth now.  Curtis simply suggests that William empty his pockets as he ls likely to still be carrying vape equipment.  Spitz orders William to do just that, as he smugly displays an empty pocket.  Spitz then demands William to empty the other pocket in his pants, producing what he claims is merely an ordinary pen.  Noting that he could use a pen, Coach Spitz rises from his spot to inspect the item in William's hand.  Just before the Coach takes it, William admits that it might not be a pen after all.  Having taken possession of the object, Coach Spitz confirms that it is a vape pen, and warns the assembled students of the dangers of vaping, particularly pointing out the noxious chemicals that can collect in a user's lungs.  Sensing the tide turning against him, William claims that just because he has a vape pen now, doesn't prove that Booker did not have a vape pen then.  William takes his biggest chance, he openly lies  that he saw Booker vaping, and challenges the room if anyone present has ever seen him do the same.  Practically every student present,, save Nia, raise their hands, including his own crony, Jordan.  Having resumed his spot, Spitz concludes that he has seen enough, and calls for a vote on the matter.  Still hoping he can get away with it, William along with  Jordan, defiantly vote against Booker, however,  Spitz decrees that they don't get to vote.  The Coach declares that Booker has been acquitted, and his record cleared.  As the Baxter twins celebrate their victory, Coach Spitz orders Curtis, William and Jordan to his office, When William and Jordan seem a little too slow, Spitz urges them to speed up and out of the gym to face their own punishments.
William was played by Joachim Powell.


  • He is the second character named William introduced in the Raven franchise; the first "William" (played by Frankie Ryan Manriquez) was one of Cory's best friends in That's So Raven.
  • William is in Nia's science class.
  • William and Jordan were described as "BOTH 13, CUTE AND CHARMING."
  • Joachim Powell previously appeared as *LJ Webb" in the Sydney to the Max episode "As Bad as She Gets.
  • In the original script:
    • The boys were skipping class when Booker finds them about to vape.
    • After Booker asks how many vapes his older brother has, William replies he has a lot of older brothers.

Jordan (GWCCS Student)

Dude, old people made that up to stop us from having fun.
Jordan to Booker, about his warnings against vaping.

Jordan (GWCCS Student) was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  Upon learning that the twin sibling of their science classmate, Nia Baxter-Carter, had access to special perks at the local barber shop,  Jordan's pal, William, suggested that they befriend Booker.  Within a few days, the trio, plus Booker's  long time friend, Curtis, began spending time at each others' homes.  One morning, after picking up Booker and Curtis from the Baxters' place, the group decided to  hang out on the rooftop above.  While Booker was using his telescope to peer at a local carnival, Jordan witnessed William producing a vape pen which he claimed was cotton candy flavored.   Eventually the aroma reached Booker, who thought he was actually smelling the carnival's candy confections.  Jordan watched as William corrected Booker by showing him the vape pen.  He explains that he got it from his older brother,  and offers the device to Booker for him to sample for himself.   Booker flatly refuses and seems taken aback  to discover the others vaping, particularly, Curtis,  whom he had known the longest.  Curtis tries to assume a practiced air while demonstrating his vaping technique, but his clumsy, coughing  attempt only amuses Jordan and William.   Booker sarcastically notes that it does look like fun and just when Curtis attempts to hand over the vape pen to Booker, Mr. Clark arrives on the scene.  Jordan joins the rest as they attempt to escape the roof without arousing suspicion, The next day Jordan and the rest of the guys eat lunch together in an empty classroom, and he notes how "chill" it is to avoid the teachers and the other students at the school cafeteria.  Having finished eating, William reveals his "dessert" a vape pen imbued with creme brulee flavor.  Booker spouts off about the dangers of vaping, But Jordan explains that's only what grown ups said to keep kids from having fun.  William once again offers Booker the vape pen, telling him just to try it, and not  be a "loser."  That comment sets Booker off, as he abruptly steps forward and curtly grabs the pen forcefully.   Sensing that William did not appreciate Booker's aggressive manner, Jordan places  a hand on William's shoulder to prevent the situation from escalating.  Booker begins mocking the other boys remarking that the taste of cotton candy and creme brulee was worth all the coughing fits. Apparently,  Booker performance was too loud, as Coach Spitz entered the room and witnessed Booker with the vape pen in his hand.  Clearly shocked to find Booker with the pen Spitz demands to know what is going on, as he confiscates the device.  William quickly claims that Booker was pressuring them to vape with him but they all refused.  Curtis agrees with that and Jordan confirms the story.  Spitz lets the trio go and as they file out Jordan hears Booker failing to convince Coach Spitz of his innocence.  The next day, William calls Jordan to tell him that Booker tried to record him saying something incriminating, and warns him that Booker might do the same with him.     A day later, due to Nia insisting  to Coach Spitz that Booker has a right to have a hearing before his peers, arrangements have been made for the proceeding.  The hearing is set in the school gym, and Jordan and William, along with Curtis are in attendance.   Coach Spitz opens the hearing, accepting that Booker is basically a good person, the fact remains that the vape pen was discovered in his possession by the Coach personally.  At this point, Jordan is shocked, as Curtis suddenly stands up and claims that Booker is innocent, and the pen actually belonged to William, causing the other boy to deny the charge.  Spitz reasons that Curtis originally accused Booker, so how can it be certain that he is telling the truth now.  Curtis simply suggests that William empty his pockets as he ls likely to still be carrying vape equipment.  Spitz orders William to do just that, as he smugly displays an empty pocket.  Spitz then demands William to empty the other pocket in his pants, producing what he claims is merely an ordinary pen.  Noting that he could use a pen, Coach Spitz rises from his spot to inspect the item in William's hand.  Just before the Coach takes it, William admits that it might not be a pen after all.  Having taken possession of the object, Coach Spitz confirms that it is a vape pen, and warns the assembled students of the dangers of vaping, particularly pointing out the noxious chemicals that can collect in a user's lungs.  Even Jordan can tell that they are losing control of the situation.  William claims that just because he has a vape pen now, doesn't prove that Booker did not have a vape pen then.  William states  that he saw Booker vaping, and challenges everyone in the gym if anyone present has ever seen him do the same.  Practically every student present,, save Nia, raise their hands, including  Jordan who raised his hand without thinking.  Having resumed his spot, Spitz concludes that he has seen enough, and calls for a vote on the matter.  Jordan and William, defiantly vote against Booker, however,  Spitz decrees that they don't get to vote.  The Coach declares that Booker has been acquitted, and his record cleared.  As the Baxter twins celebrate their victory, Coach Spitz orders Curtis, Jordan and William  to his office, When Jordan and William appear too slow, Spitz urges them to hustle and speed up and out of the gym to finally receive what they deserve.
Jordan (GWCCS Student) was played by Hunter Payton.

  • Another character named Jordan first appeared in In-Vision of Privacy.
  • Jordan and William were described as "BOTH 13, CUTE AND CHARMING."
  • In the original script:
    • The boys were skipping class when Booker finds them about to vape.

Ms. Pearl Saunders

I saw the worst acting I seen since that off-Broadway production of Bats 16 years ago.
Ms. Pearl to the Building Watch Group.

Ms. Pearl Saunders was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue and attended the initial gathering of tenants for the building watch group organized by Raven and Chelsea in their apartment.  After Ms. Pearl has already taken the opportunity of sneaking several forks into her bag, Raven starts the meeting by outlining the various problems the building  has had with internal security.  She then asks for everyone's e-mail addresses so she can keep them up to date with any news.  Ms. Pearl, however, states that she does not have e-mail and to just use her regular mailbox.  Raven has to remind her that the building mailboxes are no longer secure.  Chelsea offers to help, Ms. Pearl, as she gets her tablet to set up an account,  She asks the other woman what online name she would like to use.  Ms. Pearl replies with her full name, Pearl Saunders.  Chelsea checks and counters with PearlS9933.  Ms. Pearl asks what is that and Chelsea explains that someone else already has PearlSaunders and the older woman is shocked that someone has stolen her name.  Raven then asks the group if they have any crimes to report, and Ms. Pearl states that Raven's lemonade is so sweet it threatens to cause her to lose a tooth.  Raven tries to point out that was not exactly what she meant, but Ms. Pearl refuses to be satisfied until Raven records "Ms. Pearl.  Lemonade.  Tooth."  At the next meeting Raven and Chelsea set up an observation exercise.  Chelsea is robbed by Raven and the group is asked to recount what they witnessed from the staged scene.  Ms. Pearl  proclaims she saw the worst acting since a performance of Bats she saw 16 years before.    Chelsea admits that she was the star of that show, and Ms. Pearl states that Chelsea's  acting was a crime.  Soon after, the meeting breaks up and Raven tells the other tenants to stay vigilant and report anything suspicious.  Ms. Pearl tells Raven that she failed her in promise to provide soda refreshments for the meeting, and the younger woman points out that Ms. Pearl is already becoming more observant.  Ms.. Pearl can only glare at Raven with a hostile "Uh-huh," in response.
Ms. Pearl Saunders was played by Aloma Wright.

  • The role was credited as "Ms. Pearl."
  • Ms.Pearl claims to have attended Chelsea's performance of "Bats: The Musical'" 16 years before, however. How I Met Your Mentor reveals that Chelsea was carrying Levi at the time, thus Ms. Pearl must be off by two or three years in her memory.
  • Aloma Wright previously appeared as "Mother Wexler" in the "Dirty Work" episode of Even Stevens, and also as a "Nurse" in Zeke and Luther.
  • In the original script:
    • Ms. Pearl was named Ms. Alma.
    • Ms. Alma swiped sandwiches instead of forks.
    • She claimed Raven's lemonade was giving her "the Sugar."
    • Raven was supposed to be beaten up while demonstrating self-defense moves to Ms. Alma, but that scene was scrapped due to Raven Symoné's real life injury.


Mrs. Dunagan

The assignment was three pages, Nia. Following instructions is a big part of
your grade. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to give you an 'F' on this report.
Mrs. Dunagan to Nia.

Mrs. Dunagan was an English teacher at George Washington Carver Community School.  Having assigned her class to write a three page report,  Mrs. Dunagan is perplexed when one of her star students, Nia Baxter-Carter,  turns in a report ten times as long. Determined to make an important life lesson clear to her bright, yet headstrong pupil, she reluctantly gives the paper an "F".  Calling out to Nia in the hallway,  the teacher returns the report with the large red-letter grade.  Mrs. Dunagan then precisely explains to Nia why she received the failing grade, and fervently hopes that the otherwise intelligent girl now truly understands how important it is to fully follow instructions. Prior to Eighth Grade Poetry Week, the English teacher announces to her class that she is implementing Principal Kwan's Student Teacher Program, and that the classmate she selects, while precluded from partaking in the upcoming District Poetry Slam, will select the student who does participate in the event.  After much consideration, Mrs. Dunagan makes her choice, and has a laminated tag attached to a lanyard made to indicate their new status. When the class next meets, she summarizes Principal Kwan's student teacher program.  Tess asks why, and the teacher explains that research has indicated that students taught by their peers actually learn better.   Producing the dangling identification card, Mrs. Dunagan declares that she selected someone with a unique perspective, that she is certain that the entire class can learn from--Booker Baxter-Carter. After the shocked pupil steps up front, Mrs. Dunagan places the lanyard over his neck, officially making Booker the Student-Teacher of the class.   Later that day, Booker talks to Mrs. Dunagan in the hall.  Explaining that sometimes their mother mixes up their names, Booker suggests that the teacher meant to make his twin sister, Nia, the class student teacher.  Mrs. Dunagan assures the insecure student that she really did pick him, citing his work with The Chi-Lective, and noting that poetry plays into his rapping skills.   She also adds that she believes that Booker is more of a leader than he realizes.  Now knowing that he was selected on his own merit, Booker suggests that he could now give himself extra credit.  In response,  Mrs. Dunagan produces one of her puppets for her puppetry class and has it jokingly reply  "You're not hearing that from me."  Quite amused by her own response, she chuckles to herself, as she proceeds down the hallway. The teacher is gratified to see that her new student teacher appears to taking his new role seriously, arriving in class smartly dressed in a vest and tie.   The students recite their poems before the class, and Mrs. Dunagan encourages Booker to offer his own thoughts on each effort.
     Mrs. Dunagan was played by Cheryl Lynn Bowers.

  • She also teaches a Puppetry class at Carver.
  • She cites Booker's experience with The Chi-Lective as the reason for selecting him as a student teacher.
  • She enjoys hot beverages.
  • Cheryl Lynn Bowers previously appeared as "Customer #2" in the "Holiday Video Spectacular" episode of Bizaardvark, and "Director Emily" in the "Go Teddy!" episode of Good Luck Charlie.


Well, I asked him a few more questions, but that's when he told me to stop because he
needed some fresh air. So, I guess being a man means you need to be outside a lot.
Vance to Booker.

Vance was a student at George Washington Carver Community School.  An acquaintance of Booker, he bragged to a group of other boys that he was growing so fast that he had already gone through three pairs of shoes during the year.  He additionally claimed, that in the right light, he had a discernible whisker on his chin proving he was becoming a man.  At that point, Booker asked if Vance could elaborate further on manhood, as his "Little Bro," Levi, wanted to take notes.  Vance proclaimed that becoming a man came with developing muscles, and flexes his biceps for the group.  He explains that his growth spurt into manhood had made his father treat him with more respect, and that the pair had a "big" talk. Afterwards, his dad suggests they rent out some ATVs to ride during the weekend. When Booker asks for more, Vance admits that his dad needed fresh air and left without answering any more questions. This leads Vance to conclude that becoming a man requires spending a lot of time outside.
Vance was played by BJ Tanner.

  • Vance later invited Booker to join him on the ATV excursion.
  • In the original script:
    • Vance thought Booker smelled like flowers (this was due to Nia secretly dousing Booker's laundry with some of her perfume).
    • When Vance flexed his biceps, a passing female classmate rolled her eyes while walking away, clearly unimpressed.


You should eat your food before it runs off.
Killian warning Chelsea, before turning her food into a rabbit and back again.

Killian was an Illusionist that selected Chelsea on a dating app, and met her for a date at Maren's Mocha.  While Chelsea voiced her hope that her family might someday develop a taste for turnip juice, Killian advised her to eat her food before it got away.  When Chelsea expressed confusion at his words, Killian made a slight gesture of his hand, and before her eyes, Chelsea's plate of food suddenly became a live rabbit.  After Chelsea rather unenthusiastically observes the trick, with another wave of his wrist, Killian restored her plate back to normal.  Chelsea concluded that while Killian's talent was undoubtedly impressive,  it was also very annoying.
Killian was played by Kevin Stidham.

  • Kevin Stidham is actually Anneliese van der Pol's real-life brother-in-law, having married her older sister Sarah in 2017.
  • In the original script:
    • Killian the Magician was a stage performer, complete with top hat and magic wand, but did not restore the food.
    • Chelsea, herself, no longer liked turnip juice.
    • Later revised to Killian the Illusionist, he was described as "DAVID BLAINE-ESQUE."


Roger was a member of the staff of Sky's The Limit, a Chicagoland recreational rock climbing venue.  He supervised the harnesses used by Nia and Tess, as the pair made their ascents.  He did not share emotional mother Raven's enthusiasm,  when the girls apparently experienced a touching bonding moment while scaling the wall, and merely concentrated on his job of keeping the pair of friends safe. 
Roger was played by Hugh Aodh O'Brien.

  • The character had no dialogue, and his name was only revealed in the episode's end credits.
  • Hugh Aodh O'Brien has primarily been a stunt performer, and has appeared as such in Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The Suite Life on Deck, and A.N.T. Farm, as well as Disney XD series I'm in the Band and Lab Rats.

Close Shave

Mr. Arthur

Well after that, I just said... Let me just shave it off, they'll never call you 'Hair Jordan.'
Mr. Arthur's anecdote to the Baxter dinner table.

Mr. Arthur was the proprietor of the Bray Avenue location of Radio E-Clips by Chris Spring-Lake.  Due to Chris' recommendation, he takes on Booker as an assistant, for the boy's scholastically required volunteer community service, which mostly consists of sweeping up the accumulation of fallen hair on the floor 
Mr. Arthur was played by Charles Robinson.

  • He claims Michelle Obama's grandfather was a former client.
  • Mr. Arthur claims that he was the one that convinced NBA legend, and then Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan to shave his head.
  • Charles Robinson previously played the role of "Othello 'Pops' King" the maternal grandfather of K.C. Cooper in K.C. Undercover. 


Miguel Harris

Are you brushing me off? Is this what rejection feels like? Good thing my
heart is strong. You know what? I'm gonna go ahead and walk this off.
Miguel to Raven and Chelsea.

Miguel Harris was an interior decorator Raven and Chelsea considered to spruce up the business space for their new joint business venture.
Miguel Harris was played by Karamo Brown.

  • According to Raven, he is the most sought after Interior Designer in Chicago.
  • Activist ad TV Host Karamo Brown is best known for his appearances on Queer Eye and Dancing with the Stars.

The Story So-Fa


A complaint is just a few letters away from a compliment. How can I help you get there?
Maren to Nia.

Maren was a resident of Chicago, and also the owner and namesake of Maren's Mocha.  She first notices a pair of kids hogging her new couch, deliberately leading paying patrons away from it.  Eventually, she feels compelled to tell the pair to either leave or order something.  Nia, the girl, informs her that the Feng Shui of the entire cafe has been thrown off by the couch, as all the blessing are flowing towards the rest rooms, thus the couch should be moved outside.  Maren actually agrees, but realizes that a mirror she keeps in the back could be utilized to fix the flow of the room.  Later, the boy, Levi,  apparently has a seizure and falls on the couch, and his sister rushed to his side at once.  While Maren immediately advised  calling for the paramedics, Nia stated that he just needed some fresh air, and wanted to move the couch  outside, but Maren suggests getting a more portable cot from the back instead.  Maren shortly notes that young Levi makes a remarkable recovery.  Later two women enter the cafe and are automatically granted access to the couch, thus making it painfully obvious that the quartet are now clearly plotting together  Nia again gains Maren's attention to discuss a stale croissant she was served the week before, while subtly turning Maren's vision away from the front entrance. When Maren asks why Nia didn't bring that up last week, she suggests that last week, her family wasn't trying to sneak a couch out her door. Caught, the trio of would-be thieves, stopped their efforts and assumed the most casual poses they could, under the circumstances. Pointing to the coffeepot behind Nia where the reflections of her team's activities were evident. Nia then apologizes to Maren and explains the couch was actually their's, and was offered as a donation by accident. Nia's mother offers Maren $200 for the couch.  Maren ponders that since she only paid $50, she will gladly accept the full $200. Surprised the deal was made so easily, Raven tells her friend Chelsea to get the money. Explaining that the couch is her moneybank, Chelsea unzips a cushion and counts out the agreed upon amount and gives it to Maren. "So there was money n the couch, Maren muses to herself. When asked if she would would have given the money back, had she known, Maren merely turns away without comment, yet also $150 richer.
    Maren was played by Shania Accius.

  • She paid $50 for the Baxter couch.
  • Shania Accius also played "Becky (Counter Girl)" in the That's So Raven episode, "Saturday Afternoon Fever." Additionally, she also voiced various characters on The Proud Family.
  • Shania Accius becomes the eighth performer to appear in both That's So Raven and Raven's Home following Raven Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol, Jonathan McDaniel, Brian George, Rondell Sheridan, Staci Lynn Fletcher, and Mindy Sterling.
  • In the original script for The Story So-Fa:
    • Maren appeared in a vision of Raven's, finding the money in the couch.
    • Maren met the group outside trying to persuade her not to go inside until she revealed that she was the Maren of Maren's Mocha.
    • Nia mentioned spending time with Timotheé at the café to Maren who remarks that he reminded her of her first husband, and that Nia should run.
    • Chelsea handed over a cushion to pay the $200, which Maren opened herself, fulfilling Raven's vision.



Claire was a resident of Chicago, and a client of Chelsea Grayson's Lifestyle Coaching.  She was invited to the grand opening of the Your Best Dressed Life Boutique.  During  the event, she and Chelsea informally talked about her problem, that of extreme claustrophobia, and Claire found herself openly confronting her fear, by locating a small empty room, and staying within for as long as she could.  Two hours later, Chelsea discovered her, and although the speechless and shaken client swiftly made her way home, Claire had proven she could overcome her fear. 
Claire was played by LaTonya Croff.

  • LaTonya Croff was not credited for the role.
  • The character of "LaTonya" from Keepin' It Real, was named after her.
  • She was a member of the Raven's Home writing staff.
  • LaTonya Croff wrote the following episodes:
  1. New Dog, Old Trick
  2. Smoky Flow
  3. School House Trap
  4. Bah Humbugged
  5. What About Your Friends?

Season 4

Raven About Bunk’d


Kyle hates this place! And when Kyle is unhappy, the world weeps!
Kyle to his Mommy.

Kyle was a young resident of Moose Rump that was so extremely self-centered that he would only refer to himself in the third person.  Upon hearing the famed celebrity pig, Sweet Dairy Air,  would be at the Camp Kikiwaka Open House, he told his Mommy they were going.  Arriving at the camp, Kyle is annoyed that Dairy Air is not there, as what Kyle wants, Kyle always gets.  The program begins as two girls state that arts and crafts are an important part of camp, and mentions that the Earth is becoming overrun with trash. To illustrate this, the girls have created an art exhibit from trash on display in the mess hall. But all the tables were empty. Kyle notes that Kyle was promised art, and Kyle hates fibbers.  He then has his Mommy juice him.  As the crowd is led back outside again, Kyle states that Kyle is not impressed. The raffle for the free camping prize is cancelled and Kyle and the rest of the crowd are forced back into the mess hall to avoid a noxious green cloud. After that crisis was averted, Kyle told his Mommy that he hated the place, and when Kyle was unhappy "the world weeps."  Two older boys take the stage, they explain that things may not have gone as planned, but that's just the way Camp Kikiwaka was, a constant adventure. Other boys not much older than Kyle declare that Camp Kikiwaka is the best place in the world to spend the summer. When they are joined by other campers in singing and dancing on stage, even Kyle cannot help waving his hand to the performance.
Kyle was played by Nick A. Fisher.

  • Technically, Kyle is considered a Bunk'd character.    

Don't Trust The G in Apt 4B


You lost my daughter?
Peggy to Raven and Chelsea.

Peggy was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue along with her daughter Jillian. On Halloween, Peggy had planned to go trick-or-treating with Jillian, already wearing a Uni-horse costume from her favorite cartoon show. However, a call from her workplace told her that she was needed for an immediate shift. Not having time to arrange a sitter for her daughter, Peggy was forced to bring her along, telling the girl that they would just have to make the best of Halloween they could under the circumstances. As the pair made their way to the stairs, two neighbor ladies, also dressed for the holiday, Raven Baxter and Chelsea Grayson, emerged from their apartment. The women greet each other, with Peggy saying, "Trick or treat?" Chelsea selects treat, claiming it is always a treat to see each other. Raven bends low to admire Jillian's costume, noting how much her kids loved the original version. Peggy removes the mask off her daughters face to allow her to see more clearly as the two other women perform a rendition of the theme song. Chelsea then also kneels to inspect Jillian's outfit and opines that she wishes it came in an adult size. She also compliments Peggy's costume as well. However, Peggy explains she is actually on her way to her job for an unexpected shift, and Chelsea presumes that she must work at a fun place if they allow costumes there, which Peggy disputes, stating that working at a hospital is not often fun. Raven reveals to Chelsea that Peggy is an actual nurse, adding that working on Halloween night must be a bummer. Peggy agrees, admitting that Jillian had looked forward to trick-or-treating, as the pair continued towards the stairs. However, Raven called them back, explaining that she and Chelsea were on their way to their store to participate in a local Block Party, and as their own kids claimed to be too old for Halloween, they could take Jillian instead. Chelsea expanded on the idea stating that Jillian could play games with other kids and help pass out candy. Peggy was grateful for the offer and asked her daughter if she wanted to go, and the little girl enthusiastically shook her head affirmatively. Calling her neighbors lifesavers, Peggy took the opportunity to admire their costumes, easily discerning Chelsea's giant human foot, but having some trouble identifying Raven beyond "Bug." Raven quickly specified herself as a spider. Chelsea states that she had originally wanted to be a baby but that "someone" (indicating Raven) pooh-poohed the idea and begins laughing at her own accidental joke. Peggy hands Jillian her mask, and leaves to catch the next hospital bound train. Shortly before, nine, Peggy finally finds a co-worker willing to cover the rest of her shift, and she calls Raven to tell her she is arriving at their office to pick Jillian up. After a brief train trip, Peggy enters the Your Best Dressed Life building, and coincidently encounters a group of Uni-horses departing at the same time. Reaching Raven and Chelsea's office, Peggy finds a happy Jillian waiting for her. She thanks Raven and Chelsea for watching over Jillian as the girl gives her a hug. Patting her head, Peggy asks her daughter how the night went. Jillian answers with a energetic "Good." and an added thumbs up. Peggy thanks the other two women and turns to leave with her daughter, when she notices her phone has a unheard message from Chelsea. Figuring she must have missed it while riding the train, she plays the call. The excited voices of both Raven and Chelsea are heard as they appear to be calling for Jillian. After the message ends, an incredulous Peggy can only ask, "You lost my daughter?" Both Raven and Chelsea seem guilty, and try to state it is merely a trick, and Raven quickly produces a bowl of candy as a treat. As Jillian seems safe and well, Peggy decides to accept their story at face value and takes the bowl and starts to head out. When Raven asks if she has something else to carry the candy in, as the bowl belonged to her mother, but Peggy shoots her a hostile glare that changes her mind. Taking Jillian's hand, and a full bowl of candy, Peggy leaves to find any Halloween fun they still can.
Peggy was played by Samantha Jacks

  • The candy dish Peggy receives, apparently, once belonged to Tanya Baxter.
  • This is the second character named "Peggy" to appear in the series, the previous one, also a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, was an older lady that Grandma Zo taught boxing training techniques during The Story So-Fa
  • In the original script:
    • Peggy angrily left the Your Best Dressed Life office without taking a bowl of candy.


Jillian to her mother, about her Halloween with Raven and Chelsea.

Jillian was a young resident of 352 Hauser Avenue along with her mother, Peggy.
Jillian was played by Antonella Rose.

  • In the original script:
    • Jillian was a blonde.
    • Jillian wore an Alicorn costume.


I'm not Jillian.
Alexis to Chelsea.

Alexis  was a young resident of Chicago. 
Alexis was played by Elsa George.

  • In the original script:
    • The character was meant to be a redhead, and was called "Red Haired Girl."
    • Alexis wore an Alicorn costume.
    • Chelsea fitted a blonde pig-tailed wig over her head.

Baking Bad


I'm mainly self-taught. In the club! (Laughing while awkwardly swinging her hips}.
Mei to Raven and Chelsea on her dance training.

Mei was a resident of Chicago who was advised by a friend to seek out Chelsea Grayson for life coaching.
Mei was played by Cyrina Fiallo.

  • Although she ie aware of Raven's true name, Mei likes to call Raven and Chelsea as her two "Chelseas," a reference to how the trio met in Baking Bad.
  • Cyrina Fiallo is best known for playing "Vonnie" on Good Luck, Charlie and for appearances as "Ms. Oben" on the Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets Farkle" and "Rory Finch" on the  Bizaardvark episode "No Way Whoa!".
  • In the original script:
    • Raven asked for the name and address of Mei's friend because they didn't mention Raven as well.
    • Raven had Mei make the check out to her business manager, "Raven Baxter."
    • Raven did not want to go to the first dance class until Mei mentioned getting a photo booth.
    • Chelsea performs a "killer routine" to save Mei's class.
    • Chelsea tells Mei to get her boss a nice gift to get her job back.
    • Chelsea offers to give Mei dance lessons in the mornings which she will in turn teach to her own students at her studio at nights and the week-ends.


It's just easier for me to be myself when I'm somebody else.
Asher to Nia.

Asher was a young resident of Chicago.
Asher was played by Aidan McGraw.

  • In the script:
    • Asher's Blog was called "Ava's Flavor's."
    • In his final scene, Asher and Nia presented a plateful of scones, but while Asher was clean, Nia was covered with food.

Big Little Surprise

Sunrise Mahoney

Happy Birthday, Miss Raven. I spy a new friend.
Sunrise saying good-bye to Raven.

Sunrise Mahoney was the child of two iconic musical stars. While her parents prepare for a special benefit concert in Chicago, Raven is called in to provide special Diamond class Scüt service for Sunrise and her bodyguard, Chuck.
Sunrise Mahoney was played by Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja.

  • She calls her fans "Sunrays."
  • She allows her Sunrays to vote her a new middle name every day.
  • Sunrise has seven nannies, one for each day of the week.
  • Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja played "Marlowe," Fred's little sister in the Coop & Cami Ask the World, episodes "Would You Wrather Take a Dive?" & "Would You Wrather Be the Wagners?"
  • In the original script:
    • She is described as the child of iconic musical parents.
    • Her can of popcorn came from Gary's Popcorn.
    • Sunrise got a stuffed plush shark from the aquarium that she named "Mr. Shark" that helped her sing "Happy Birthday" to Raven.


If you want to drive Sunrise while her parents are in
town for a benefit concert, you wont tell anyone.
Chuck to Raven.

Chuck was a bodyguard assigned to watch over Sunrise Mahoney while they engaged the Diamond class Scüt service provided by Raven Baxter.
Chuck was played by Noel Arthur.

  • Noel Arthur previously appeared as a "Security Officer" in the Review It Up episode of Shake It Up and a "Guard" in the Cassandra Undercover episode of K.C. Undercover.
  • In the original script:
    • After being fired, Chuck asked to say "Sunrise is on the move," one last time.


We've been waiting for over an hour, with nothing here except warm punch.
The Neighbor to the kids.

The Neighbor  was a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue. Invited to the Summer in the City: A Picnic Under the Stars surprise Birthday party for Raven Baxter, she goes to the rooftop but after an hour with no Raven and only warm punch, she leaves just before Raven finally arrives.
The Neighbor was played by Ana Rey.

  • In the original script:
    • In a deleted scene, the character walks past Raven leaving her apartment talking to herself about her secret fare. She asks Raven if she said "Sunrise Mahoney." Raven claims she really said "Supersized Baloney," and quickly runs away.
    • After the Neighbor says her line, Tess was to have been seen dropping a single ice cube into the large punch bowl.

Tesscue Me


Because, High school.
Layla to Tess.

Layla was a student at George Washington Carver Magnet High School.
Layla was played by Sissy Sheridan.


How about a little dance-off? You win, you can stay, but if I win, a-buh-bye!
Mikka challenging Tess to a dance-off.

Mikka was a student at George Washington Carver Magnet High School, and the captain of the Dance Team.
Mikka was played by Siena Agudong.

  • Siena Agudong also played "Reina" in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Upside-Down Magic and "Brittany" in the episode, You’ve Got Female in Sydney to the Max.
  • In the original script:
    • Mikka had a father, "Mikka's Dad," who cleaned up during the party, but had no lines.


It's like the more you take away from teenagers, the stronger they become.
Janelle to Raven.

Janelle  was a resident of Chicago and the mother of Mikka.
Janelle was played by Julie Wittner .

  • Julie Wittner played "Kathy" in the Dress Mess episode of Good Luck Charlie.
  • In the original script:
    • The character was listed as "Mikka's Mom."
    • She had a husband, "Mikka's Dad," who was also cleaning up during the party, but had no lines.

Sharp Job-jects

Priya Singh

I built my company, Brew Can Do It, by hustling. And you guys hustled today.
Priya to Booker and Nia.

Priya Singh was a resident of Chicago, the owner/founder of Brew Can Do It coffee, and a client of Ravenous Fashions. 
Priya Singh was played by Mona Mira.

  • She mistakenly called her company, "Brew It, Can Do It," in the Baxter apartment.
  • Priya's lucky charm is fresh grass clippings from the east side of Millennium Park.
  • Brew Can Do It has 500 locations.
  • In the original script:
    • The character was described as "(PUT TOGETHER, INTENSE)"
    • Priya's surname was revealed as "Singh."
    • Priya's coffee business was called "Ground Up."

How I Met Your Mentor

Sasha (GWCMHS Student)

I'm Sasha! The best buddy a freshman could ever ask for.
Sasha meeting Nia.

Sasha (GWCMHS Student) was a student of George Washington Carver Magnet High School assigned to be Nia's mentor.
Sasha (GWCMHS Student) was played by Tori Kostic.

  • This is the second time a character named "Sasha" appears, the previous one was a client of Chelsea's Lifestyle coaching that liked Raven's fashion designs during It's Not Easy Being Green.
  • In the original script:
    • The character was described as "(AN OVER THE TOP SIXTEEN YEAR OLD WHO MAKES JOJO SIWA LOOK TAME.}"
    • Sasha admits to hiding times tables on her nails.
    • Sasha leases a car and is currently waiting on the mail for her third drivers license as she "lost" the previous ones because her pictures were "crazy" and is using a temp.
    • Sasha bought special cotton candy scented air fresheners.
    • Sasha enters the bookstore scene carrying two cups of coffee, and offers Nia a "Pro tip": order a latte and when it arrives, then claim to have originally ordered a mochaccino, the server says no worries, and lets you have the first one free as a BOGO.
    • When Nia questions the move, Sasha claims she also bought over priced mints for $2.50.
    • Sasha has passes for a "Street Festival,." rather than Flavor Fest.
    • Sasha wants to buy a toy cat that "poops jellybeans."
    • Sasha uses her phone to access a cheat site for Animal Farm spoilers.
    • Saying "Oopsie," Sasha spills coffee on a book and just dabs it off before placing it back on a shelf with a grin.
    • Sasha says she wants to buy "spiced chicken slabs between two glazed donuts," after they get the passes.
    • Sasha wants Nia to hide Raven's jacket in the backpack and pulls out the purloined purse.
    • Jamie was the source of Sasha's festival passes,, as his older brother was in a band named "Toxic," that was playing during the event.
    • When Jamie met Sasha, he was with another character named "Simone," who were both older than Sasha.


Oh, my mistake. You can keep it.
Julie, unknowingly conned by Sasha's ploy for a free drink.

Julie was a resident of Chicago who worked as a waitress in a book shop.
Julie was played by Lauren Robertson.

  • In the original script:
    • The character did not exist, Sasha enters the scene carrying two cups of coffee, and offers Nia a "Pro tip": order a latte and when it arrives, then claim to have originally ordered a mochaccino, the server says no worries, and lets you have the first one free as a BOGO.

Jamie (GWCMHS Student)

Oof. Security. Not a good look. I'll, uh, see you inside? Or not.
Jamie to Sasha.

Jamie (GWCMHS Student)  was a student of George Washington Carver Magnet High School that met Sasha at the Flavor Fest concert.
Jamie (GWCMHS Student) was played by Ashton Arbab.

  • This is the second time a character named "Jamie" appears, the previous one was a new neighbor girl Booker crushed on during New Dog, Old Trick.
  • In the original script:
    • Jamie was the source of Sasha's festival passes,, as his older brother was in a band named "Toxic," that was playing during the event.
    • When Jamie met Sasha, he was with another character named "Simone," who were both older than Sasha.

Security Guard (Flavor Fest)

Everybody calm down.
The Security Guard to Sasha and Nia.

The Security Guard (Flavor Fest) was a resident of Chicago who worked security at the Flavor Fest concert.
The Security Guard (Flavor Fest) was played by Gina St. John.

  • This is the second time a character called "Security Guard" appears, the previous one was a man assigned to Councilwoman Johnson during New Dog, Old Trick.
  • Gina St. John previously appeared as a "Reporter" in 3 episodes of Shake It Up and a "Reporter/Newscaster" in 2 episodes of K.C. Undercover.
  • In the original script:
    • As part of a dropped subplot concerning a "cursed" glossy velour high school jacket Raven got from a "Steve Neely" in the past, Raven disposed of it by giving it to Nia to wear to the Street Festival. The Security Guard admires the jacket, and even goes as far to call Nia "Glossy Velour."

Wheel of Misfortune

Angelica Moreno

And I started my own Spanish club. I've got layers.
Angelica to Nia.

Angelica Moreno was a freshman at George Washington Carver Magnet High School. Angelica Moreno was played by Kyla-Drew.

  • The character was credited as "Angelica."
  • She speaks Spanish.
  • She is involved in the following clubs:
    • She is president of the Spanish club.
    • She has joined the Eco club along with Nia.
    • She has joined and helped found the Ice Cream Club along with Booker, Nia, Ramon and Tess.
    • She would have joined the Forkknife club along with Tess and Ramon, but Booker went with the Ice Cream Club instead.
  • Kyla Drew Simmons also played "Taylor Harris" in the Jessie episode, "From the White House to Our House", and "Mae" in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

Diff'rent Strikes


Oh, that was you? Sorry. I got a little heated.
Mary apologizing for throwing a juice box at Raven.

Mary was an English teacher at George Washington Carver Magnet High School.
Mary was played by Christine Rodriguez .

  • At the last PTA meeting before the strike, Mary threw a juice box at Raven.
  • Christine Rodriguez had previously appeared as "Gwen Pepper" in the K.C. Undercover  episode "Stormy Weather" and "Margo" in the Austin & Ally episode  "Beauties & Bullies."


Are you here with more olives?
David to an angry Raven.

David was a student of George Washington Carver Magnet High School.
David was played by Noen Perez.

  • Noen Perez also played "Tyler" in the Henry and the Woodpeckers episode of Henry Danger.

Fresh Off the Note


I love doing nothing, especially with you guys
Olivia to the gang.

Olivia was a freshman at George Washington Carver Magnet High School.
Olivia was played by Alison Fernandez.

  • This is the second time a character named Olivia appears in Raven's Home, Olivia Olivinski was a background role that appeared twice, Crewed Up and Hoop Streams in Season 3 played by an unknown actress.
  • Like fellow guest stars Max Torina and Siena Agudong, Alison Fernandez has appeared on both Sydney to the Max (as "Chloe" on the episode The Lunch Club) and DCOM Upside-Down Magic (as "Pepper"). Additionally, she has actually appeared on the sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat.
  • In the original script:
    • When Olivia said she loved doing nothing with them, she also thanks the gang for letting her join them.
    • There was a somewhat awkward moment in the kitchen, when Booker told Olivia she had chip crumbs on her lip gloss.
    • When Booker is not wearing the scarf at school, the pair have a Star Wars themed humorous exchange:
      • Olivia: I figured you got tired of being called "Luke Scarfwalker."
      • Booker: It was like wearing a Death Star around my neck.
    • After Olivia, Ramon, Tess, and Nia leave Booker alone in the hall, he gets a text from Levi reminding him to sign the note.
    • When talking it out with Booker Olivia brings up the kitchen/chip crumb incident.
    • When Booker says "vision" Olivia states she has a vision board too.too.

10 Things Debate About You

Mr. Argo

And I couldn't be more proud of you, if I had won
this myself! (singing) One more for the trophy case.
Mr. Argo celebrating with the championship trophy with the victorious Debate team.

Mr. Argo was the Debate teacher at George Washington Carver Magnet High School.
Mr. Argo was played by Coby Ryan McLaughlin.


  • He selected Levi to be the first middle schooler to participate in a High School Debate tournament.
  • In the original script:
    • He was described as to be in his 30's.
    • In a deleted scene, Mr. Argo invited a group of middle schoolers from Carver Community (which included Levi) to visit Debate Club (which included Booker) he has the pair debate, which played out much like the actual televised scene, and an impressed Argo decided to have the victorious Levi join the Debate Team.
    • Mr. Argo was seen placing the trophy inside the school case.
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