"N'Charmony?" They should be "N'Trouble."
— Tess to the Baxter twins after N'Charmony has stolen their music.

N'Charmony were an acapella group consisting of their leader Duchess, Chloë and June who all attended the same private school. They were declared the winners of the 2019 Radio Eclipse Live Contest, receiving $25,000 and a record contract. However, their methods were questionable at best, as they blatantly utilized the music and dance moves of their rival contestants, The Chi-Lective.


Season 3

Cali Dreams



  1. "We Are N'Charmony"
  2. "The Bill of Rights/Smoky Flow" (Medley)


  • They each attend the same private school, which had a Gold Bar as a Mascot, with the cheer of "Go Money"
  • Their name is a hybrid of N'SYNC, Destiny's Child and Fifth Harmony.
  • The songs stolen from the Chi-Lective that won the contest were what advanced the band to the next rounds.
  • Several details of the group from the original script were not used:
    • It was made clear that all three came from wealthy families, and cared nothing for the money but must have the fame of winning.
    • Their original name was simply Charmony.
    • They were described as Destiny's Child crossed with Mean Girls.
    • They claimed they attended the same school as LeBron James' children.
    • Duchess had a penchant for dropping celebrity names.
    • The group had a "Yoga-lates" class.
    • A scene where the group encountered Raven and Chelsea near the stage, and mistake them as craft service workers, ordering "pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk."  It is later revealed Duchess' mother was a recording artist, and also a judge on Radio Eclipse Live.
    • Duchess, Chloë and June, each had a scene with Nia and Tess in the restroom.
    • Duchess swiped Levi's memory card to get The Chi-Lective footage, and returned it after their performance.


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