I know this looks bad. But, I promise there is a perfectly good reason
for me to sneak in here dressed as a room service waiter...
Nia to Councilwoman Johnson

New Dog, Old Trick is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the thirty-first overall. It first aired on November 2, 2018 to 0.69 million viewers.[1]



When Raven accompanies Nia on her retreat for the Young Leaders of Tomorrow, she becomes more focused on talking to Shinée Dubois about her new fashion line.[2]

Full Plot

Sienna is hanging out on the roof with her dog, Mr. Manchego and the new sisters - Jamie and Amber - who recently moved in. Booker and Levi want to hit on the sisters but the girls ignore them - until Booker starts playing with Mr. Manchego. This makes Booker realize that the girls would pay attention to them if they had a dog. He asks Raven for a puppy but she refuses.

Nia asks Raven to accompany her to the annual Young Leaders of Tomorrow weekend hosted by Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson, held at the West Pullman Mindful Retreat.. She idolizes the councilwoman because of her many accomplishments including a program for the underprivileged. Even though Raven had been busy with her new jacket design, she agrees to go with Nia. She asks her assistant, Sebastian to watch over Booker, Levi and the design jacket.

With Raven out, Booker realizes that this is their opportunity to get a puppy and impress Jamie and Amber. Luckily, since Sienna's family will be out of town for the weekend, Booker volunteers to dog-sit Mr. Manchego. Levi and Booker convince Sebastian that Raven is cool with them dog-sitting. They wait at the door for Jamie and her sister so that they can walk the dog together. Unfortunately, the dog pees on Booker's foot just as the girls are about to go out with them. Back in the house, the boys try to teach the dog how to behave but this leads into commotion and in the process, the dog destroys Raven's design jacket!

Meanwhile at the retreat, Raven is unable to concentrate after noticing her favorite designer, Shinée Dubois. Raven wants a chance to show Shinée her design. So, she uses every opportunity she gets to try to talk to her, even if it means jeopardizing Nia's activities. During a blindfold trust walk exercise, Raven leaves Nia walking alone so she can talk to Shinée. On her return, she causes Nia to crash and fall, embarrassing herself in front of the councilwoman. While everyone is calm during a meditation exercise, Raven causes a lot of disturbance as she struggles to get into position. Then right after, she gets a vision that Shinée likes her design. So, she struggles to move around to call Sebastian to send a picture of the jacket but Sebastian doesn't send it because the jacket is already destroyed.

Nia's last chance to impress Councilwoman Johnson is through her speech. She leaves Raven with the speech for a moment. When Shinée finally agrees to see Raven's design, Raven uses the back of Nia's speech to draw the jacket's design. Shinée is impressed. As Raven folds the speech back to focus on Nia, she accidentally sets it on fire. Nia is disappointed.

After the retreat, Nia tries to sneak into the Councilwoman's office to ask for a second chance with a newly rewritten speech. Raven comes looking for her and apologizes for messing up. They ask the security guard to let them in but he refuses. When a room service lady leaves her cart unattended, Nia goes and puts a disguise as room service to trick the security guard into letting her in. She starts speaking to the Councilwoman who is still in another room. While setting food for her, Nia also prepares to give the speech. She starts sneezing because she is allergic to pepper. She hears another deeper sneeze coming from under the cart.

It turns out that Raven was hiding under the cart. She had snuck in to fight for Nia as well. Raven remains under the cart as Councilwoman Johnson walks into the room to find Nia disguised as room service. Nia apologizes and begs for a chance to read her speech. The Councilwoman is impressed by Nia's persistence. So, she gives her a chance. While reading the first sentence, Nia's speech is interrupted by a big sneeze from Raven. Raven falls out of the cart. The Councilwoman calls out Raven for messing with all of Nia's chances to impress her throughout the day. Nia is relieved that the councilwoman noticed how hard she tried. Security kicks Raven out so that Nia can finish her speech peacefully. Nia's impressive speech gets her selected as one of the Councilwoman's Neighborhood Youth Council..

Nia thanks Raven for inspiring her to never give up. After all, would she have gone through the shenanigans of putting on a disguise if she wasn't Raven Baxter's daughter. They head back home. Raven doesn't even notice that the jacket had been destroyed - thanks to Booker and Levi convincing Sebastian to recreate it.


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  • Due to this episode being aired out of production order, Shinée Dubois had not met Raven yet.



  • This episode was filmed on June 15, 2018.
  • This is the first episode to air in a new regular time slot, 9:00 PM on Fridays.
  • As this episode was filmed before Switch-or-Treat, Shinée Dubois does not know Raven yet.
  • Chelsea has missed 7 episodes.
  • Tess has missed 3 episodes.
  • Sienna lives in apartment 2C of 352 Hauser Avenue.
  • Sienna's dog, Mr. Manchego, from Because returns.
  • Shinée Dubois has a daughter named Renée.
  • In the original script:
    • Shinée's surname was Objeque.
    • One of the exercises was to sit with a partner for an hour of silence.
    • Raven drew her design on a tablecloth and whipped it off a table to give to Shinée without knocking over a pyramid of drinking glasses set atop of it, only to later hear a crash offstage.
    • Raven purposely rolled out of the cart to stop the councilwoman from calling security on Nia.


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