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Nia and Raven

Nia and Raven is the Mother-Daughter relationship in Raven's Home. Raven is always supportive of Nia and gives her advice on some topics. They are very close and are the two females in the Baxter-Carter bunch.

Baxter's Back

  • Raven had a vision of Nia complaining that she doesn't get much attention
  • Raven started giving Nia too much attention making her uncomfortable.
  • In the end Raven told Nia she loves her and Booker equally

[Big Trouble in Little Apartment ]]

  • Nia tried to tell Raven how she feels about her living situation
  • Nia didn't want to upset Raven by telling her bad news
  • Raven started to play with Nia's bras much to her annoyance and embarrassment
  • Raven went to find Nia after she snuck out to see Devon
  • Raven looked sad when Nia wanted to move in with Devon
  • Raven was worried when Nia came home to say her bad news because she didn't want to loose her baby girl
  • They made things right in the apartment so Nia could stay.

The Baxters Get Bounced

  • Nia and Booker gave Raven the money from their yard sale
  • At the end Raven showed a picture of the twins in a bath

You're Gonna Get It

  • Raven told Nia not to use her makeup
  • Nia took it anyway and wore it to school
  • When Raven came Home and she saw Nia in makeup she was furios
  • Raven asked Nia what got into her, Nia liked getting older attention
  • Raven said it a mother's job to remind her daughter she's beautiful
  • Nia said she would remind her too, and they hugged
  • Raven grounded Nia for 3 weeks (she was gonna say 2 but since Nia suggested it.

Dancing Tween

  • Raven basically threatened Nia to get in the car
  • Nia tried to talk to Raven about her dancing problems
  • Nia sarcastically said Raven's weird dancing helped her
  • At the dance Nia old Raven her cupcakes were delicious
  • Nia told Raven she didn't want to embarrass herself by dancing
  • Raven said the worst thing that could happen was Nia not having fun at her dance
  • They danced together and Nia was able to get Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Levi, and Tess to dance too

The Falcon and The Raven - Part Two

  • Raven started to not pay attention to Nia because of her not having visions
  • Nia started to feel left out of her mother and brother
  • Nia faked a vision to get attention from her mom
  • Raven told Nia that although her and Booker are the "Psychic Duo", her, Booker and Nia are "Team Baxter
  • That made Nia happy
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