Nothing like the open road, huh, Levi?
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Oh Father, Where Art Thou? is the eighth episode in  Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-first overall. It first aired on July 13, 2018 to 0.80 million viewers.



Nia is excited her dad is flying in for her school’s Father/Daughter dance, but when Raven has a vision, Devon is stuck in a snowstorm and may not make it – she does everything she can to make sure Nia isn’t disappointed.[1]

Full Plot

Nia is excited for the father-daughter dance at her school because Devon is flying from Dallas to dance with her. Raven has got the perfect dress for her. Tess, on the other hand, doesn't expect her dad to show up because she is used to it. So, instead of getting a dress, she puts on a DJ outfit to help Chelsea with entertainment during the dance. Booker goes to the dance too to help in the photo section where he runs into his favorite NBA player, Antoine Decker and his daughter, Sheridan. He starts getting close to Sheridan, hoping for a chance to get close to her dad and take a photo with him.

Back at home, Raven gets a call from Devon, saying that he might not make it for Nia's dance because he's stuck at the airport due to a heavy snowstorm. Raven doesn't want Nia to be disappointed. She tries to go with Levi to pick up Devon but the storm is too heavy. She calls Chelsea to tell her about it but asks her not to tell Nia. However, since the dance-floor is too loud, Chelsea lowers down and talks through the microphone on the DJ stand and Nia hears it. Nia becomes very disappointed but Tess comforts her. To help Nia take her mind off of it, Booker asks her to help taking photos but instead of cheering people, she starts venting to them about how one day the dad might get a job far away and miss his daughter's father-daughter dance. So, Booker asks her to go help Tess on the DJ table instead.

Out of options, Raven then puts on a disguise - including a mustache - hoping that she can pass for a dad so that she can dance with Nia instead. While Raven is still in the disguise, there's a knock on the door. It's Tess's dad, Jimmy O'Malley. He is a trucker who spends long hours on the road, but today, he had to make an exception to come and surprise Tess at the dance. He tells Raven that he's parked his truck outside. As Jimmy leaves, Raven gets an idea. She convinces Levi that they should use Jimmy's truck to go pick up Devon since the truck can withstand snowstorm. However, on their way to the airport, they are stopped by Officer Seeley for speeding. Raven tries to handle it calmly. But when the cop notes that the truck is registered to Jimmy O'Malley while Raven's license says "Raven Baxter," Raven panics. She tells the cop that her name is Raven but around here they call her "Big Rae" and says Levi's name is "Lil Debbie." Since it's cold outside and the cop is running out of patience, she lets them go with a warning. She says she never wants to see them again. They continue with their trip to pick up Devon. On their way back, they run into the same cop. She identifies them as Big Rae and Lil Debbie before noticing Devon Carter. Since she is a fan of Devon on TV, she lets them go.

While working on the turntable, Tess is surprised when her dad shows up. Since Tess wasn't dressed up for the dance, Nia switches clothes with her, giving Tess her poofy dance dress. While Tess is dancing with her dad, Nia takes over as the DJ. But since she's still upset, she starts playing sad music. Booker goes to put on a more upbeat song. Nia explains how disappointed she is about her dad not showing up. Booker starts to comfort her, then he gets a vision of Nia dancing with her dad in her dress. This gives Nia hope. She goes to the dance floor to ask Tess to swap dresses back.

Booker goes back to dancing with Sheridan, hoping to get close to her dad. As they talk, Sheridan keeps punching him but he puts up with it. She tells him that a lot of guys don't ask her out because she is much taller than most boys her age. She also mentions that a lot of people only talk to her so that they can get close to her dad. As they dance and talk, Sheridan realizes that Booker is doing the same because he keeps bringing up her dad. She gets upset and calls out Booker for being like everyone else - just using her to get closer to her father. Booker feels guilty and goes to talk to Chelsea about it. Chelsea mentions that if Sheridan keeps punching Booker, she probably has a crush on him. Booker feels bad for misleading Sheridan like that. So, when Sheridan and her dad come to take a photo, he takes a minute to apologize to Sheridan. She forgives him and lets him take a photo with them.

It's getting late and Nia becomes more worried because Devon is still not there yet. She tells Booker that his vision might have been wrong but Booker asks her to not give up yet. So, Nia keeps asking Tess not to play the last song. But Tess can't hold it off any longer. She sympathizes with Nia but plays the final song. As the song plays, Nia and Booker walk out of the dance floor, disappointed. They go back home only to be surprised to find Devon waiting for Nia. Devon gives Nia a flower as Raven puts on dance music and lights. Nia finally gets her father-daughter dance.


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  • Devon returns from Dallas to take Nia to a father-daughter dance. He left for Dallas in The Bearer of Dad News.
  • In Because, Raven mentions that she trusts Devon with her psychic visions secret. It is finally confirmed in this episode that Devon knows about Raven's visions.


  • This episode filmed on March 2, 2018.
  • Devon and Coach Spitz become the only recurring characters to appear in both seasons of Raven's Home.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • The title is likely a play on the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou? and O Sister, Where Art Thou from the Disney Channel series Bunk'd.
  • Tess' father Jimmy O'Malley is introduced.
  • This was the first episode with a scene set outside of Chicago as Devon is shown in his Dallas TV studio. 
  • Although he signed with the L.A. Lakers for the 1994 pre-season, Poncho Hodges never played in an official NBA game.
  • Sheridan hitting Booker is a reference to That's So Raven where Loca was hitting Eddie.
  • In the original script:
    • Raven and Jimmy simply switched keys, as he didn't want to drive his rig to school.
    • Raven's fake moustache was only ink.
    • Jimmy offered Raven as much chicken as she wanted off his truck.
    • There was a running joke of Jimmy having one suit for all occasions.
    • Levi was called "Little Earl."
    • Antoine "Dunker" Decker was said to be a 3-time MVP and only averaged 22.5 points.


  • Booker gets a vision of Nia dancing with her dad.


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