Paisley was an antagonist character in Raven's Home. She is a fashion designer and was the former boss of Raven.

She was portrayed by Skyler Day.


Paisley has a lazy personality, she'd make her workers do extra work so she'd get time off, at one point she made Raven dog-sit. She is mean to her employees, especially Jessica. Paisley is also bratty and inconsiderate, having treated Raven and her assistant Jessica poorly but acts like she's entitled to.

Character History

In "The Baxters Get Bounced", Paisley asks Raven to work on a Saturday. But when Raven politely asks for a raise, she refuses. In "You're Gonna Get It", she insists on seeing Raven's (fake) puppies, Booker and Nia. She pressures Raven into letting her come over to Raven's apartment to see the dogs. Raven and Chelsea are forced to borrow dogs and put on a fake show to impress her. Afterwards, she tells Raven that she was coming to test her to see if she takes good care of her dogs; and since Raven passed the test, Paisley plans on bringing her puppies there while on vacation.

In "Vest in Show", Paisley is hosting a Doggy Fashion Show and wants to present Raven's designs. She pressures Raven into working overtime to complete the designs. Booker does most of the designs but Raven takes credit for them. So, Paisley asks Raven to make the designs live during the show. Raven is forced to hide Booker in a large coat in order to pretend that she's the one drawing. Needless to say, it goes bad and Raven is exposed. Paisley freaks out at Raven in front of everyone. Raven quits the job just before Paisley fires her.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Raven worked at her canine fashion studio for over 3 years.
    Paisley Canine Fashion Studio

    Paisley's Canine Fashion Studio

  • She thought Nia and Booker were dogs because Raven told her as such.
  • Her assistant is named Jessica.
  • She was planning a canine wedding between her dog and the one owned by "the Mayor."
  • She planned to have Raven care for her dog at her apartment for an extended stay.
  • She valued Raven's skills, but still had no qualms in exploiting her whenever possible.
  • She and Raven parted ways in Vest in Show.
  • Sebastian mentions Paisley and her Studio when he first encounters Raven in Just Call Me Vic.
  • Skyler Day has previously guest-starred in the Disney Channel series, Sonny With a Chance.


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