Principal Octavia Kwan is a recurring character in Raven's Home. She is the current principal of George Washington Carver Community School, replacing former Principal Montell Wentworth.

She is portrayed by Kaliko Kauahi.


Ebullient and happy, Principal Kwan takes great pride in George Washington Carver Community School, as a notable former student, and has apparently been affiliated with the institution throughout her educational career.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Her episodes in Season 2 were aired in reverse production order.
  • The character's original surname was So.
  • Although she created the Carver Ambassador program as a student, her name is not on the current Wall of Ambassador Names.
  • Because she loves bacon, she treats her Carver Ambassadors to a weekly bottomless bacon breakfast.
  • She treasures her peanut statue.
  • She appeared slightly miffed that Booker broke her record by winning the School Halloween Costume Talent Contest three years in a row.
  • She wore a costume of Buttered Toast with Jam for Halloween.
  • She is currently unaware that students secretly announce her oncoming presence in the halls with bird calls, and suspects a bird may have gotten inside the school.
  • She is the Carver Cotillion class teacher.
  • She admits to using a salad fork to scratch her back.
  • She lives alone.
  • She had a Zero Tolerance Policy for online bullying. 
  • She has instituted a Student-Teacher program at Carver.


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