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It's the story of a boy whose dreams of becoming a famous horse jockey are dashed
when he had a growth spurt and winds up six-foot-five. I call it 'Spitz! The Musical.'
Coach Spitz describing his play.

"Raven's Home: Remix" is the fifteenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-eighth overall. It first aired on October 12, 2018 to 0.72 million viewers.[1]


Booker sets out to land the lead role in the school's musical; when Nia discovers the part requires someone who is great at basketball and can rap -- two things Tess excels at -- she tries to convince Coach Spitz to let Tess audition for the role.[2]

Full Plot

The episode starts with Coach Spitz posting a paper that he is holding auditions for a musical about his life. He tells Booker, Levi, Nia, and Tess. Booker is excited because he wants to be famous. Spitz tells him he has to know how to rap, and play basketball. After getting negative encouragement from his friends and sister he then sings I Want This. In the end, he ends up on the floor saying he wants a quarter.

At the house, Raven is helping Book get ready for the audition. Chelsea then comes in and offers Turnip Juice to everyone, which they hate. Raven then throws it out the window. Booker then tries to do his rapping, but his audience (apart from Raven) isn't pleased. Booker then gets a vision of Spitz kicking someone out the play. He thinks it's himself. Levi tells him to find someone to train him. Tess then comes in with Turnip Juice on her clothes. Chelsea realizes that making everyone flee.

In the gym, Tess is training Booker. However, his hoops are less than desirable. Tess tells him rap is about flow and she demonstrated that by rapping Tess Freestyles. Spitz is impressed but says she isn't right for his play because it's about a boy and Tess is a girl. Nia questions why he would say that and Tess at least deserves a chance. Tess is okay with it but Nia isn't. At the house, Nia is mad Spitz said no. Tess says she plays for fun and doesn't need to be in a play. Raven tells Nia that she needs to use her voice and say what she wants. This inspires Nia.

At the auditions, Booker is planning to wow Spitz. He follows a particular bad audition by a nervous classmate. Booker's rapping was okay but he couldn't catch the basketball. Nia then comes in and says she's here to remind him of the skill he's giving up. She then sings Legendary convincing Spitz to put Tess in his musical, upsetting Booker.

At home, Raven makes a pie. Nia then comes home and says she spoke to Spitz. Booker comes in and says because of Nia he won't be famous. She then brings up the fact Raven told her too. Raven said that she made a mistake. She then goes to school and she and Coach Spitz sing Raven's Pie Convincing Booker to be cast as Ref #1.

At the house, Raven comes into Booker and Levi's room and tells him he's been cast as Ref #1. He's actually happy. Raven then has a vision of Booker getting a round of applause, which makes her believe he was spectacular.

At the play, Nia and Tess are being interviewed by a student journalist for the school paper about Tess being apart of the musical. Nia answers all the questions not letting Tess say a word. The play is about to start and before Tess sings Face of a Movement. When it starts Tess freezes up and Nia, Booker, Coach Spitz, and Raven go to check on her. Tess says she choked. Spitz kicks her out the play. Booker says that was his vision. Raven encourages him to take the role which he does. Chelsea and Levi try to drum up their business by singing Turnip Juice. It makes people regret tasting it.

Meanwhile, Tess is sitting at the window and Nia comes to check on her. The two girls explain what's going on by singing Eye To Eye. Nia apologizes for not seeing Tess' side of the situation and they make up. Backstage Raven is helping Booker prep for the musical. He is doubting if he is right for the musical. He surrenders the part. Raven wonders why she was selfish for Booker being in the musical more than Tess. Raven and Nia sing the last part of the song seeing they were both in the wrong.

Booker gives the part to Tess. Spitz is proud of her for being brave. The musical starts with everyone singing Replay The Moment. Raven and Nia are proud they made Booker and Tess happy. Nia said she's just like Raven. Booker then shoots but because he still can't shoot he knocks over the Turnip Juice. This makes everyone cheer for him. He then has everyone throw an after-party at the apartment. The episode ends with Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Nia, Levi and Tess singing Replay The Moment.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Anthony Alabi as Coach Spitz
  • Luzila Skye Ashley~Castillo as Wheelchair Student (uncredited)

Guest Cast

Songs From The Episode:

  1. I Want This by Booker
  2. Tess Freestyles by Tess
  3. Legendary by Nia
  4. Raven's Pie by Raven & Coach Spitz
  5. Face of a Movement by Tess
  6. Turnip Juice by Chelsea & Levi
  7. Eye To Eye by Raven, Booker, Nia & Tess
  8. Replay The Moment by Raven, Booker, Nia, Tess, Chelsea, Levi, & Coach Spitz
  9. Legendary (Disney Channel Stars)


  • Tess developed a taste for acting.
  • This episode taped on March 23, 2018.
  • This was the first episode skipped for airing by production order.
  • This is the second musical episode in the franchise after the 2004 "That So Raven"' episode The Road to Audition.
  • The roles won by Tess and Booker in Coach Spitz's musical were spoiled in the promos for this episode.
  • Isaac Brown stated this episode inspired him to pursue music in his real life.
  • The episode was choreographed by "Willdabeast" Adams.
  • This was the first episode to feature Tess rapping.
  • This episode marked Chelsea's last appearance in Season 2. She would next be seen in the third season premiere, Friend-Ship.
  • The scene with Tess rapping and playing basketball is reminiscent of "Eddie's Rap" in The Road to Audition.
  • According to Issac Ryan Brown,  this episode was originally called "Spitz: The Musical"
  • Dancer, Morgan Landrigan's unnamed character, had previously been a member of The Red Hot Chili Steppers, returned among Nia's girl dancers, and later, a basketball player in the musical.
  • This episode led into the series premiere of the new Disney Channel original series, Coop and Cami Ask the World.
  • A special sing-a-long version of the episode premiered on November 12, 2018 with a deleted performance.
  • A video for a song from this episode, entitled Legendary, was released on 10/08/18 featuring various female Disney Channel Stars.
  • This episode was meant to be seen as a "movement" and a "life-changer," for its feminist themes. 


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