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On the Raven's Home Wiki, we have a specific layout for certain pages. The layout guide explains the way articles of specific categories should be displayed in terms of sections and their content. Please follow these layouts when creating pages of these categories. Click the titles for the full display.

What pages have these layouts?

The pages listed below are the page categories that require their own specific layout.

Why do these pages need these layouts?

On the Raven's Home Wiki we prefer to sustain a specific layout on all pages of the same category. These layouts keep the information organized and easy for users to find. Not only does it keep pages organized, but it delivers information sufficiently and orderly. For example, if a user is looking for the production information of Pilot, they can simply go to the section on that page and find it. This also gives the user's a sense that they will be able to find the production information of each aired episode. All information about a the topic of the page will be able to be found with these layouts.

What if I feel these layouts contain errors?

If you feel any of these layouts contains something you don't agree with or lacks something that would add to the page, please bring it to the attention an admin. There we will discuss the change to the layout.


Still confused about the layout guide? Ask one of our administrators for help.

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