Your design is EVERYTHING! The Fashion World needs to see this,
and when they do, Ravenous is going to blast off to the next LEVEL!
— Sebastian extolling Ravenous Fashions to Raven.

Sebastian was a recurring character in Raven's Home. He is a fashion student who resides at 352 Hauser Avenue and is a neighbor of the Baxters.

He was portrayed by Jason Rogel.


Excitable, exuberant, and energetic, Sebastian is really devoted to fashion and his dog, Basil. He has a great deal of knowledge on the role of fashion in society and has written a paper outlining his ambitious plan for launching an upstart fashion company. However, he can become really shy when encountering someone he greatly admires such as Raven Baxter, barely capable of uttering an intelligible word much less an entire sentence. But once he feels accepted, Sebastian's natural ebullient personality shines through.


Season 2


  • Sebastian has a dog who is a small tan Terrier named Basil.
  • He wishes he had some of Basil's outfits from Paisley Studio made in his size.
  • Although he was aware of Raven's work and reputation, he did not know what she actually looked like, much less that they lived in the same apartment building.
  • He selects the book entitled, Hemlines Through The Ages from Nia's and Tess's free library.
  • Sebastian claims to have won costume contests as both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and as an ordinary rock.
  • Jason Rogel had a recurring role as Leo with Raven-Symoné in State of Georgia.
  • Jason Rogel once used the hashtag #NotTheFalconGuy on Instagram to differentiate himself from fellow Raven's Home star, Alec Mapa.


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