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Where did it go? Where are my visions?
Booker to Dr. Sleevemore.

"Sleevemore Part One: Frozen" is the twelfth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-fifth overall. It first aired on September 21, 2018 to 0.82 million viewers.



When Booker freezes mid-vision, Raven takes him to Dr. Sleevemore – the same doctor who helped her when she was a teen.[1]

Full Plot

Nia and Booker are about to leave for school when they notice that they are coincidentally wearing matching outfits. So, the twins start fighting, accusing each other of trying to copy the other. They also realize that they're both planning to audition as anchors for the school news segment, the Carver Corner Commentary. Nia wants to do it so that she can make a difference and go into broadcasting like her dad. Booker wants to do it for fame and fortune. To settle the fight, Raven convinces both twins to change their shirts. Surprisingly, they end up wearing another set of matching outfits!

At school, Ms. Pittman thinks it's cute that the twins are matching clothes. In fact, it gives her an idea to have them both host the segment. She calls it the "Carver Corner Commentary with the Baxter-Carter Twins." Booker and Nia start fighting again because they don't want to work together. As Nia walks away after their fight, Booker gets a vision in which he sees Levi floating in the air, saying "Booker don't just stand there!" Before Booker can figure out what's going on, the vision freezes and Booker freezes too. When Levi notices that Booker is frozen, he tries to help him snap out of it, and covers for him that they are doing a "Mannequin Challenge," to onlookers. It takes a while. When he finally unfreezes, Booker tells Levi what happened and they both become very concerned.

Meanwhile, during Raven's Scüt rides, one of her passengers turns out to be Dr. Sleevemore. Sleevemore is a doctor who helps children with psychic abilities. Back when Raven was a teenager, some of Sleevemore's students contacted her and brought her to the original Sleevemore Center in San Francisco. Now, years later, they are both thrilled to catch up. Sleevemore reveals to Raven that he is in town because he has opened another Sleevemore Center for Psychically Gifted Children in Chicago.

Later at home, Booker gets the same vision and freezes again. This time, he doesn't unfreeze. Levi tells Raven and Nia that it happened before, in school. They all become very worried. Nia suggests throwing cold water on Booker but Raven dismisses it. Raven tells them that she knows someone who can help - Dr. Sleevemore. They all carry frozen Booker and take him to Dr. Sleevemore's Center. Sleevemore wakes Booker up by throwing water on him. They then explain to Booker what happened. After that, Dr. Sleevemore introduces them to other children with psychic abilities including:

  • Leslie - has telekinesis
  • Conner - has freezing powers
  • Miles - has Power of Suggestion which he uses to make people agree with him.
  • Serenity - has electrokinesis but is having trouble controlling it

Dr. Sleevemore starts performing some tests on Booker to figure out what's causing the glitch. He puts him in the V. Activator 4.0 helmet to trigger visions but it produces no psychic activity. When Raven mentions that Booker and Nia are twins, Dr. Sleevemore is fascinated by it. He says that twins share a psychic connection even if Nia doesn't have psychic abilities. So, he puts Nia in a similar helmet to see if that can trigger psychic abilities but it doesn't work. Since it's getting late, Raven suggests that they should continue the next day. When Nia says that she doesn't want to miss her Carver Corner Commentary segment, Dr. Sleevemore tells them that she doesn't need to be physically present. She just needs to put on the helmet.

The next day, Nia goes to school while Raven takes Booker back to Dr. Sleevemore. Nia is embarrassed to wear the helmet during her segment but she has no choice. So, she pretends that she's wearing a skateboard helmet to talk about skateboard safety. While lying in his medical examination chair at Sleevemore's, Booker tunes in to watch Nia's segment. He becomes jealous that Nia is hosting it without him. He starts complaining about Nia and then notices that Nia is making the exact same arm movements that he is making. He accuses Nia of imitating him. After seeing that Nia and Booker's movements are connected, Dr. Sleevemore realizes that he accidentally activated the oscillator machine that causes Booker to control Nia's movements through the V. Activator 4.0. helmet. He turns off the machine. But when Sleevemore and Raven leave the room, Booker turns on the machine once again so that he can mess with Nia. He makes Nia do embarrassing things including weird dances on live TV.

This makes Nia very angry at Booker. So, when she joins them at the Center after school, she and Booker start fighting again. As their fight escalates, Dr. Sleevemore notices that the machine is registering psychic abilities. While complaining about Nia imitating him, Booker makes the vision face but freezes. At that point, Dr. Sleevemore puts him back in the chair to scan his psychic activities. He concludes that Booker's visions are being affected by the constant fighting with Nia. He advises that the visions need to be cleaned and the only way to clean them is to remove them from Booker first.

To perform the vision extraction procedure, Dr. Sleevemore introduces Jasmine Sleevemore, a young genius doctor who also turns out to be his granddaughter. Raven is worried that Jasmine might not be qualified because she's too young but Dr. Sleevemore assures her that they're in good hands. Jasmine uses the Ocular Vision Extractor she invented to remove Booker's visions and place them in a beaker. After the extraction, Booker wakes up. He and Nia apologize to each other after realizing that their constant fights are the ones that caused Booker's visions to glitch. The visions are foggy; but when clean, they're supposed to be purple. Jasmine and Dr. Sleevemore set the machine to clean the visions. They then leave the room for a bit.

As the visions are being cleaned, Levi starts practicing music by playing around with the frequency of various beakers in the lab. This interferes with the frequency of Serenity's electrokinetic powers. Since she can't control her powers, she starts zapping randomly. Leslie tries to stop Levi from playing the music by levitating him... which turns out to be Booker's vision. Dr. Sleevemore returns and tries to contain Serenity but it's too late. A levitating Levi accidentally knocks over the beaker holding Booker's visions. The beaker breaks and the visions fly away.

As the dust settles down, Booker becomes very worried that he's lost his visions forever. However, no one notices that Nia's right eye briefly glows purple, indicating that the visions flew into her.

To be continued... in Sleevemore Part Two: Found


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  • This is the third multi-part story in the Raven franchise after "Country Cousins" and "The Falcon and The Raven," as well as the first three-part story.
  • The character of Dr. Sleevemore last appeared in the That So Raven episode, "Vision Impossible," and debuted in the first season episode "Saving Psychic Raven."
  • Levi mentions the "Mannequin Challenge" fad.
  • This episode was filmed on April 13, 2018.
  • A running joke for the trilogy is the presence of a deep-dish pizza parlor next to the Sleevemore Center.
  • Kylie Cantrall had previously played Paige's cousin, "Tessa," on the "Paige is Wrong" episode of Bizaardvark, under her stage name of Hello Kylie. She will star in the title role of her own Disney Channel Series, Gabby Duran & The Unsittables in 2019.
  • This episode was set to premiere in July 2018 but was pushed back to September 2018 for unknown reasons.
  • This was the first episode of Season 2 to premiere in the series regular time slot of 8:00 PM on Friday nights. 
  • Anneliese van der Pol filmed her final scenes as Chelsea for Season 2 in this episode, and would not return to the show until production began on Season 3


Dr. Sleevemore By using this V-Activator 4.0, we can induce a vision, thus allowing us to measure Booker's psychic energy.
Booker Is it gonna hurt?
Dr. Sleevemore Ever been stung in the head by a thousand bees?

Booker No!


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