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Sleevemore Part Three: Future is the fourteenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-seventh overall. It first aired on October 5, 2018 to 0.74 million viewers.[1]



When Dr. Slevemore tries to try to transfer Booker’s visions back, they learn Jasmine took the visions away from Nia the night before.[2]

Full Plot

Since Booker's powers were found in Nia, Raven brings the twins back to Dr. Sleevemore so that they can transfer the powers back to Booker. Unfortunately, they find no psychic powers in Nia at all. The powers are lost again. Raven brings back her suspicion on Jasmine who is conveniently missing.

Jasmine arrives and explains that she took Nia's powers to prove her theory that psychic powers can only be transferred between people with similar DNA. She says that wanted to test the powers on herself to see if she was right. However, on her way out of Raven's apartment, she ran into a loud, obnoxious kid who caused her to drop the goggles. And now she can't find them, meaning that Booker's powers are really lost.

Nia, Booker, and Levi easily conclude that it must be Mitch who took the goggles. Jasmine joins them as they return back to their apartment building to retrieve the goggles from Mitch. They ask Mitch about the goggles but he is reluctant to give them back. Mitch puts on the goggles and his eyes glow purple, indicating that the psychic powers have been transferred to him. He gives them back the goggles afterwards, but now they must get him to put them back on so that they can retake the powers. The kids try to trick Mitch into putting on the goggles but it becomes impossible.

Instead of giving him visions, the psychic powers change Mitch's personality and how he sees himself. Mitch keeps changing through a series of different personalities which makes it impossible for the Baxters to plan ahead of time. Eventually, Nia decides to be spontaneous and go along with whatever personality they find Mitch in. So, when they find Mitch wearing a George Washington costume, they play along by providing a boat (a canoe Booker had carved for Dr, Sleevemore) to cross the Delaware River. They try to make Mitch put on the goggles to use as protection while Booker carves some oars, but he doesn't accept them. Eventually, the visions start rejecting him as Jasmine as predicted in her theory. The visions fly out of Mitch before either twin is ready to take in the powers. Mitch returns back to his usual personality and can't remember everything that happened while the psychic powers were in him. So, the visions disappear. Again.

Meanwhile, as the kids are working on retrieving the visions, Raven is left behind with Dr. Sleevemore. She tells him that she will do everything she can to get Booker's powers. She brings up how Booker keeps saying that he is nothing without his powers. So, she asks Dr. Sleevemore to take out her visions and give them to Booker instead. However, Dr. Sleevemore advises her not to rush into making such a decision. Instead, he puts her in a machine to help her see the future from her secret feelings.

In the first vision, Raven sees Booker still living with her even in his thirties. He is a Scüt driver too. This future makes Raven very worried. But Dr. Sleevemore assures her that it is certain. It's the generated future based on Raven's greatest fears. Sleevemore helps Raven understand that deep down, she is afraid that Booker will not be able to accomplish much by himself because he's too dependent on her. That's why she sacrifices so much for him and she is even willing to give up her visions for him.

Dr. Sleevemore then shows Raven another possible future. This time, he asks Raven to think about her hopes and dreams. In this alternative future, Raven sees herself running a very successful fashion design line called Ravenous, with Booker, Nia, and even Levi as her models. And they all seem very happy. After the vision, Raven says that running her own fashion line has always been her dream but she had to give it up so that she can be there for her kids. Dr. Sleevemore helps her understand that both she and her kids will be much happier if Raven didn't give up her dream because of them. Thanks to Sleevemore, Raven finally decides to start her fashion design line using the money she has in the bank.

Later that evening, Raven finds out that the kids were unsuccessful in retrieving Booker's powers. She takes the opportunity to remind Booker that he is not nothing without his visions. He is so much more than that. He doesn't need his visions to be successful or special. After Raven's inspiring speech, Booker accepts his fate without visions. Nia and Raven go in to give Booker a big hug. By coming close together for the hug, the concentration of their collective DNA creates enough attraction to lure Booker's vision back. The visions come floating towards them. Booker finally gets his visions back!


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  • Raven finally decides to use her money from Vest in Show to start her own fashion line, Ravenous. She eventually starts the Ravenous fashion design business in Head Over Wheels (which aired earlier, out of order).
  • This episode concludes the events of the Sleevemore trilogy which started in Sleevemore Part One: Frozen.
  • Raven gets a wishful glimpse of the first fashion show of Ravenous, which will actually occur during Keepin' It Real.


  • This is the final part of a trilogy which reunites Raven Baxter with Dr. Sleevemore.
  • The episode was filmed on April 27, 2018.
  • Presumably, Chelsea is still in Las Vegas (production-wise Anneliese van der Pol misses 4 consecutive episodes).
  • Raven told her kids her plans for the $10,000 (which was revealed in Head Over Wheels which was actually shot directly following this episode).
  • Jasmine’s line about rowing without oars is possibly a reference to the Swedish folksong, “Who Can Sail Without the Wind?
  • Booker and Levi claim Mitch's telescope which he leaves on the roof.
  • This is the first episode where neither Raven nor Booker have visions. The second is Lost at Chel-Sea.
  • Items Whittled By Booker:
    • Pendant for Raven
    • Bracelet for Nia
    • Pair of Sabots for Levi
    • Canoe (sans paddles) for Dr. Sleevemore
  • Mitch's Alternate Personalities:
    • Friendly Noncompetitive Neighbor
    • Faux British Punk Rocker
    • General George Washington


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