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Tess! I think I just had a vision.
Nia to Tess.

"Sleevemore Part Two: Found" is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-sixth overall. It first aired on September 28, 2018 to 1.00 million viewers.[1]



When Booker loses his powers to see glimpses of the future, he gains new abilities as an incredible chef and magician. Meanwhile, Nia discovers she has Booker’s powers to see visions.[2]

Full Plot

It's been a couple of days since Booker lost his psychic powers. He's been too stressed about it to eat. Raven is worried too but tries to cheer him up by lying that Dr. Sleevemore promised to find Booker's powers by day's end. Booker says he is nothing without his powers. So, Levi encourages him to try other playing his trombone, and Booker belts a very professional version of "When The Saint's Go Marching In," but a depressed Booker is unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Nia is in her bedroom with Tess explaining to her how Booker lost his powers - since Tess had been out of town for a basketball tournament. Tess is sympathetic but she says that on the bright side, she doesn't have to see Booker's vision face again. At that moment, Nia gets a vision in which she sees Raven climbing at her bedroom window. Tess thinks Nia is just mocking Booker's vision face but Nia reveals that she just had a vision.

Tess doesn't believe her. So, Nia proves it by opening the window curtain to confirm her vision of Raven. Nia realizes that Booker's visions must have landed on her. She wants to tell Booker about it but Tess tells her to keep it a secret for a while so that they can take advantage of the visions. Nia caves in. She gets another vision which leads her and Tess to buy a lot of clothes on sale at Didi's. After that, Nia wants to give back the visions but Tess convinces her to keep them for two weeks.

After producing a prodigious amount of baked goods with unexpected baking expertise, Booker starts to suspect that Dr. Sleevemore could have stolen his powers but Raven assures him that she fully trusts Sleevemore. Right afterwards, Raven gets a vision in which she sees Sleevemore saying that he knows where Booker's powers are and he's going to take them. This convinces Raven that Booker might be onto something about not trusting the doctor. She and Levi agree to investigate Dr. Sleevemore but without telling Booker to avoid getting his hopes up for nothing. In order to sneak into Sleevemore's files, Raven comes up with a plan to invite everyone from Dr. Sleevemore's Center to a rooftop party featuring Booker's bounty of baked confections, at the apartment building. Nia gets a vision about the party and also sees that she and her crush Miles would have a cute moment. So, she and Tess join the rooftop party. While everyone else is at the party, being entertained by Booker's sudden skills with magic, Raven and Levi sneak into Dr. Sleevemore's lab to look for anything suspicious about Sleevemore. They find something curious.

Back at the party, Nia tries to make her vision come true by going to talk to Miles. However, it becomes awkward when she first mistakes Miles for picking his nose. After clearing the misunderstanding, Nia tells Miles how she feels about him. Sadly, Miles lets her down, saying that he only dates girls with psychic abilities. Nia and Tess contemplate telling Miles about Nia's visions. After an embarrassing moment where Leslie uses telekinesis to mess with Miles, Miles comes to Nia and admits that he was joking about not liking girls without psychic abilities. Nia and Miles share the moment from Nia's vision.

While still talking to Miles, Nia gets another vision where Serenity's electrokinesis malfunctions again causing Booker to get hurt while singing an operatic song. She starts observing Serenity and when Serenity's powers start acting up, she runs and moves Booker from the spot where he was going to get hurt. Booker asks Nia how she knew he was in danger and Nia claims that it was twin instinct... but Booker figures out that she is lying. Nia admits that she got Booker's vision powers and apologizes for not telling him sooner. Surprisingly, Booker is not mad at all. He is thrilled that his visions weren't really lost. He and Nia hug.

Right afterwards, Raven and Levi arrive with a bombshell from their search at Dr. Sleevemore's Center. Raven accuses Jasmine of stealing Booker's powers. She reveals that they found that Jasmine is the only one in their family who doesn't have psychic powers; and that she invented a goggles gadget that can be used to transfer powers from one person to another. So, she must be the one who took Booker's powers. Jasmine denies the allegations and explains that she invented the goggles as part of her study on whether psychic powers can be transferred from one person to another. Nia reveals that she is the one with powers. Raven apologizes for suspecting Jasmine.

Later that night, Jasmine sneaks into Nia's bedroom and uses the vision goggles to extract the visions from Nia.

To be continued... in Sleevemore Part Three: Future


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  • This episode was filmed on April 20, 2018, the fourth episode of the season filmed before a live audience.
  • This is the second part of a trilogy which reunites Raven Baxter with Dr. Sleevemore.
  • This marked the first and only episode that Nia has psychic visions.
  • Chelsea is said to be in Las Vegas with college friends.
  • Tess missed the last episode playing in a basketball tournament.
  • Dr. Sleevemore's files suggest that the events of "Vision Impossible" were not kept on record, as the last listed encounter with Raven was in 2003.
  • Devon is listed as Raven's emergency contact in the files.
  • New Abilities Booker Acquired After Losing His Visions:
    • Proficiency with the Trombone
    • Blues singing
    • Advanced baking abilities
    • Skill with sleight-of-hand magic
    • Sushi preparation
    • Operatic singer
    • Advanced wood carving
    • Advanced gymnastics


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