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Smoky flow, I'll show you what it means,
Hottest rappers in the Chi, and yeah we're only 13!
Booker rapping in "Smoky Flow"

"Smoky Flow" is the third episode in Season 3 of Raven's Home and the thirty-seventh overall. It first aired on July 1, 2019 to 0.51 million viewers.[1]


Booker, Tess and Nia form a music group, The Chi-Lective, with Levi as their video director. Things get out of hand when they try and film their music video “Smoky Flow” in Tess’ apartment—unbeknownst to Raven and Chelsea.[2]


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  • This episode was filmed on November 9, 2018, making this the first episode shot with a live audience for the season.
  • This was the first appearance of The Chi-Lective, and begins the Chi-Lective arc.
  • The O'Malley apartment was seen for the first time.
  • Tess mentioned both her parents. She revealed her mother works at a hospital.
  • Even though this is the third episode of the season it is the first to be produced.
  • Tess wore the checkered jacket from All Sewn Up.
  • Chelsea wears her wedding dress every Valentine's Day, however, Raven used the gown as material for a Ravenous Fashions order for Little Mix.
  • Raven is seen reading fashionNOW, Shinée Dubois' magazine.
  • Raven seems very hypocritical, as she has left the kids alone in the apartment many times.
  • Rihanna, Drake, Little Mix, Lady Gaga, Pablo Picasso, Don Quixote, and LeBron James are mentioned.
  • Issac Ryan Brown and Jason Maybaum spoiled a few details of this episode during the 2019 Disney Fan Fest Raven's Home panel.
  • In the original script:
    • The group was called "The Collective."
    • The Radio Eclipse Live Contest prize money was only $10,000.


  • Booker gets a vision of Nia dancing in smoke.


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