You're both psychics. It's Halloween. Venus is in
retrograde. If you touch, you will switch bodies.
Great Aunt Maureen to Raven and Booker.

Switch-or-Treat is the sixteenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-ninth overall. It first aired on October 19, 2018 to 0.71 million viewers.[1]



Booker and Raven’s psychic powers cause them to switch bodies on Halloween. When their Aunt Maureen comes to warn them, she inadvertently switches bodies with Nia’s crush Miles.[2]

Full Plot

It's Halloween and things are about to get freaky in the Raven's home. Nia keeps talking about her crush, Miles while carving pumpkins with Tess, Sienna, and Zeena. Sienna and Zeena think Nia is making "Miles" up. So, they ask Nia to prove that Miles is real by bringing him to the Halloween party and wearing a matching couples costume with him. Nia agrees and invites Miles over.

Booker and Levi are practicing the Frankenberry Shuffle Halloween costume dance. Booker has won the dance for two years in a row; and if he wins this year, he will beat the current record holder - Principal Kwan. Meanwhile, Raven gets a call from the famous Shinée Dubois who agrees to review Ravenous designs and feature them in one of her magazines. Halloween is the only day that Shinée is available. So, she puts pressure on Raven to come up with the presentation in just a few hours.

Right after the call, Raven gets a vision in which she sees herself screaming. Booker gets a similar vision. They are both freaked out because this is the first time they've ever seen themselves in a vision. While wondering what the vision meant, they touch each other... and accidentally swap bodies. They both freak out and scream out loud just like they saw in the vision. They try to reverse it but it doesn't work. It takes Nia and Levi a while to be really convinced that Booker and Raven have really switched bodies.

While the family is still freaking out, their Great Aunt Maureen arrives to warn them that on Halloween, under certain rare astrological conditions (which just happen to be occurring) psychics can switch bodies if they touch. She says that the only way to go back to being themselves is to wait until midnight. But it's too late. When Miles arrives ready to go to the Halloween party with Nia, Aunt Maureen gives him a handshake before knowing that he's a psychic. Needless to say, they swap bodies as well.

Since Nia still wants to prove to Sienna and Zeena that Miles is real, they agree that she should take Aunt Maureen to pretend to be Miles. Raven and Booker agree that Booker should do the Ravenous fashion presentation while Raven does the Frankenberry Shuffle dance with Levi. Raven (in Booker's body) wants to improve the dance but Booker doesn't let her. Likewise, Booker (in Raven's body) wants to make Raven's presentation more fun and interactive but Raven wants to keep it formal.

During the Halloween party, Nia shows her friends "Miles" (Aunt Maureen). Aunt Maureen easily charms Zeena and Sienna, who apologizes to Nia for ever doubting her. Eventually, Nia realizes that being there with fake Miles just to impress her friends isn't worth it. Picking up on Nia's distress, Aunt Maureen returns to the apartment and brings back the real Miles (in Aunt Maureen's body) to come hang out with Nia.

The Ravenous presentation turns out to be too boring, causing Shinée to fall asleep. Booker manages to wake her up after which he decides to spice it up by following his guts. He does a colorful presentation explaining Ravenous as a brand that kids would love. Shinée loves the presentation and tells Raven (Booker) that she is going to feature Ravenous in the next up and coming designers issue.

At the dance, Raven finds that there is already someone else dressed up as Franken Crunch and Berry Buddies. So, she decides to change the costumes on the spot to save Booker's dance, by Zombie-fying the entire routine. As a result, Booker wins for the third year in a row.

Raven and Booker realize that switching bodies actually helped them help each other by thinking outside the box. They eventually switch back to themselves at midnight.


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  • This episode was filmed on July 13, 2018.
  • This is the second Halloween episode for the series, after "The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson" and the third in the That's So Raven franchise after "Don't Have a Cow".
  • The reason why Maureen never warned Raven before, was that she never lived in the same household with another psychic before Booker developed his powers. However in "The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson", Booker already had his psychic powers and didn't switch bodies with Raven despite Venus being in retrograde during every Halloween.
  • Great Aunt Maureen was never seen in That's So Raven but was introduced in this episode instead.
  • The title is a play on the phrase "Trick Or Treat."
  • Actress-dancer Debbie Allen was a lifelong friend and mentor to Raven-Symone, who considered her a personal hero.
  • Debbie Allen directed "The Road to Audition" episode of That's So Raven. 
  • Kaliko Kauahi and Jason Maybaum have appeared in an episode of the NBC sitcom Superstore.
  • The episode was choreographed by Lilian Manansala who choreographed several That's So Raven episodes and appeared as a dancer in "Too Much Pressure."
  • Raven and Chelsea first did the "Kid n' Play" dance in the That's So Raven episode "Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy."
  • The promo used the word "Freaky" to describe the situation. This might be a reference to the recent Disney Channel original movie, "Freaky Friday," as both "Switch-or-Treat" and "Freaky Friday" have 2 of their characters switch bodies. 
  • First appearances of Shinée Dubois and Principal Kwan, however, their respective actual first filmed appearances did not air until after this episode. Both characters had different last names: Principal Kwan's surname was originally So; Shinée's surname was Objeque.
  • The Baxter apartment displays several teal pumpkins, representing The Teal Pumpkin Project a campaign to provide non-candy treats for kids with food allergies, most famously advocated by former Disney Channel Star, August Maturo, of Girl Meets World.
  • Chelsea misses a fifth episode of the season, without an explanation mentioned.
  • Goof: After Booker asked Raven if she ever saw herself in a vision, Raven said she has not, But in "A Fight at the Opera" from That's So Raven Raven saw herself in a vision where she thought that she and Chelsea chose Raven's idea for the school's Classical Arts Festival and won and she also saw herself in a vision in the episode "When 6021 met 4267" where she saw herself in a mirror alone and sad.


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