Tanner was a recurring character on Raven's Home. He is a student and the head of the "Dissed Sibs Anonymous" club at George Washington Carver Community School. He has a twin named Turner who goes to a different school.

He is portrayed by Travis Burnett.


Tanner is caring and determined to make a difference as he runs a club to help little kids like him who get dissed by their elder siblings. He also helps with a protest to make Raven's Apartment Building wheelchair accessible.


Season 2

The Trouble With Levi

Tanner invites Levi to join his Dissed Sibs Anonymous Club for other kids like them who have been dissed by their elder siblings. He wants to help Levi because Booker has ditched him. Levi disagrees at first but eventually joins the club after realizing that Tanner was right. During the next club meeting, Tanner leads the club to vote on ideas on how to make the dissing stop. Since Levi doesn't like any of their ideas, he suggests revenge and Tanner agrees. When Booker's insecurity causes his chemical experiment to (literally) blow up in his face, Tanner assumes that it was Levi's revenge on Booker. He congratulates Levi for getting revenge on Booker.

Head Over Wheels

Tanner gets an injury on his ankle, forcing him to use crutches. He asks Levi's friend, Isabella to help him learn how to walk using the crutches. When Levi becomes jealous that Isabella is spending more time with Tanner than him, Booker tries to help Levi get Isabella back. Booker believes that Tanner is faking the injury, and so, asks Levi to fake an injury too. He also gets a vision in which he sees Tanner walking fine saying that he doesn't need the crutches. This makes Booker and Levi confident that Tanner is faking. When Tanner comes to cheer Isabella during her protest to make Raven's apartment wheelchair-accessible, Booker and Levi come up with a plan to expose him as faking in front of Isabella. They hide his crutches and release Tess' chicken to scare Tanner since he's afraid of chickens.

Unfortunately, Their plan goes awry - Mitch gets hurt and Levi gets exposed for faking an injury instead. It turns out, Tanner was really injured. And the person that Booker saw in his vision is Tanner's twin brother, Turner who goes to another school.


  • He has an identical twin brother named Turner.
  • He is afraid of chickens.
  • He wears glasses.
  • In the original script for The Trouble With Levi, Tanner and Curtis were brothers.
  • Travis Burnett also played "Brian" in the Bunk'D episode "A Tale of Two Stackers. "


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