No, no, you don't have plans. You have an idea. It's not a plan till you ask me.
Raven to Booker

"The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson" is the eleventh episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the eleventh overall. It first aired October 6, 2017 to 1.28 million viewers.[1]



Booker and Levi try to prank a classmate into thinking their apartment building is haunted. Meanwhile, Nia gets chickenpox and Tess comes up with a plan to make sure her BFF doesn’t miss out on Halloween.[2]

Full Plot

It's Halloween and Booker is telling kids at his school about a ghost story that Tess told him about their apartment building. According to the story.... Eighty years ago, there was a girl named Eliza Crane who lived in the apartment building. One day she was hanging at the rooftop when she got struck by lightning. Every Halloween, her spirit returns to haunt the building. After telling the story, some of the kids believe Booker, but Travis doesn't believe it. Travis tells Booker that he will come to his apartment to see the ghost for himself.

Booker's confidence is shattered when Tess reveals that she made up the ghost girl story. Now, how is Booker going to handle Travis? Just about then, Booker gets a vision where sees Travis screaming, scared of ghosts. He realizes that he's supposed to come up with a Halloween prank to scare Travis. He asks Tess to help but Tess refuses because she needs to be with her girl friend Nia who is suffering from chickenpox. Out of options, Booker enlists Levi to dress up as a girl and pretend to be the ghost girl, Eliza Crane. Raven and Chelsea want to help with the prank but the boys claim that they can handle it.

On Halloween night, Booker asks Levi (dressed as ghost girl) to hide in an opening between walls and come out to scare Travis when Booker calls out. Unfortunately, Levi falls down through a maintenance door. When Travis arrives, Booker takes him to the spot he had planned with Levi only to realize that Levi is missing. Booker admits to Travis that he just wanted to scare him and that the ghost isn't real. But now Levi is gone. They both get scared. They start searching for Levi. When Travis sees a melted snack that Levi dropped, he becomes confident that it is a ghost ectoplasm. Apparently, Travis truly believes in ghosts. When Levi calls out for help from the walls, Travis convinces everyone that Levi is stuck in the other dimension. The spirit world. Booker and Travis go to Raven for help. Travis suggests performing a ritual to contact the spirit realm. When Levi starts talking to them telling them that all he can see is darkness, Travis says that he's safe as long as he doesn't see the light. But then Levi mentions that he just saw the light. They advise him not to go to the light as they figure out a way to save him.

Raven and Booker go back to where Levi disappeared. They find the maintenance door and fall through it. They leave Travis behind who tells Chelsea about Levi disappearing into the spirit realm. Raven and Booker find Levi down in one of the maintenance passages. They then see two lights approaching in the dark. They run and fall through several floors until they land in the laundry room, covered in mud and hair and dirt and clothes. Travis enters the laundry room just as Levi, Raven, and Booker turn to face the door. He screams out scared, thinking that they're ghosts. The monster with two eyes turns out to be a possum.

Meanwhile, Tess spends Halloween night in Nia's bedroom. She cheers Nia up about her chickenpox. She creates a Halloween experience for Nia by redecorating the room and giving Nia a Halloween make up. She also gives Nia a pillowcase for getting trick-or-treat candy. She then hides behind the door where Nia has to knock for trick-or-treating. Every time Nia knocks, Tess comes out wearing a different costume and different personality. She also gives Nia an opportunity to scare her which turns out to be amazing. Their full Halloween experience is crowned by sharing Booker's secret stash of Halloween candy.

At the end of the day, Chelsea and Raven's family realizes that they actually had a very fun first-Halloween together. As Booker and Levi leave, the real ghost girl appears out the window.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • This was the first Halloween episode of the series.
  • Raven preferred pulling a prank over Trick-or-Treating.
  • Raven dressed as a Pirate, while Chelsea was a Three-Toed Sloth.
  • The basement laundry room of the apartment building was shown.
  • Levi had fallen through a maintenance door, that led to a place inside their building.
  • Raven, Booker, and Levi fell down through three floors in their apartment.
  • Tess says that she suffered from chicken-pox when she was 5 years old.


  • Booker gets a vision of Travis being scared of ghosts.


Are you sure it's lightning that killed Eliza Crane, or did she just die from looking ridiculous?
Levi to Booker
Don't worry, Levi. We'll get you back! And if you see my dead goldfish, tell him I'm sorry. I was just tryin' to pet him.
Booker to Levi
Three floors? Are you kidding me? I'd sue, but I'm behind on my rent.

Booker Sshh! You need to be extremely quiet.
Travis Why?

Booker Because I hate the sound of your voice.


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