Sometimes, as kids, all we appreciate is the flashy, exciting stuff when we should really appreciate all the hard work it took to get there.
Nia to Classroom

The Most Interesting Mom in the World is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the twenty-fourth overall. It first aired on July 31, 2018, to 0.74 million viewers.[1]


While doing a school report on their mother, Booker and Nia lie about Raven's life to make their presentation seem more exciting.[2]

Full Plot

Nia and Booker's Math teacher, Mr. Patel comes to class late, arguing on the phone with his son, Gabriel. He complains that Gabriel doesn't appreciate him as a parent. He argues that as a teacher, he shouldn't be expected to let his son have a milkshake for breakfast.  When all the students tell him that their parents let them have whatever they want for breakfast before school, Mr. Patel assigns them projects to make presentations on what their parents do for a living.

The twins want to do an amazing video presentation on Raven. Nia is motivated by her desire to beat her rival, Zeena. Booker is motivated by the fact that he doesn't have to do actual math in a math class assignment. However, they can't agree on which one of Raven's jobs they should use. Booker wants to do the project on Raven's Scüt driving because that's where Raven gets to meet a lot of different people with lots of interesting stories. But Nia wants to do the project about Raven's fashion line business because it is more exciting. Unable to agree on anything, they decide to do their projects separately.

However, Raven turns out to be a bad interviewee because she describes her jobs in a very boring manner. During Booker's interview, Raven maintains a stiff face and focuses on how she waits for passengers for hours and hours. When Nia is interviewing her about her fashion creative process, Raven focuses on the boring details like how she chooses the color and the fabric. Nia and Booker are both disappointed that their interviews with Raven didn't get to the exciting details about her jobs. They hope that the other kids will have boring stories too. However, the next day at school, they learn that their friends are planning amazing projects. The Guntz plans on doing a presentation about his mom's baking. He also supplies everyone with some of his mom's delicious cannolis. Zeena tells them that her dad is a Polynesian dance instructor; and so, she and her brother will be performing a hula dance with Uli Uli.

Later at home, Nia and Booker join forces and start brainstorming on how to make their project more interesting. They decide to use Levi's green screen video editing app to not only make Raven's jobs more interesting but also give her completely new exciting jobs. The twins trick Raven into doing certain specific body movements while Tess and Levi are secretly recording her. After getting enough video footage, the kids edit it together to make it look like Raven is doing exciting things such as: lifting weights in a gym; being a DJ; and being chased by bulls. Booker adds a voiceover in which he describes Raven as the most interesting mom in the world. When Raven hears them celebrating about how awesome the video is, she wants to come to the presentations. The twins don't want her around because she would see they made a fake video about her. So, they ask Levi and Tess to keep Raven busy by making fake Scüt ride requests.

On the day of the presentations, Zeena and her brother perform an amazing hula dance in full costume. Nia and Booker are excited about their turn. Unfortunately, it turns out that the video got messed up during the transfer. It mixes up the clips and puts some of them upside down. When the other kids start laughing at them. So, the twins go outside to strategize on the next move. While out there, they see a voicemail from Raven in which she tells them a story that happened to her this morning during a Scüt ride.

Raven got a kid passenger named Andrew and noticed that he was carrying a pillow. She became concerned and started asking Andrew why he's riding alone. Andrew explained that he's running away from home to live with his grandmother because his parents only seem to pay attention to their new baby. Raven then helped Andrew realize that he was making a big mistake because he would miss his parents and friends by running away. So, she convinced him to go back home.

After listening to the voicemail, Booker and Nia tell this story to the class. They explain that their mom saved a kid from making a huge mistake because she pays attention to details. So, even though their mom's jobs may seem boring, they are very important. Nia adds that kids usually want the flashy exciting stuff, instead of focusing on the hard work behind it. The twins say that they love their mom and are proud of her. As they finish their presentation, Raven shows up at the door, revealing that she heard it. She hugs them.


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  • Raven has been working as a Scüt driver since The Falcon and The Raven - Part One. In this episode, the job is explored in detail.
  • Raven has started working on her fashion line. She first mentioned that it was her dream in Vest in Show and she opened the bank account for the business in Head Over Wheels.
  • Nia mentions that Zeena is a stepper, which was the central plot of The Missteps.
  • Zeena and Nia's competitive rivalry has been seen in other episodes including The Missteps and All Sewn Up.


  • This episode was filmed on May 18, 2018, the fifth and final episode of the season filmed before a live audience.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • The original title of this episode was "Apparent Appreciation."
  • The title is a play on "The Most Interesting Man in the World", the former advertising campaign of Dos Equis.
  • Raven tells Booker he inherited "his Daddy's muscles," taking another shot at Devon.
  • Chelsea has missed consecutive episodes.
  • Mrs. Guntzheimer (The Guntz's mom) appears to be a superb baker, as well as a formidable wrestler.
  • Booker and Nia have the same Math class.
  • The Math teacher was originally named Mr. Gomez but was changed to Mr. Patel.
  • In the script, Zeena claimed to have had a banana split for breakfast.


  • While listing different fabrics, Raven says “Potton-coly-wool blend” instead of “cotton-poly-wool blend.”


  • Booker gets a vision of the other students laughing at them during the parent appreciation presentation.


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