You all came here today with a dream... of one day becoming a Chili Stepper. But do you really have what it takes? DO YOU?

The Red Hot Chili Steppers is a step dance group at George Washington Carver Community School. It is the best dance group in the school that usually represents the school in dance championships. The group is led by Zeena.


In "The Missteps", The Red Hot Chili Steppers are holding auditions for new members to join the group. A lot of students want to join the group but are eliminated due to Zeena's strict standards. Nia and Tess are the only ones qualified for the Chili Steppers. However, when Zeena tells them there's only one spot, they form a rival step dance crew to challenge the Chili Steppers to a step off. The winner would get to represent the school in championships.

To weaken Nia and Tess's dance crew, Zeena changes opens up The Red Hot Chili Steppers to lure in all of Tess and Nia's dancers.
Red Chili Steppers On Stage

The Red Hot Chili Steppers on stage

The Hot Chili Steppers are almost guaranteed to win since their rival crew is made up of just two people. To make things easier for the Chili Steppers, Nia and Tess's performance ends in disaster. So, The Red Hot Chili Steppers wins and goes on to represent the school.

Episode Appearances


  • Zeena
  • Taylor
  • Kailin Sky Hall
  • C'Mora Magee
  • Kayden Porter
  • Sage Rosen
  • Amara Rose
  • Jill
  • Megan Skiendiel
  • Morgan Landrigan


  • The group‘s leader is Zeena.
  • The Red Hot Chili Steppers" are named after the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. This could also be a reference to the DCOM "Jump In!", which featured a group named the Hot Chili Steppers.


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