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The timeline of Raven's Home is after the events of its predecessor, That's So Raven.

Prior to Raven's Home


Late 2006


Early 2007

  • Devon proposes to Raven and she accepts.
  • Raven enrols in fashion School.
  • Victor decides to sell the Chill Grill.

Mid 2007

  • Devon and Raven get married.
  • Chelsea falls in love with Garrett - a government official, who is very wealthy.
  • Raven quits her intern job working for Donna Cabonna.

Fall 2007

  • Raven moves from San Fransisco to Chicago with Devon to begin their new life as a newlywed couple.
  • Raven and Devon have two children - Booker and Nia.
  • Garret proposes to Chelsea and accepts.


Early - Mid 2008

  • Garrett and Chelsea have their wedding at San Fransisco, with Raven and Eddie both invited.
  • Eddie proposes to his significant lover.

Late 2008 - Early 2009

  • Cory and Victor return from the White House, and settle back to San Fransisco.
  • Booker and Nia have their first birthday.
  • Raven and Devon's relationship grows estranged, after not being able to cope one another.


Mid 2009 - Late 2009

  • Chelsea and Garret have a child - Levi.
  • Raven and Devon are separated from one another.
  • Eddie loses contact with Raven and Chelsea.
  • Raven graduates from fashion school.
  • Chelsea moves to Washington D.C. with Garret and Levi.
  • Booker and Nia are 2 years old.


Early 2010 - Mid 2010

  • Raven and Devon's relationship is no longer strained; however they are mutual friends.
  • Raven has agreed to have full custody of Booker and Nia.
  • Eddie has a child.
  • Cory graduates from high school, and goes to college.

Late 2010

  • Booker and Nia are 3 years old.
  • Levi is now 1 years old.

2011 - 2012

  • Raven gets a job working for Paisley in Chicago, as a Canine Fashion Designer.
  • Booker and Nia have turned 5 years old.
  • Levi is 3 years old.


  • Garret is arrested for tax-fraud, with a 6-month life sentence.
  • Cory moves from San Francisco to pursue his career.

2015 - 2016

  • Garret and Chelsea separate and divorce, after the latter falls in love with the opposition (affair).
  • Garret is in prison, again.
  • Chelsea has a hard time coping and moves back to San Fransisco.
  • Booker and Nia are 10 years old.


Early 2017

  • Raven discovers Chelsea's divorce and asks her to move to San Fransisco with her, Booker and Nia.
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