"Turnip Juice" is the sixth song from Raven's Home: Remix. It represents Chelsea and Levi trying to drum up business for their "Turnip For What" turnip juice concession booth during the production of Coach Spitz' "Spitz:The Musical.". It is performed by Anneliese van der Pol and Jason Maybaum


I was once a lost and thirsty girl
Until I found the most enchanting drink in the world
Levi, holla at 'em

What's crisp, ice cold like a glacier? (Turnip juice)
What's the perfect texture and flavor? (Turnip juice)
Store it in your purse, still good later (uh-huh)
Take it home for your next door neighbor (Brrr-ah)
What's that [?] quenching refreshment (Turnip juice)
What's the unofficial drink of the President (Turnip juice)

Come on , get this party started (whatcha say?)
Fresh veggies from my garden (let go)
It's an organic bargain, healthy for the heart (yes)

If you got a passion (yeah)
For some pleasant action (sing it)
Follow your attraction to a little booth

If you've got a craving that's driving you crazy
Have you thought that maybe you just need some juice
Come and get some juice, juice, turnip juice
Come and get some juice , juice , turnip juice

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