What Did Jasmine Do

Jasmine Returns Losing Visions And Explains VNA Theory

"Like DNA Is The Genetic Makeup For Normal Humans I Believe VNA Is The Genetic Makeup For psychics Who Have Visions And Even Though Booker Gets Visions And Nia Dosen't My Theory Is They Still Share The Same VNA" -Jasmine During The 3 Part Special

VNA Is Psychic DNA


So VNA Is A Special Gift That Is Given To Psychics Or Relatives Of Psychic Distant Relatives Or Not Also Get VNA

Self/Identical Twins=100% Same VNA Twins Non-Identical=75% Same VNA Parents/Regular Siblings=50% Same VNA Grandparents/Regular Aunts/Regular Uncles=25% Same VNA G-Grandparents/Cousins/Normal Great Aunts/Normal Great-Uncles=12.5% Same VNA GG-Grandparents/Normal GGG-Uncles/Noraml GGG-Aunts And So On

VNA Is Jasmine Theory Of Genetic Makeup For Psychics And Psychic Family Which Was Proven In Part 3

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